Why Sea Cucumbers Are Dangerous

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Facts in Motion : things I'd never thought I'd say - "I just finished animating a 14-minute video about sea cucumbers"

dbro yawner : The thumbnail..... is that cucumber busting a nut on her face?

Theodore Yamada-Dessert : The og fleshlight 😐💁🏻‍♂️

Lord Poppy : Seacumcbers are jerks Did you see how Kevin played spongebob like that?

Inkaphol : "Turd like sausages on the ocean floor" I'm dying xD

Aci : I wouldn't want people using my anal cavity as a hiding place...

I don't deserve subs : That thumbnail is a perfect example of how to draw in viewers

SlewedBoot25934 : I cant belive squidward's nose is dangerous Im scared Squidward's nose would never do this im crying

spacemug mess : I though the thumbnail showed a woman finding a dildo in the sea

THEKINGOFMETROPOLIS : You knew exactly what you were doing when you made that thumbnail LOL

TheGreatTyler : “Red head soaked by BBC”

T 54 greninja : 90% people commenting about the thumbnail

Number 27 : Oh cool...another reason for me to be afraid of the creatures in the ocean.

jukechuu : anything can be a dildo if you're brave enough

Medium D Speaks : "These basketball-sized snails" *NOPE*

Primal Chaotix : I think we should have had anal teeth too to also help with not getting butt raped

ϟϟ PanzerShafter ϟϟ : Its your brain, not the thumbnail Edit : dirty brain

Whale Cat : That thumbnail is getting _all_ over her face😏

migaspower 69 : If i see one of those things im gonna kick it

ZangT LS : “Anal teeth”

Barrett Barker : Thumbs up just for the thumbnail.

Emily Trevathan-Tier : I was always told that sea cucumbers were safe. I was 5 at the time. The person was a marine biologist... Who do I trust?

Naudia the king : Did he just say "turd like sausages"?????

TheBlackCrow : They are also very dangerous to octopi, they enjoy pressing buttons when they are bored, exploding the octopi

Millie Leah Rogers : i came here purely to see the comments about this

MrGoatflakes : I'm a crab and I live in a sea cucumber's butthole xD

Random Mobile : My anal feel weird after watching this video

Galih Uno : In my country, sea cucumber can be eat (sorry for my english)

Paladins Rage : _I ain’t gay, but this... this is sus bro._

ItsWil : Huh I think that thumbnail was the reason why YouTube recommended me this

Lance Uppercut : I grew up by the sea in South Africa Rule of thumb touch nothing !!! 😂 everything will get ya lol

klippiesss : It was an African black scientific expidition that found all this out. I'm not talking shieet

Deadpool : because they are "seacuCUMbers" . they can make women pregnant

410 Kane : Thumbnail looks like a money shot

YONDI : The thumbnail literally looks like something worthy of demonetization

V deserves better - : My sister once used that for her "fun" 😂

snupeandad0pe : here's the video title: Hentai Girl Gets Squirted On By Sea Tentacle

Badger at Toad Hall : Tosses are red violets are blue I came for the thumbnail, and so did you.

wisnu yogapraditya : Sea pee pee

Poisnu ishere : Odd thumbnail...

Robotic Humanity : so they breathe through their butt

Aaron Collado : Am I the only one who climaxed to the thumbnail?

ElectroPotatoes : *I Poked them Wat is gonna happen to me?...*

Gregory Arnold jr : I wonder why she touched it 🙄

COD Boss : i just came here to see the comments about the thumbmail

Endgame : Sea cucumbers,I like calling them Suckumbers.

momo da Kitten : It's because they kill me when the 8 ball rolls off the edge

SCRUMB : So they also bust a nut?


Top NocH : I almost failed no nut November due to the thumbnail