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Trail of the Wild Wild : Wow! I loved this video! Patches is so beautiful! She really is an amazing shark!

Elizabeth Swims : That was cool! Though I think researchers got it wrong on why they swim at a slant. I think they do it for the same (or similar) reason dogs tilt their heads. This is just a cursory assumption based on my medical knowledge of how the ears work. Since we have big ear flaps with funny ridges on the outside of our head we can tell the direction of a sound above or below us. But if you fill in those ridges with clay you wouldn’t be able to discern if the sound is coming from above or below you, only left and right. However if you tilt your head to the side you can restore that ability. This is the same reason why dogs tilt their heads when they are listening to gain the ability to discern where the sound is coming from in all directions. I suspect the hammerhead does the same thing. I could be wrong but I don’t think it should be ruled out. I’d be interested to learn what kind of research was done. Perhaps the dorsal fin is longer to accommodate this technique and so it also helps with the fluid dynamics. (Chicken or the egg) Either way I think more research should be done. Perhaps if/when Elizabeth becomes a marine biologist she can study it more 😜 Anyway, great video as always! And beautiful sharks. We just uploaded a video of us swimming with nurse sharks and they were beautiful.

Please enter your name Here : Awesome video...but that’s what you expect from a BlueWorld episode right? He always hits the nail on the head! Thanks for all your work Johnathan!

GlasimonixStudios : Whoever disliked this video must be a jealous tiger shark or blind. Amazing episode Patches is so cute!!

SuperDjgaming123 : How about u make a Killer whale video

DecentGuy4499 : This guy is just so enthusiastic and informative. IDK why so less views. Keep up your work im watching ya :)

Sandeep Papiya : Jonathan you can make a segment on blue whales!

EverythingNiki 24 : Hi Jonathan i am the most biggest fan ever i watch your videos because i use them as a inspiration because i want to become a marine biologist and im really interested in sharks 💞

Whatever : Is she especially dark? Also at what point in the season as far as pups are concerned does the diving season line up with? I wonder if it might have to do with her being pregnant (don't they do the live babies in the belly thing?) Also could she have maybe hearing problems and thus is less bothered by the bubbles or is it also to do with how they feel in the water to them?

chewbacca : I would be cool if he made a vid about sunfish

Boris The plush : Hi Jonathan you deserve more subs and can u please reply plus I’m so happy you met coyote

Mystix 5400 : wish I could go diving with you i am 11 years of age

joy ruiz and hannah : wow i love hammerheads

Ritvik Praveen : Really you were lucky Jonathan to get such a cooperative Hammerhead shark. Very nice video. Loved it and Mr Zimmy has chosen a good music for it. 😊😊👌👌

VG Studio : Wow! You and the blue world crew are amazing. Don’t stop what your doing. I love every video you make. Keep up the good work. And ROAD TO 400K edit omg

Jen Flinn : Yay! My 5 year old is so excited to watch this video right now.

Mystery of Science : Hello johnathan

byron yorks : BlueWorldTV You guy's are awesome thank you to the crew and please make more videos soon!

M D : Patches is a very smart girl. Play nice with divers and gets fed, she had you guys wrapped and she knew it.

Mo : gills — wacked fish — snacked

Connor Duncan : Cool, more Brave Wilderness! Coyote never made a video on the Hammerhead! I was hoping you would! I love sharks! They're my favorite animals! I don't know why but whenever I watch your channel it never fails to make me happy! probably because it's all about the thing I love most in life! The oceans wildlife! Also, I just got back from an adventure of my own! I went out to a creek just before the sun completely set and caught 10 frogs! Four different species! I caught several poisonous pickerel frogs, a green frog, a wood frog, and the biggest bullfrog I've ever seen! It was bigger than my hand! I'll post a video on it sometime!

ChillyVlogsDays Show : Sooooooo cute!😍😍😘🤩another jonathan and cayote!!!you guys are so awsome!!

Francis Nerviza : I love this channel 😘😘😘 and Jonathan bird's 😜😜😜 And this is the best video I ever seen 💯

Chelsea K : Awh This was one of my Favorites by far! What a beautiful creation. You guys are so blessed to be down there with Patches and have that experience! Thank you for sharing with us. 🌊

stilcrazychris : That was neat... but I'm not going to do any swimming with them anytime soon. Thanks for the great video Jonathan, Chris from Missouri

praveen bk Praveen : Just amazing.... Thanks again for sharing.......

Paul Gimeno : Great! Great! Great! All I can say is Great! That's the only word I knew when i watched this video 😂

David Samuel : Another great and informative video Jonathan. One wish I have is that I can someday meet you and your crew to have an amazing experience like that.

Fintastic Films : Jonathan is the man! Never disappoints on new episodes! Patches looks so great and beautiful

Raphaël le SH : Hi I im french and discover this channel . It s very cool !Suscribe ! (Fr)une très bonne qualité de vidéo bravo !

Aidan and Red : Patches is an Awesome HammerHead Shark!

TheSmilingDog : I swam with Patches one time... he told me there was treasure and that I should take a gander into the drop off and that it'll shimmer me blind. He tail whapped me Into the trench and called me a dirty cleric.

Timur Kholodenko : Jonathan, what a great footage! I may be wrong, but I think we saw the same character when we were diving in Bimini.

Shinji Ngasimmun : Do blue whale pls preaty please

Acedia Worldpain : Great video. Although I understand that this is the best way to film sharks up close, I do have issues with feeding them to lure them in, both above- and underwater. This was a calm feeding, but it usually shows sharks at their most aggressive, contributing to the bad reputation they already have. It also increases the chance of a bite, because they start to associate humans with food, that in turn doesn't help increase the love and respect these animals deserve.What are your thoughts on this practice, in general?

Amuru Deranto : I wish i had your job jonathan 😍😍😍

Jodie Lam : Wow, look like she has at least 3 meters long 😱

Secret : I wish i could meet you jonathan :(

Professional Commenter : The shot at 4:35 was stunning and you captured Patches in such a beautiful way!!! As always another great video!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!!!

Laney Allan : Great video! Thank you!

KaMal Videos : Jon Please visit our beautiful and full of nature Astola Island, Pakistan

Elliott the Animator : I need to know how Jonathan has the official series feature! Please answer

Hemisphere Cinema : Maybe patches thinks its a tigershark so it hangs around them.

Blues Channel : I’m excited for this video

thatisartnotpffft : I've never heard of wolves hangin' out with the cougars, or black bears hangin' with the grizzlies etc etc.... this vid shone some light on at least one differing situation between predators of ocean life, and predators in the forest where I live. Tks much again for another really great video.... enjoyed another BlueWorldTV's vid's again very much! Tks!!

Sally Williams : What a cutie

Oliver Zhang : I love how u take the time to reply to all of our comments, ur amazing Jonathan!!!!!!!!!!!!

jimmyhatts : SO pretty!!!

Memphys Seizert : What a amazing animal!

Mike Greives : Good stuff. Ty