Game of Thrones Star John Bradley Amazing Drumming | Bring The Noise

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Victor H : "Where'd you learn to drum Sam?" "Well..." "HE READ IT IN A BOOK"

entulista : Is that part of his maester's training?

Oli Laban : Randyll Tarly might actually be proud!

Hank Fistgun : Sam the Slayer

Pedro : #lit, just like his father

Hawkeye Airwolf : I know its been a while( about two years) but I am glad to see John Bradley confident in something he is doing!  He can bang the hell out of those drums.  Awesome!

Harad - Medieval Music : "Not quite my tempo..."

Earvin Picar : That Daenerys guy looks like Rollo of Vikings :D


OceanWaves : John Bradely got Skillz ! nice

Jonatan Frias : Not quite my tempo. xD

Slayze : 1/10 - no blast beats

DaHariZ : I guess Gilly isn't the only thing he's been banging 😏

Chris I : amazing might be overstating it a but he wasn't bad.

Daniel Töurian : Game of Drums!

Dawid K. : That vocalist should be whiped for butchering one of the most amazing and romantic songs in pop history...

AeroDoe : I could watch you bang all night, John Bradley. 😍

johnerickvs : far from amazing drumming skillz

Sabalghoo : He'll spend his whole life, covering the songs of better men...

bilalatthedrums : I dunno if amazing is the right word. He's not bad, but I wouldn't say it was an amazing performance.

Matthew Dervenkov : It's so funny when people hear someone rhythmically banging the toms and thinking it's AMAZING drumming

Tristan Murray : Amazing drumming?? Mmmm.

xlovemusic2011 : I love him even more now.

Sammy Palmer : Such hyperbole whenever an actor can play an instrument, this is not amazing... Still, it's sound to see he can play drums at a decent level, nice rolls but nevertheless they are typical RLRL patterns for the most part as far as I can see.

lordifandk : as a fellow drummer, that was pretty good, however i would not say amazing, the rhythm and the decent speed made a very good sound but technically advanced it was not. but still a very good job well done. :)

Salty Mons : what in the seven hells are you doing sam!! jon snow just got stab and now you're playing those things

JN Woodard : Damn, Sam learned all kinds of stuff at the Citadel....

Science Fiction : Is this what amazing is these days? No wonder Beiber is popular.

Tabish Khokhar : A Man knows how to play Drums A Man Has Talents

Alicia Sings : Nicole's voice is so perfect I loved it

Sabalghoo : Sam the Drum Slayer?! Fast Player? Wildling Lay-er? Rabbit flayer?

Aza 1997 : Still better than Lars Ulrich....

CrashYitsu : Well the title sure oversold that.

Eugenia Orfanidou : Marry Me!!!!!! <3

bruceleedisciple : hardly amazing. he's good though.

OscaPaul 3 : We all know people from England are natural at being rockstars.

Fingaz Mc : Samwell!!!

AdityaFingerstyle : This is how he got Gilly.

Vinho Ferreira : nicole😍😍

Steve Davis : First he bangs the drum, then he bangs your mum

Ivan Vakhrushev : Russian or Dragon?

Michael Gottschalk : im still waiting for the amazing drumming to happen...

Buns & Bass MYFHC : Amazing? hahaha he was terrible!!

Michael Brush : what kind of link does he get in his maester's chain for this?

Dan Dar : joel trying to get the audience to laugh a bit with his costume and random instruments but everyone in the studio is very much focussed on nicole and her amazing singing LOL

Lyndon John : This is what he learned at the citadel

R P : Also Hodor is a DJ

windriderrr : You know something's up when the drummer is the frontman.

Edho Ferdian D C : Mike Mangini :v

Chris Knayzeh : did he read how to play the drums in a book?