Blonde TV Host Insults Italian Chef On Air and He Responds

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gotham61 : Brilliant comeback line.

airbrat : Thanks for pointing out that she's blonde! For a second I thought she was a red head! Phew!

Jake Jake : LMAO!! This guy should win some award for his quick wit!

Paddy Whelan : Gino's a f#cking Legend.

Yaniv Proselkov : It's from a UK TV show called "This Morning", the woman is Holly Willoughby, a beloved UK TV presenter. The man is Gino D'Acampo, and appears regularly on the show - they know eachother fairly well. It was a dumb remark, yes, but he's reacting as if a mate has said something moronic. There's no larger racial, sexual, or linguistic issue.

Jamie City : Honestly that was hilarious

1337MoZ : Amazing comeback. In Rome we use to answer to weird hypothesis with "Se mi nonno c'aveva tre palle era 'n flipper" "If my grandfather had three testicles then he would have been a flipper".

blaster88778 : These 2 are on a show called celebrity juice. That's why they got good banter lol watch it and you will know why he took it so well.

doyoulikebeetroot : They are good friends in real life and they were laughing because here, calling a woman a bike is to call her a slag As in "like the town bike" everyone has had a ride He didn't know and they would have told him I bet he laughed as well for not knowing he had insulted his grandmother on tv He was a little bemused, that's all, not really offended by the first comment and the reaction Just a lost in translation moment, nothing offensive at all but it has to be blown out of proportion all the time dosnt it? He wouldn't do celebrity juice (late night quiz type show) with holly if he wasn't up for a piss take, the whole show is over the top and vulgar, piss takes a plenty, Easy to make an assumption based on one clip though isn't it and it just all transcends into a playground squabble over who's the best etc This was all light hearted morning tv hosted by people who get on well and have a good laugh together I'm surprised I've not seen anyone mention gino's stint in jail for burglary when he first came to England though Would have thought that was prime mud to sling from the kiddies table All as bad as each other. Some people never grow up

Robert Gash : I think you have to be from Britain to fully understand why Holly and Phillip are cracking up. To call a woman a bike is like calling them a slut because anyone can have a ride. So when Gino calls his grandmother a bike everyone in the studio is cracking up.

Roger Ramjet : People chill. They are all friends and regularly have a great laugh on TV. You will find plenty more Holly and Phil and Gino bloopers on here. There great entertainment and I recommend them to you. Enjoy!

Armoured Outlaw : So many of these comments are filled with all this animosity to a tv host, when in actual fact this trio are actually some of the most popular people on television, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about if you really believe that she is a horrid person or that gino would have actually taken offense, they are all friends you Muppets.. ..

Zeke Edwards : holly Willoughby is a lovely person, if we had more of people like her instead of these pathetic misogynists who have left comments here the world would be a better place

dojufitz : If my Aunt had balls.....she'd be my Uncle.

Dudz : Only English people know the relationship they have, foreigners don’t get it

Joao Pedro Melo Peet : They're mates on celebrity juice, they always taking the piss out each other

johan andersson : Just hilarious how the English hostess is taking the piss out of the Italian Chef and how he is taking the piss out of her, even funnier still, that they are all friends and people not getting that and therefore getting all worked up. Que the anti-English comments.

Darren Todd : Everyone reading the title 'Blonde Host insults Italian......' and responding as if the title is fact. Bullshit,these 3 work together all the time over many years now and get on very well. There was no insult and absolutely no bad feeling. By the way, for those of you judging, guess which of the 3 is a convicted criminal and has spent time in prison. Well, let me give you a clue, he has an Italian accent.

Wesley Richardson : Blonde TV host and Theyre called Holly Willoughby and world renowned chef Gino Dcampo...?

disagreeablesob : Poor guy didn't know that the word "bike" has a completely different meaning in English slang,which is why they both cracked up.

Kevon Edwards : Her smile and laughter are really infectious

dave h : They are old friends as it happens

Ron Mexico : of course the hot blonde complains, simpleton

Arthur Humphreys : All I can say is she is stunning.

Damien Ball : Proper insulted an italian chef there oh dear

Jamie Welton : The title of this video makes it pretty obvious that the uploader and most of the idiots in the comment section, have no idea who these people are, what show they're on, or that they're all good friends. smh.

arbyfc : Felt a little sorry for the cook. She seemed a little rude.

N Albertsson : Holly and Gino are best mates and often appear together on the outrageous British comedy game show, Celebrity Juice... If you Americans think this clip was funny, you should search out Celebrity Juice... It will either make you fart laughing, or turn off in disgust.

Patrick Ryan : BIMBO

andy taylor : These three are part of a very popular chat programme on British TV. All three are the best of friends and their comments towards each other during Gino's cooking spot are legendary, made all the more funnier by Gino's accent and Hollies sometimes unguarded comments.

Ti Ha : WTF does her hair color have to do with the video?

sisophous : He felt insulted but she didn't intend to belittle him. All she was saying is it could use some ham.

Maalik Islam : *The flavor of the cheezies" was the funny part in my opinion.

Jeremy Grigson : It's interesting reading there comment as no-one evidently knows who they are. They're all really good friends and he says things like that quite often.

eastos73 : People in the comments section are so dumb xD

deckelpc : Had to laugh at all these stupid comments, holly and Gino are friends. This is nothing to do with her insulting him!

Anna Fresa : That is offensive!! Pasta came from Italy and here is she comparing the italian dish he made to some British Carbonara...

Selinor578 : I don't see what the big deal is here.

Lieutenant Pie : Every moment I've seen of British tv just gives the impression that they're genuinely mean and nasty people, or at least all their TV hosts are

Snooby66 : I like how there is so much venom towards Holly and yet she did/said absolutely nothing wrong. No stupidity. No insult. She is merely stating that, to her, one dish tastes similar to another. As no one on earth has her taste buds, they cannot say that she is wrong. Given the similarity between the two recipes, it is highly likely that they do taste similar.Also, "bike" in this context means " a two-wheeled conveyance" and nothing whatsoever to do with the slang term for a promiscuous woman.

nonameblues : Why are all American comments so patronizing!y dumb.

SOX : So English, So Blondy, So Stupid!!! :-)

Portsian : Azide breen yiu really have no idea what you are talking about. You have no idea abiut their friendship on and off screen. You just looking fir an excuse to get in Yiu Tube? Honestly, this is why internet is such a waste of people's time. All comment wuth no substance and no research at all.

Jovan Leon : This video is actually pretty hilarious. She didn't actually insult the chef, she just gave her misplaced honest opinion about the food (not very clever of her, of course), but the chef's response and how it made them straight up rolling is really funny to me. Thanks.

lovinsfun : If you really want to make it a Good combination with the blonde host . . I recommend that you throw a Huge uncooked meatball in it .

Spenser Roger : The lady's no doubt off-putting gaffe which led to the stellar rebuke of her point with his hilarious quip set it up perfectly for her to give him a warm embrace. It would have been a great way for her to apologize and show her great appreciation for him being such a good sport.

Haunter : Don't know what's more tragic: this video or the comments. This isn't just some random blonde and a random chef; it's Holly Willougbooby and Gino D'Campo. And this is just their standard banter.

Man of Steel : 😂.. your the man !! GINO.. GINO....GINO 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

ALPHA IC1 : Holly Willoughby is a British National Treasure how dare the people in this comment section call her a bimbo and blonde. Gino is also liked by the British public and they are all good friends who joke with each other on set. Holly we salute you 🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧

Breaumance : The look of disbelief on his face when she opened her mouth, lmao.