The Main Squeeze - "Redbone" (Childish Gambino Cover)

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Chicken Little : damn, that guitar solo was insane.

Aaron Johnson : Shout out to the drummer for playing that melody and keeping the drum beat going. Great hand-eye coordination

Steven Axel : -Guy playing drums and xylophone -Insane singer -Guy switching bass guitar and piano -Guy playing two différents pianos at the same time -Amazing guitar player This is truly the full package, thank you for that.

Elad Ashkenazi : first i was blown away by the drummer playing the melody while keeping perfect time on the drums. then i was locked on the vocalist being an insane singer, performing a basically flawless performance. then finally that SICK guitar solo completely blew my mind. I'm a fan guys. thank you for your inspiration!

Ryan Conley : I'm responsible for at least 100 of these views.

Wang Lang : This has a guitar solo that makes my knees weak.

TheWalkingweaponDD7 : That guitar solo was damn near a sexual experience

Kevin Costa : Damn Kanye, that bass line bruh...

Joe Schmo : It has been 32 hrs since my eyes officially shut. With each waking minute, I continue to re-listen to this track in order to maintain the psychosis of a man in the simultaneous state of exhaustion and exhilaration. The build with the vocals coming in reminds me of the build Raoul Duke gets from Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit in Fear and Loathing. I, unlike Mr. Duke, am in no need of a controlled substance other than sleep deprivation and you're building crescendo. Stay woke

bentep0511 : Joakim Noah with the Guitar Solo, damn so smooth.

Jonathan Aviles : Can we just give some love to the bass player, I don’t think he ever left the pocket once 👌👌👌

Huge Jerkman : Not gonna lie, I clicked because I thought it was Blake from Worcaholics on the guitar. After listening though... Boy is that one tasty cover of an already awesome song. Great work!

Radoslaw Dlugowski : That reharmonized chorus at the outro got me straight through the heart, my mind almost couldn't comprehend. And don't even get me started on the solo. If you're ever doing a master class I gotta see it. Insane phrasing, insane everything. 100/10.

Khris Goodman : How tf does this video have less than a million views

budy DJi : 4:03 ..Kanye West on bass guitar...


Jaime Canas : Lead Guitar is on Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! eargasm! Great Job bruh!

Andrés De la Cruz : Amazing singer !!! and fantastic guitar solo!!! , for me better version than the original song

Brandon Taylor : Better than the original. Damn!

Luís Oliveira : one of the best guitar solos I have ever heard god damn, that's fuckin' beautiful!

Jacob Rodriguez : this cover just cleansed me of all the mashups and meme covers I've heard of redbone. I'm def subscribing.

Jacob Hedrick : Aw, you didn't have to censor it. Sick cover, though.

Kyle Hooker : That guitar solo was sex

Nate Wulf : this. was INSANELY badass.. was that guy playing both pianos the whole time?? 😭

nothing : dave grohl on keys lmao?

missing metaphor : What is the scale the guitarist is using for the solo?

aLe Deris : That solo was LIT!

Zis W. : Wtf was that guitar solo?


jules : here just for that funky guitar solo

Noah Krueger Films : 5:00 = NUT

John Gallione : That snare sound is amazing. Can you please tell me how you got it?

Rocket Lawnchair : Damn, damn, damn, and damn this song is cinnamon butta.

yes I have no name : 0:09 :-)

Johan Gørtz Hørstrup : I don’t Think anyone has ever done a better vocal performance on this number ever. Not even Childish himself

NenjiAvero : THIS is how a mutherfucking cover is done! DAMN!

Sparkle Wink : Guys! What song did you guys start off yesterday at the park in Baton Rouge? Just discovered you guys and that song was AMAZING

You Call That a Knife? : Damn... David Ortiz got pipes :D

Adolfo Salani : After listening to the original version I thought "This is unbeatable". Boy was I wrong.

emily green : And the best I can do is hot cross buns on the recorder

James Rossbach : So awesome, great cover. Also where is the bass coming from, the organ? Or maybe was added after?


SIZAN LUIS Esberci : Alguém do Brasil?!

matale66 : TABS ANYONE? :'v

Alec Paulson : This was absolutely incredible

WaitingAtAStoplight : Is this the best version of the song? (yes)

Adam Rafik : Shoutout to the guy playing the drums with the xylophone at the same time

Slick Tee : Fuckin amazing

Dan : Can anyone tell me some artists that are in a similar style to that guitar solo?

donald duck : Great voice!