Star Citizen - FOIP Face Tracking #1 - Space Shopping

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Robbaz : I was never real, this entire time you have been watching a highly advanced AI Youtuber.

Hypercore Ripper : Highly accurate facial tracking. A quirky Swedish man, playing a crazed spaceman. This is going to be incredible.

立黄 : They need to have your eyes blink, that's why it looks like you had a stroke. You're staring into our souls with this 1000 yard stare like you saw the teletubbies for the first time devour your precious space dog. So sad.... v_v

The God Emperor of Mankind : They are really focusing on the essentials I see, at this pace they might actually release it before the heat death of the universe

Dominate : “Do you know where I can buy some clothing......... and children “

Bruce Greene : This is exactly what I always thought you would look like.

SuperMacBrother : Omg that was hilarious. Great to see you in the verse robbaz!! Killing it mate

Graphic .J : " _What... I didn't eat the shil-dren_ " lol

Fulgrim88 : This is simultaneously extremely terrible and extremely impressive. I am confused

Torokin : Robbaz, you made me cry laugh in the middle of McDonald's. People are looking at me like I'm a complete idiot. God I love your videos.

CaptainSauce : How is this level of facial animation possible in real-time with just a webcam yet Fallout 4 characters look like muppets.

C SMITH : 6:49 "yayckets" Yes i also love Yayckets they are very nice. lol So awesome Robbaz!

Morkff : "I'm a normal human bring" -Robert 2018

LUGGY : *Top 10 Characters Who Could Defeat Thanos*

Byron Wellburn : WTF 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 My whole opinion of this game has changed. Brilliant.

JetSetMax : "Wait a second, was this made by child labour? Good" Proceeds to laugh maniacally at the camera.

Rusty Shackleford : Of course a swede makes themselves dark skinned.

Supreme 444 : Is playing Star Citizen... YouTube says your playing Fallout 4

Old $chool : Feels like a movie, we need more of This.

John George : Indian brad pitt. Show bob.

C North : I think the most disturbing part is that he never blinks.

CyberPirate2008 : I've never really been affected by the uncanny valley thing before in movies or videogames.....til now......The voice of Robert and the face tracking makes this strange but awesome lol.

babylon : Looks like you're on a four day crack bender.

Mr Mister Man : Imagine being in a dogfight as the co pilot and the ship's burning down and the pilot is just smiling manically

The Spiffing Brit : Literally died at 5:50

Alex M : Its actually amazing imo.


Saibow : Face tracking should come standard in every video game

Pandah Sykes : Star citizen is so revolutionary - wether you want it or not it’s coming to improve every aspect of your life ... and you only thought it was a video game ? Pffff .

TheMadSergeant : Robert is vlogging in space!

Mr Thief : 2:15 When you're having a one night out with your GF for the first time.

NotDumbassable : Can this also be used for headtracking? Furthermore, does it have any problems with glasses?

filipinowhiteboy : I'm sorry, my face is tired from all this....

Gordon MacPherson : Robbaz you're the only you-tuber I know who pulls of space madness properly, I like it. :D

SWDennis : Oh god

Evan Read : The beginning is hilarious!! 😂

Jaycob Whaley : Thank you i have never laughed so hard 😂😂😂 you are my favorite! Thanks for finally showing you're face Robert 😉

AssTitDickSlap : Why would they waste time on this instead of making the game playable?

Heramitep : This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

Drudley : What the hell is this new thing?! Please do more, it was super funny and I wanna see more of this facetracking stuff, it's really cool.

rogerg0834 : what camera are you using??

Mason Galioth : 1:30 I’m in so much pain.

Pundit KING : LMFAO " this looks nice, I'm going to buy this.....(crash) ..... or not."

Friendly Metroid : No one's talking about how mind-bendingly awesome this technology is.

Duggy : I laughed so hard at 5:50

Hg Lim : you'd make a great

StivetShoy TM : Поперечный крутооой, ой ооой оо оо

Blargenfladibblenohip ! : This just made me redownload the game...

Shifty Jim : Genuinely better facial animations than mass effect andromeda and any Bethesda RPG lmao