Must WATCH AMAZING NHRA Funny Car run in Las Vegas

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TAOFLEDERMAUS : Feels good to be a gangsta!

klever161 : 0:25 Autobots assemble! 0:27 Nevermind

sugershakify : Wheel stand nothing. All four wheels were off the ground for a bit there. Riding on nothing but the wheelie bar

pdrafter : That video must be fake. There's no way he can get out of this car with balls that big.

Nickster : I think you need to have a mullet to be able to do this.

Carl Johnson : did that in my civic one time..

Cringe Master : A car video... ON TRENDING?!?!?!

K N : Wish my camry could do that

Underground Productions : Had to crawl out of the top because the bottom was full of crap.

Saddle Sore : Well he never got clearance from the tower for take off, so to avoid trouble with the FAA, he had to set her down.

Don B : Lmao why even bother putting on fake headlights?

accentplaya18 : Seeing it live made your heart drop! one of the best things i've ever seen in person.

Dinsdale Drummond : That new camry is legit

Konnies Egg : His balls provided the downforce needed

All Access Gaming : That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen a Funny car do! Amazing!

angel barrera : Your lucky you didn't blow the welds on the intake

NurNordschleife : That's when VTEC kicked in yo!

bud385 : he's  probably the  ONLY GUY ON EARTH to  EVER PULL A  300 MPH  wheelie   &  walk  away  afterwards.

Ray J : This was some real stunt shit too bad the chassis got bent in the process and he couldn't go 2nd round

edwinxmonkey007 : That's what happens when cars take steroids. I swear nothing is clean anymore . 😡🚗

SuperSonicSenna : Holy crap! how did that not blow over?!

peterbrehmj : This is exactly how I play with my hotwheels cars as a child.

J Rod : How did that guy in the yellow coat no high five him?

Captain Downybeard : Thats some straight up Herbie shit

Mitch's Racing Highlights : Badasss stuff right there

Troubleshooter125 : And WHEN is the last time you saw a Funny Car do THAT??? Big-time hat's off to Cruz Pedregon for keeping that beast under control!

Robert Hutchins : Can we agree that was the most incredible driving job by a Funny Car driver? Thank goodness it was Cruz Pedregon who has much experience instead of a rookie.

Mr. Smith : Didn't even cross the line what a boss

Dave Grohl : he ruined his underwear

Thomas Jefferson : Can't believe the body didn't come off.

Joe Ogiba : Tony said he was doing 280mph at the start of the wheelstand .

Tim : Now that's a well balanced car!

Matt Lawson : This is where Donald trump gets all of his voters.


Jpgundarun : The Red Bull he drank before the race gave him wings. LOL.

Jesse : pucker factor of 10

Cooll Asice : Great video, but Tony Pedregon is just a stumbling and bumbling commentator. Bring back Mike Dunn.

Patrick Kennedy : just think , this cat is wheeling at a higher rate of speed than just about any of us will ever reach

xWORLDxCHAMPIONx : I wonder how long it took to clean the shit out of his pants!!

ObiJuan Kenobi : I do that shit with kids stroller all the time.

Alex Frecon : :52 marker - "did you see that? *gasp* I was going so fast. *gasp* Why do I do this? *gasp* What is life? *gasp* "

63 vettuser : He's actually flying for about 60ft . Wheels off the ground about 8inches til the airspeed bleeds off. The body acted like a airfoil... the balance was amazing... Driver is awesome....Great vid.

Bruno Desousa : easy

Oddern Strømme : Dominic Toretto

Greg Morris : Bet he's got more than a spoonful in his britches

Jonah Werbelow : #Can't touch this

Todd Clark : that insane and cool. thanks guy's and gals.

Dennis Horn : He maintained the steering? How the car was flying!

GATORSK8TER : Wheelie bar stand boys!!!!!!

Jonah Werbelow : #dragracinglikeaboss