Why Sea Cucumbers Are Dangerous

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Facts in Motion : things I'd never thought I'd say - "I just finished animating a 14-minute video about sea cucumbers"

dbro yawner : The thumbnail..... is that cucumber busting a nut on her face?

Ice Bear 25 : If those cucumbers are in salt water, why are they not called Pickles?

Commodore Rook : "Ohhhhhhhhhh, Who lives in a Sea Cucumber anus, down in the sea?"

iAgentLu : Anal teeth hm... Good idea if i go to prison someday...

40s & Shorties’ X : *T U R D L I K E S A U S A G E S*

Aci : I wouldn't want people using my anal cavity as a hiding place...

Prabhsimar Singh : "After all, when you are a snail, A sea cucumber running away is a real concern" - Facts in Motion

Dylan Bee : The thumbnail only legends will understand

EliteFireSaint : I came expecting click bait due to the thumbnail and left with a like and better educated on Sea Cucumbers.

Daniel27D : the animal kingdom - where its perfectly normal to hide in someones anus

Surfy Player : That is a questionable thumbnail

BlueSpark64 : Jokes on you, but my Animal Crossing New Leaf character has caught around 13 sea cucumbers with their bare hands.

Dr. Weil : 99% of comments: Nut shot 1%: other

Elijah : When I was very young I picked up a sea cucumber, and it "puked" stuff all over me. Including my face. A lifeguard started panicking, I was so confused then but now I understand why.

Medium D Speaks : "These basketball-sized snails" *NOPE*

A B Cars N’ Guitars : Remember when steve o put that sea cucumber down his thong and start whackin it off until it busted all over the place? Didn’t hurt him tho

MightyDantheman MC : Watching a video about Sea Cucumbers at 6 am (haven't slept yet). Surprisingly fascinating.

Peetiegonzalez : Fun fact: Kids in Pulau(edit, it’s spelled Palau) use local sea-cucumbers by squeezing them to make them release the cuverian tubules, which they stick on the soles of their feet to make a kind of stick-on shoe that protects their feet from the coral when wading.

thejimyyy : So they are garage for fish

Theodore Yamada-Dessert : The og fleshlight 😐💁🏻‍♂️

Mister Riffs : *You Touch The Cumber Prepare For Permanent Slumber*

Shelby Duck : Reason why they are Dangerous: They will place a ink bomb on your back and make it explode when you do something wrong.

Kelemen Yeti : Good video ruined by clickbaity title and thumbnail

Grace May : if only my butt was that cool.

ItsWil : Huh I think that thumbnail was the reason why YouTube recommended me this

Tow Wong : C.Q Cumber: "TEST FAILED"

JY Bong : I never knew they were that dangerous. I eat them during the New Year. Well of course it's cleaned and cooked.

DangerousFury : This video was extremely educational and I’ve learnt so many things I watch the whole and was being amazed

Sif the great grey wolf : Lol the thumbnail was like B E G O N E T H O T!

Lord Poppy : Seacumcbers are jerks Did you see how Kevin played spongebob like that?

Jalcome : >title only about why they are dangerous >ends up educating people about their market value Love it

barnacle boy : I fapped to that thumbnail, didnt even watch the video.

Bagel boil boi -Ashley Oshia- : Who is here because C.Q cucumber from splatoon 2 octo expansion

HANI HOSSAM : They breath from their butts ... AM DYIING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

happy insanity *millie* : i came here purely to see the comments about this

Twiizy : That’s one thumbnail

GreenPlanet669 #2 : are sea cucumbers the same as sea pickles? Please reply instead of just liking the comment.

Ilily : They’re actually delicious! Certain cultures like mine use them in many dishes. They have a very crunchy texture (if cooked right) and a “sea” flavor 😋

David Hammitt : Is there anything in the ocean Japanese, or Asians in general, won't eat? Serious question. I mean I get it, as an American we love our petri dish food ( namely processed cheese). Just curious what toxic ocean dwellers Asians say, "I'm not doing it, that's to crazy"

YONDI : The thumbnail literally looks like something worthy of demonetization

F.B.I. Operator : That ain’t no sea cucumber. That’s a SEA NUT BUSTER👏🔫

Tori Artistic Marine : That cucumber on the thumbnail looks like fifty shades of grey in a nutshell-

Ryan Young : You read the youtube comments... Test failed. **kills agent 8**

Jlegobot Viewing : I know why. It always detonates a bomb on your backpack for stupid reasons.

Ka Y0 : I almost failed no nut November due to the thumbnail

gabriella Lodge : I'm this isn't part of the video but am I the only one who is getting annoyed by the tiktoc commercials

уйти : *The Thumbnail Explained* When yo girl is jerking ya off and then you realise that it’s time

sk8punk318 : Well apparently I eviscerated on my wife's face last night, kinda like in the thumbnail...minus the ocean

Robert : CQ Cumber: You Touched Me! - Test Failed.