Game of Thrones Star John Bradley Amazing Drumming | Bring The Noise

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Timur Tatlici : Very nice guy, entertaining moments, but not exactly "amazing drumming". But well... the video's title forced me to click (as I'm a drummer myself) - so aim achieved ;-)

Ally Silver : This is insult to ( in this moment ) legacy 😂😂

MLe MLe : Do you know that drum set could be sounding better?

teehundeart : Pretty cool, but to clear things up for the non-musicians around here: Rhythmically beating toms doesn't equal amazing drumming. What he did was rather easy to learn. Nonetheless cool and entertaining though.

Paul Ivin : Shite

Kerem Aksoy : This guy gets laid after this.

bradpittsego : He bangs Gilly better than he does the drums lol

Mr Krinkle : I can feel it coming in the air tonight.........hodor

RyanRants : That's not where the drum fill is. It's after "it's no stranger to you and me" Everyone messes that up.

Drumisfum : This isn't even close to amazing. It's okay at best.

steve steve : um what was so amazing about that?average at best

szymikon1980 : omg the vocal is fucking TOO LOUD in comparison to the instruments

Александр Нетвоесобачьедело : it's not amazing,lul

Espen Knutsen : That is one awsome drum Kit.. Harrington. Okay i'm leaving

Karl The Fragr : He may look like a deer in headlights but his playing wasn't bad :) Props!

John White : Should be working on the next season, jerk.

TOAOM123 : An actor actually kept his pinky on the stick and not in a death grip!!! I'm actually impressed

rivahkillah : Tyson did a better job in the Hangover

Tylor Smith : The only way to defeat the white walkers... IS WITH THIS SOLO!

Steve V : holy cow he has perfect form that’s rare. gimme some of that. i need to stop commenting on youtube

Oliver King : How the hell is this amazing. I've been lied to on the internet. *gasp*

Mooney39 : She sounds like a crow in labour.

Great zombie jesus : that fat gimp is a star? pffft

Anthony Delorme : That person next to her was thinking they'd get their 15 minutes of fame but then it cuts to John Bradley...

Rebel Goy : What an utter load of Wank!

tubelesso : Amazing maybe too much....have you ever heard a real drummer??

Rory Horgan : Pfft! please! he's nothing special! only the simple minded would think he's "amazing"

shakey27 : False advertising, I thought it was going to be Bring the Noise by Public Enemy w/Anthrax

Pizzley Bear : 'Amazing' is a strong word...

Love Nordahl : he looks as retarded as in the show.. amazing

Abe Froman : I thought he was going to cover the Anthrax song Bring The Noise. Bummed:(

Motoroil : if he dosent lose some weight, John Belushi and John Candy will have a visitor.

Ryan Nally : They should make a movie on John Bonham and have Sam Tarly play him

Brains Ironically : "That's what I do: I play drums and I know things."

Danilo Silva : Somehow I was waiting for that song from The Mask when he started his solo =p

Fifteen Wintergreen : The music is better in the books

Nick Anocibar : i wish i could get 1M views!😅

CelticBananas : I thought it was gonna be a public enemy cover somewhat disappointed but yet intrigued by what actually happened

3pac son : Pretty decent and well executed single roll's on the toms

Brian Sheely : That was the most awesome 2 minutes I've ever experienced!!

Josiah Wilson : Woman rifle sleep source challenge household dance imagination relief signature dynamic.

Kaelon Drae : Hell yeah that's my dawg

leoevs441 : Yes Sam The Fucking Slayer....whoever knew, he could rock the White Walkers and the Night King to death lol......

I Q : Amazing drumming? I now know a drummer didn't post that title. It's single strokes any middle school kid could do. Not knocking him, just stating truth from a drummer's perspective.

Strabunitz : stop calling this amazing drumming,this was so SHITTY it Hurts.get your fucking head out of your ass sky 1

Crow : Good drummer, not a fan of the vocalist.

Ace Gate : when u cure greyscale w out the grand maester's permission

defmanwalking : Are you rushing or are you dragging?

Mike Themann : im still waiting for the amazing drumming to happen...

Denizen Wolf : Amazing? uhhh no, it was ok. He played a simple beat well and was able to keep his solo mostly tight but cmon, amazing?