When I Get Older

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Jesus Christ : We play Bill Wurtz in all waiting rooms in heaven.

5,000 Subs Without Any Videos : I wonder what goes through this guy's mind every day

David DiMuzio : Did anyone else notice that he's singing into a mic that's not plugged in for most of the video? I love it.

Five Mode : What year is it?

Sinoc the Hodgeheg : Has anyone noticed that Bill doesn't have ads at all on any of his videos? You're a legend, Bill

Kable10 : The video was so good it broke YouTube...

OllyDGaming : bill is like our collective awkward kid. we don't understand what he's doing, but we still support him and love him and what he does.

Yoan Dimov : Types of music: Pop Rock Country bill wurtz and more

ShowYaFriends : He looks and acts like the lovechild of PewDiePie and Bo Burnham was dipped in radiation sauce

Just a Normal Cat : Me: Yo dude, pass the aux cord. Friend: You better not play trash. Me:

Josh Pasta : This guy sounds like Bill Wurtz

Alli M : I get the sense that even though you could monetize these videos and make lots of money, you really just enjoy being creative and making other people smile. Whenever I see that you posted a new video, my day gets a lot better.

Lime44 : Geniuses: Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, bill wurtz

Kritika Kitty : 2:48 "and the music cured my disease" -me talking about bill wurtz's music

katiehp : *a clacking can be heard*

Handz 0n Trigger : I've watched so many of Bill's videos that they're not even the slightest bit weird to me. I've fully embraced the light

TheMariaMeep : *bro 1:* do u even lift bro? *bro 2:* yes I can lift the entire world

Killerbee McTitties : Here's the lyrics btw. [Verse 1] When I get older I'm gonna be stronger So I can lift up the whole entire world I'm gonna hold it And lift it higher Higher than it's been before [Verse 2] When I hear music I get excited I'm gonna sing songs to the whole entire world And when the whole world sings to the music That's when I'll know it worked [Bridge 1] But my friends say I'm still a baby Then they threw away my baby shoes Well, excuse me, I'm going sailing Into the ocean blue [Verse 3] When I get older I'm gonna be wilder And write poetry in my spare time And I'll use some very interesting metaphors And then post my poems online [Bridge 2] Here's a poem about rain And the water droplets that it creates And I wonder if you feel it this way And I wonder if it seems okay Here's a poem about fame And the strange things famous people say And the strange world that hears them say it Almost every single day [Verse 4] When I get older I'm gonna drive slowly 'Til I get to all the places I'm going And when I get there I'm gonna drive backwards 'Til we get home again [Bridge 3] And I'm faced with so many changes That I just might change my face But face paint seems a bit tenacious So I just might paint my brain [Verse 5] When I get younger I'm gonna be a liar I'll be lying about being so young Then when I'm older I'll be more truthful And then lie about singing this song [Bridge 4] Then the song will sing me And the song won't sing it for free And I don't quite know what it means And it feels like the song knows me Then I'm hearing it in my dreams And each dream seems pretty sweet And the music cured my disease Then the song's complete [Verse 6] When I get older I'm gonna be stronger So I can lift up the whole entire world I'm gonna hold it And lift it higher Then I'll lift it more

ChickenLife : One day when I was at school I heard a girl say, "NO, the sun is a deadly lazer"(from The History Of The Entire Universe video) so I walked up to her and said "never mind there's a blanket" and now we're friends.

Alistocrat : Bill's enlightening poem about rain: clouds clouds rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain {{{{ the ground }}}}

Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】 : This song is so groovy that YouTube just couldn’t handle it.

Kath Gay : I had a super close friend who loved your history videos and shared a similar personality to your channel (weird, unique and, awesome). Recently they lost any passion for their life other than drugs and subsequently we haven't spoken in about a year. Your videos remind me of them and how much I miss them as a good friend. Thank you for letting me remember our memories through your craft.

Radolumbo : Is it just me, or are Bill's songs getting more coherent?

RewardingGrin : I found myself whistling mount saint helens is about to blow up today.

love churro : _words can't explain how much i love your goddamn channel please never stop ;-;_

Aztrosist : youtube should have just kept this video up and nothing else when it went down

Hot Cheeto : 1:07 I need a full album of that

Mario 7536 : I just want a compilation of all of his songs with Bill just floating in space in the background. Weird but I just want it

katiehp : hey bill can i borrow your e-tronic earth lifter??? asking for a friend

Panda Curry : Short opinion/analysis: In this song, I think bill is singing about how he wants to be able to change the world in teh future and make it better than it has ever been, hence the line "higher than it's been before". I also think that he talks about how he wants to be different, but that he'd rather change himself on the inside, rather than apperance.

Ser Aland : Bill Wurtz can sing, teach, edit, be good looking and do all sorts of things. He's the perfect man.

Alexander Wiklund : the weirdest thing i can think about is bill wurtz not doing anything weird

Tyler Lowe : bill wurtz is literally our photoshop god like this is the goal every time

Glen Sutton : I feel like It's roughly about music curing depression and helping you reach your goals? Like. The bit about the song singing him and curing his disease made me think his point is: "I write and record and write and record so much that I stopped doing it, it started doing me, and having that in my life helped me overcome my perceived shortcomings and embracing that new strength helps me help the whole world (Lift up the whole world)."

Bryce Rosenwald : I don't think I've ever heard a song in 3 that sounds so much like it's not in 3. It's such a cool vibe.

AntVenom : First video I'm watching after the great #YouTubeDown of 2018.

Sneaky squirrel : I think you should make more of those “history of” videos, legit had a free week of class for my history class. I showed him the history of the world video and gave us a free week of class because it covered the entire topic

Twenty One deaths of a bachelor : Wait how old is this guy? Some will never know....O-o

Vinnytheblade : Time for a crusade

Solinko : 1:23 oh hey it's swaggersouls

kiki- drawer26 : I wonder if he's like, super normal irl.

Glub Glob : there is water under the ocean carry the water remove

xXHuffleclawXx : When Bill Wurtz posts on your birthday but you get to it 4 days late

ThICcNiKKIe ! : In Soviet Russia the song sings you

TheSnoopKat : Every bill wurtz song is a gift to the world

Mr.Pat : I can't believe I've been subscribed to Bill for 2 years now.

Will Smidt : If you aren't listening with decent headphones you are missing out on some tight bass riffs. You runs are moist.

Alec Woodruff : I've listened to this song so many goddamn times this week, i can't stop

Sarah J. Beatty : Me: This world is too weary. Bill Wurtz: Hold my Monday... Me: What? Bill Wurtz: plays improv... Me: ^_^

Jade Darby : I came here to internet. Was no disappointed.