HUMANKIND (see the world in 4 minutes)

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SeductionByKamal : This should be Youtube Rewind 2018.

Krytan Photography : hey, dan I'm a big fan bru. amateur videographer and youtuber. so it hurts to write this as i never want to be told my work isn't my best when i know i have done the best i could at that point, but i feel compelled to share my thoughts as i respect you as a creator and filmmaker. I believe youtubes 2 way communication allows for constructive growth and being honest about how i felt watching this, will i hope give some insight seeing things from the other side of the screen. please do not take any of this the wrong way, I love your channel and your vision which helps and inspires me. Bru first of all. great pull this off must have taken a dedicated team a collective group to work together, which is hard to manage. but I also hope you made some new friends connecting by a passion to create and like to think you had some fun along the way. otherwise, why would you do it? Hours of editing, selection, cuts, audio, music. and on that, I applaud you for taking this task and so quickly and so skillfully. but here is why i cant "connect" with it. 1. I don't hate the cuts and visuals. i absolutely dream to edit and shoot like this one day! we expected this from you and the other videographers and we got it ! A "NatGeo experience" of our people culture, of the globe But I found myself seeing the visuals more like a travel vlog for a company/commercial. 2. It wasn't as groundbreaking, earthshattering experience as it was hyped up to be, someone could pull stock footage off a site and do the same thing. and I have seen a ton of similar "who are we?" type videos. 3. The story element was lost in translation and this is what all filmmakers struggle with because if you get it right the visuals don't matter. The narration didn't feel as profound as you were trying to make it and you lost me at a lot of points you were trying to make, and I still don't know what the core of the story was? 6. I really felt like you played it safe and didn't take any risks. i did expect you to break barriers, i was more compelled and emotionally struck watching you rekindle your relationship with your old Boss when you went home, it was raw uncut beautiful, and honest that's the dream is to feel 100 emotions all at once! you wanted to represent the 100 filmmakers and you did as they were, but the trick is to evoke 100 emotions now there is a challenge, but how are we meant to do it in 4 minutes? so to me, I knew what to expect after a minute into the film. nothing was unexpected. we had no pandoras box. As the downside of humans we also have the tendency to not appreciate effort and work and we forget you are human too and treat you like a machine and attack you because its easy,. If you read this know that we the viewers we are being HONEST and we know there is an element of you we haven't seen yet and you are a diamond in the rough. keep at it! we all hit and miss sometimes but I prefer when people are honest with me about my work and tell me what they don't like within reason.

IVAN3000 : This ad can bring Nokia back to connecting people

James B : So I watched this video without prior knowledge of how it came together and I thought it seems like a decent film. Like many here I thought the editing was too hurried and it was trying too hard to be profound, but the imagery was beautiful and the overall message was positive. However, since learning about the context around how this video came together, I can see why so many people are angry, disappointed and disheartened. To encourage people from around the world to share their stories and then end up as part of a montage, I would be disappointed too. People put hard work into their submissions, whether they were picked or not, so to see their work amount to what honestly could have been stock footage must be a real kick in the teeth. I’d like to believe that this wasn’t just an attempt to harvest email addresses to sell merch, as others have suggested. But I can see why some people might feel this way. I saw Dan on Twitter referring to all the criticism of this film as ‘hate’ and those criticising it as ‘haters’. As far as I can see, there is very little criticism on here that can be construed as ‘hate’ - in fact, the vast majority of it is very constructive and supportive. Dan needs to recognise that he isn’t a perfect filmmaker and that constructive criticism needs to be recognised, rather than dismissed as ‘hate’. Does he really want to live in a bubble where only people who praise his work are allowed to voice their opinion? Learn to take on board criticism without taking it personally or dismissing those who you don’t agree with as ‘haters’, otherwise you will never grow as a filmmaker.

Stuart Little : I have watched the film 3 times now and I am listening to the monologue for a fourth time as I type... I think the film needed to be longer and the voices of the 100 filmmakers be heard more... I have no idea what direction Dan gave to them but it does come across as... Here, film this for me so that I didn’t have to tour the globe to get the shots myself... The monologue is inspiring although a little pretentious... Someone on Twitter said “It looked like a well edited series of stock clips”. I dunno about that, but considering the amount of effort that must have gone into this I see where they are coming from... I do prefer Dan’s own films more as they are more about his vision and the stories he tells... This film although very enjoyable falls short of the mark. It really needed to be longer with more emphasis on the 100 filmmakers that were involved.

Nick Jameson ASMRtist & BLOGGER : I got goose bumps. This video is absolutely amazing and shows the connection to our humanity. WoW

Dana Stribling : I watched it again to try and see if my initial reaction of thinking it was pretentious was too was worse, this time around it was also cheesy. I kind of feel bad for the guy.

Jody & Jess - Livin' the Keys Life : As a creator, I love and appreciate the time you spent on this. I also don't see any real hate on the video. Lots of criticism that you may not want, but its the world we live in. If you put it out, you must be willing to hear back. That being said, as someone who follows and admires your work, I agree this could have been more! So much footage, which as a creator I have no idea how you would have sorted and dealt with, but so many different ways I thought this film was going to go. I was hoping to see less stock footage and more "real" footage. Anyone that follows you should know, you're always pushing the envelope and doing things out of the box, so I should not have tried to expect anything. Don't let mine or anyones comments change you but maybe take some of them and make more with what you have. I bet you have enough footage you can do tons with it. Just my 2 cents worth, you're still amazing, chin up bru

Modern Slice : If you hadn't asked me to watch this, I would have turned it off at 2:30. If I'm honest, a bit earlier. I feels like an advertisement, but I don't know what they're selling....thinks it very profound, but I never felt any kind of profound feeling. Coffee table music doesn't help. Still not sure what it's all about....seems quite random. What's the story behind it?

starkingbiker : Cool images i guess but this felt like 5 minutes of pretentious gibberish. With 100 “filmmakers” you could have pulled off something much more interesting. I’m really not a fan of these inspirational speeches because they are a rehash of countless things I’ve heard before

Max Diamond : Dan this sends chills down my spine. You've really done something here, something great.

W C : I think the issue with this video is the sheer amount of perspectives you had at your disposal, you could've really cracked the shell on living in different cultures. Started with what makes them all unique and different, but then in the end we're all in it together. But what we got was cookie cutter b-roll to fit "amateur feel good commercial" narrative you were trying to convey here.

Jon Lukas : Somewhere between Pretentious and Cheesy

TheWarlockFromHell : This was so preachy, that I'm getting the feeling some altar kids are gonna come around asking for donations.

IVAN3000 : The like ratio is good, but comments bad. That's because this video hits the broad audience(like a big brand ad would), and your truly engaged and interested fans are disappointed, but they wouldn't dislike the video! They still probably like this video better than 90% of the content on Youtube

secutina : Dan, the concept of this film was incredible. The story you were trying to tell is admirable. The filmmakers, gosh, their work was great. But here comes the constructive criticism: It did feel rushed. Firstly, I want to note that I have been following you and subbed before all of the Casey Neistat stuff and the work you pumped out back then pulled my heart strings. You told a story with beautiful visuals, and took your time in doing so. The voiceover in this video in particular was distracting. The clips were rushed, and it almost felt...artificial. I'm no expert, so yes, I may lack the experience in filmmaking. But just as a viewer watching this, this was how I felt. (So please no hate guys, honestly the video was great but this is just some CC) - ironically, I felt disconnected watching this:/

Sam Bow : Trying to be constructive here....Sorry man it didnt feel connected through the first minute so I fastworded and it felt the same through out the film. The clips are too fast and the pace of the messages is exhausting. Feels like a Cardio exercise. I feel that you have to let the message sink in and let the viewer understand the message before pacing through the next clips and messages.

Slayer Bane : Your style of editing is too frantic and hurried most times. Like that clip where you said," look at this man smiling at his son, that feeling you felt right there..." I actually felt nothing because it went by in a blur and like someone else said, you don't give the clips time to "breathe" which I think is why I don't really connect with your videos. The vlogs you make with casey are gold, and I think you're cool otherwise and would do well to heed some of the advice in the comments.

Allen Reid : Man, the comments this video has produced is incredible. I saw that Dan went to twitter and wasn't happy with many of them, but I think he misses the pont. There is a lot of constructive criticism here and that's a good thing. That shows his subscribers and audience are engaged and have high respect and expectations for his work. You can't expect comments only from the ass kissers and nobody else in an open comment scenario. I did enjoy the video, but yes...the theme has been done before. I also agree with some who said it felt like a trailer for something bigger. I can see that too. Maybe Dan can turn this to his advantage and follow up with the other creators and have them go on camera and have them contribute their thoughts as well. Or interview people in their homeland. I would imaging he has a tremendous amount of video to work with. Also, I would LOVE to see a BTS video on how he managed to put this all togther (while suffereing a pretty bad injury) in such a short amount of time. How he communicated with the 100 creators, what he asked them to shoot., etc. I think something like that would be very interesting. I have a lot more to say, but I'll leave it at the for now. I look forward to what he has in store for us next.

Toby I : isnt every film in existence “for people... by people...”?

Jordan Gray : Absolutely beautiful. Brilliantly done bru. Congrats on bringing this magic together!

O_R : Really disappointed with your response to the criticism on twitter. If you got more "hate" than ever then maybe there is a reason. An artist saying that if the audience criticizes his work its because they didnt understand it is ridiculous because even if that true (Its isnt) then its still your fault because you didnt convey your message properly. I would have expected you to take the criticism with a bit more composure and maturity.

Hyperbolized : Danny boy you gathered all those filmmakers and spent this effort, you could've used a bit more of the footage these creators gave you. I mean feel like I don't remember 95% things that I saw. When you have all that beauty in front of you, we should be able to sink it in too. I feel like I watched nothing.

PR : viewers under 30 'best video ever made'. Over 30 /eye roll for not knowing what he doesn't know he doesn't know but still claps for effort

OreoMask : Dear Dan‚ I love you Dan but I honestly don't even know what his channel is about? I learned more about you from watching Casey's vids than I do from yours. Dan I understand you're an excellent film maker but this looks more like a commercial than Dan Mace....all these quotes and meanings but no context. Why are you making this specific video? You're asking so many questions at once no one has time to process it. If this was a book it would be perfect‚ but you're trying to cram all this genius into a 5 minute video. I love you and I want you to succeed but what is this channel even about? Sincerely your Bru‚❤

Armando Ferreira : Best collaboration on YouTube, well done Dan!

Rowan Murphy : This video isn't special it isn't creative it's been done 1000 times before we aren't one giant wonderful world, this is b roll footage for a commercial for good vibes, this can't and wont change the world. humanity is fucked up cultures aren't 2 second clips of people dancing, this is selling the false idea that everything will be alright because it's not, I respect the efforts of the people behind this, but you might aswell look up (insert inspirational vlogger) and find a hundred more of these. There's no one true way to represent humanity, the biggest problem with this is you can’t show humanity in a positive light. we’re all fucked up and humanity isn’t a happy fun time. we are in good times at the moment but good times bring foolish men.

Halo Fire : It’s a great video. One of the best 5 mins I’ve seen on YouTube. But honestly, when the credits started rolling, it made the video look silly. Like who gets over a hundred people and also gets producers and etc and the end product is a 5 min video??? Unless this is a trailer hahaha.

Shay Pah : My question is : you have a ton of production working on this, and you didn’t actually credit yourself. What exactly did you do ? Write the script no doubt. Did you do some editing? None? The crux of the film is relying on other people’s footage fair enough, but not on a post production level. It’s understandable you would need assistance with research, editing and producers to pay for that but when it’s all said and done, how much of this is actually you ? It’s like the one when « you » made an NYC soundtrack by recording sounds, but really you just sent a bunch of wav files the amazing producer Narch who made the whole beat. That key element was mentioned in a very fleeting way and the overall feeling to me was the viewers mostly thought it was your creation. As a musician and someone who is pretty obsessed with doing most aspects of my creative output, I’ve felt a lack of transparency. I’m still a huge fan that said, just wish you would clarify things more!

Metodi Kovachev : Apparently you are still making commercials! I think you found your medium in your previous videos. I like you work, but not this one man. It feels like a commercial.

This Messy Happy : Christ on a bike, Dan! This is unbelievable. The collaboration is incredible and sums up why the world needs to connect more simply through the idea of the film. 100% going to do more collaborations. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing 🤟🏼

Salt and Pepper Adventures : I started crying

Chris Ramsay : You make ambition seem normal. <3

Thy21 : sadly it looks like stock footage.

Anim Jock : This guy’s too good. But this should’ve been longer

Tibees : Is this the trailer or the film lol

Dimi Go_Yrt : Ден ты лучший

Irmaos Meirelles : Sorry but it fell flat for me. Kudos on making it happen though. Also, a pin in Brasil but no name in credits?

BDre : Dan you have amazing skills with these things! These kinds of videos help me have home in a growing busy world without the smiles, laughter and community that we all want and deserve. We all want to feel a sense of community with those around us as well as we want the world to know who we are and what we are made of. We all have a place in this world! You are loved and appreciated! YOU are amazing! YOU are smart and YOU are important when ever you feel down smile and remember that you are the only you there is so make it the best you you can be! Anyway thanks DAN for the amazing video keep up the content and if you happen to read this heartfelt comment I hope you consider liking it and give your thoughts!

Dimi Go_Yrt : Кто из России и восхищается творчеством Дена, ставь лайк.

Dillon Osborne : I thought it was great Dan and all the 100 Film Makers involved. Well done. Beautifully shot and pieced together. Would love to see an extended longer version of this showing off more of the individual filmmakers and their stories...I'd watch a half hour version.

the billy : One thing about theses videos talking about change, is what I don't get. They say. Change! You need to change! You see. I'm constantly changing, but not because I want to be another person, than me, but because I need to adapt, to, let's say expand on happiness. Meaning that change is not what makes me happy. Things that I adapt to, make me happy, which in turn means change is only an intermediary. However, the videos state it like change, is the magical thing. As long, as you suddenly brush teeth with your week hand you're happy, which is such BS. Either many people get these kinds of vids and I'm the exception or these inspirational vids are missing the main point of the debate, which in turn, makes them meaningless and rather a nice piece of film.

WalkaboutLife : The more resources you get the better your films. Keep it up the flood gates will open!

James V : I think part of the reason some people aren't thrilled here in the comments is after you didn't get selected for the film (which is totally fine), you sent us an email asking us to buy a 40 dollar shirt. Come on man. It's a pretty shallow move for someone making a film about this topic.

Gary Fujioka Sr. : Amazing achievement. Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved.

eh Joe : Dan Mace is tuning into the people's rhythm. We all beat to the same drum. Its what's inside bru

Gloria : I felt like I wanted more from this but I was kinda left hanging. The sequencing didn't make enough sense or connection. Still a fan however.

Maxime Roedel : This film is totally incredible, one the greatest thing i ever seen on YouTube ! But, where are filmmakers from France ? Where are the World Champions ?

Frogo Naidoo : Maybe you should have said "we" instead of "you"

Matt Komo : incredible dan, always raising the bar. proud of you man!