Star Citizen - FOIP Face Tracking #1 - Space Shopping

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Robbaz : I was never real, this entire time you have been watching a highly advanced AI Youtuber.

Hypercore Ripper : Highly accurate facial tracking. A quirky Swedish man, playing a crazed spaceman. This is going to be incredible.

立黄 : They need to have your eyes blink, that's why it looks like you had a stroke. You're staring into our souls with this 1000 yard stare like you saw the teletubbies for the first time devour your precious space dog. So sad.... v_v

The God Emperor of Mankind : They are really focusing on the essentials I see, at this pace they might actually release it before the heat death of the universe

Dominate : “Do you know where I can buy some clothing......... and children “

Bruce Greene : This is exactly what I always thought you would look like.

SuperMacBrother : Omg that was hilarious. Great to see you in the verse robbaz!! Killing it mate

Graphic .J : " _What... I didn't eat the shil-dren_ " lol

Byron Wellburn : WTF 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 My whole opinion of this game has changed. Brilliant.

Fulgrim88 : This is simultaneously extremely terrible and extremely impressive. I am confused

CaptainSauce : How is this level of facial animation possible in real-time with just a webcam yet Fallout 4 characters look like muppets.

Torokin : Robbaz, you made me cry laugh in the middle of McDonald's. People are looking at me like I'm a complete idiot. God I love your videos.

Morkff : "I'm a normal human bring" -Robert 2018

C SMITH : 6:49 "yayckets" Yes i also love Yayckets they are very nice. lol So awesome Robbaz!

LUGGY : *Top 10 Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos*

JetSetMax : "Wait a second, was this made by child labour? Good" Proceeds to laugh maniacally at the camera.

Old $chool : Feels like a movie, we need more of This.

Rusty Shackleford : Of course a swede makes themselves dark skinned.

John George : Indian brad pitt. Show bob.

Supreme 444 : Is playing Star Citizen... YouTube says your playing Fallout 4


C North : I think the most disturbing part is that he never blinks.

Alex M : Its actually amazing imo.

CyberPirate2008 : I've never really been affected by the uncanny valley thing before in movies or videogames.....til now......The voice of Robert and the face tracking makes this strange but awesome lol.

The Spiffing Brit : Literally died at 5:50

Pandah Sykes : Star citizen is so revolutionary - wether you want it or not it’s coming to improve every aspect of your life ... and you only thought it was a video game ? Pffff .

babylon : Looks like you're on a four day crack bender.

Saibow : Face tracking should come standard in every video game

filipinowhiteboy : I'm sorry, my face is tired from all this....

TheMadSergeant : Robert is vlogging in space!

NotDumbassable : Can this also be used for headtracking? Furthermore, does it have any problems with glasses?

Mr Mister Man : Imagine being in a dogfight as the co pilot and the ship's burning down and the pilot is just smiling manically

AssTitDickSlap : Why would they waste time on this instead of making the game playable?

Mr Thief : 2:15 When you're having a one night out with your GF for the first time.

Duggy : I laughed so hard at 5:50

rogerg0834 : what camera are you using??

Heramitep : This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

Jaycob Whaley : Thank you i have never laughed so hard 😂😂😂 you are my favorite! Thanks for finally showing you're face Robert 😉


SWDennis : Oh god

Friendly Metroid : No one's talking about how mind-bendingly awesome this technology is.

Gordon MacPherson : Robbaz you're the only you-tuber I know who pulls of space madness properly, I like it. :D

Evan Read : The beginning is hilarious!! 😂

Hg Lim : you'd make a great

Anna : *slowly turns head* oh boy ..

Jon Readman : "Put on your best Poker Face" *DERRRRP*

Blargenfladibblenohip ! : This just made me redownload the game...

Mason Galioth : 1:30 I’m in so much pain.

Pundit KING : LMFAO " this looks nice, I'm going to buy this.....(crash) ..... or not."

Drudley : What the hell is this new thing?! Please do more, it was super funny and I wanna see more of this facetracking stuff, it's really cool.