The Frighteners (3/10) Movie CLIP - Sergeant Spook (1996) HD

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Lee Lanzini : R.I.P legend!

Cenk Uygur : Where is Private Pyle?

Aaron Greenfield : This scene is much more relevant now!

Ryan Galicia : RIP R. Lee Ermey

J D : R. Lee Ermey Legends Never Die! 🙏

gogotrololo 619 : So that's what ended up happening to Sgt. Hartman

Вилен Гатауллин : AKIMBO M60 with R. Lee Ermey. R.I.P.

Francis Xie : Gunnery Sgt Hartman got promoted to Master Sgt

Chuck Alexander : This has to be a semi sequel to Full Metal Jacket.

Christor000 : Actual footage of Ermy as a ghost.

Xale : What is you major malfunction, numb nuts?!

Sage Turmelle : Even as a ghost, Sgt. Hartman is not afraid to keep the other spirits in line.

Josef Dietrich : I'm sure this exact thing went down this morning

Chris Christian : This is what Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey will do for the rest of his afterlife. Training a bunch of civilian slime into warriors for Christ. He’ll be the best DI in Heaven. Rest In Peace Marine! Simper Fi! Oooh Rah!

Marin Eduard : This scene is deeper sadder and more relevant now

mkking16 : this must connect to full metal jacket... i mean its the same army guy and everything.. also he gets shot in full metal jacket and dies

Reanimated_Dead_Flesh : And now he is up there keeping shit in line

GearGades : RIP, Sarge:(

Genaro Siles : RIP we will miss you

Superdeath25 : Found this after hearing R Lee Ermy had died

Kazuhira Miller : Damn. I visit the man's grave and he still be ordering me around

CrawlerEnder 935 : Well, it's relevant now... and I wouldn't be surprised if he acted like this.

eyeseer1 : Produced-directed by Peter Jackson,  soundtrack by Danny Elfman.   Great Halloween movie.


Matt Grandich : Rest In Peace, R. Lee Ermey.

Carter Gonzalez : RIP R. Lee Ermey 1944-2018 even as a Ghost he became 100% more bad ass.

Marcos André : R.I.P SERGEANT !!

Chef J0KER : R.I.P 🇺🇸

Eric Robertson : RIP Gunny.

Lucas Macfarlane : Rip R Lee

Themanwithn0eyes : RIP Ermey

no u : r.i.p

Blister Monde : R.I.P.

Jake1 : R. I. P. Gunny

Obama Trump : Really life imitating movie

mrsanch1ful : R.I.P Gunny

EmoTheKid : "There´s a piece of dirt up here with your name on it!"

The Arstotzkan : rest in piece r lee

1f5sda1991 : RIP R. Lee Ermey!

Proud Kiwi : Seeing the Frightners cover brings back so many childhood memories at Blockbuster.

Marlon Da Silva : Just because R. Lee Ermey's died doesn't mean he's not gonna yell at you from beyond the grave.

That mega Faggot guy : R.I.p Sgt Hartman

DJ Bi0BEATZ : Paranormal footage of R. Lee Ermry's Ghost

Blake Seekford : The timing coundn't have been any more perfect.

Jake Stewart : R Lee ermey is one of the best spirits in the film hilarious. I also love how they reference full Metal Jacket for him ha

Nightlife Vegas : Rest In Peace to one of the most badass actors that has ever lived.

chris wilbanks : RIP Sarge may you be the drill Sargent in heaven

Gabberman9000 Films : Damn its Sergeant Hartman AKA Sheriff Hoyt.

Matthew Lo : Now he is a real ghost. R.I.P.

Christian Tracey : RIP R Lee Ermey