Static Shock - Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Foley In "Sons of The Fathers"

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BETTER THAN YOU : Cancle the 2010's, bring back the 2000's

the disappointed koala : Virgil's dad is such a badass

Mr. Popo : Roast his assss pops!!!!!!

JS S : This show really connects to some serious topic!!!!! I really wished they'd bring it back.

MagicGummyFruit : This is how people should respond to racists. It hurts to be patient and calm but it's much more effective for better

Colton Spellman : This show along with the ORIGINAL teen titans hit on some real issues.

Takoji's Challenges : Mr Hawkins: Master of roasting!

Tobirama Senju : Static's dad looks too much like Martin Luther King Jr. especially the way he starts preaching to Gear's dad 😂😛lol

Scotty B : "Richie ran away from you a long time ago, and who could blame him?" *INSTANT FATALITY*

TheRayVerse : Now someone explain why Static Shock doesn't have a movie yet?

striker0 : I can understand how Static's father feels about guys like Gear's father. Growing up my dad hated Blacks & Hispanics, but I didn't think twice about them. He was also homophobic, but once again, I didn't have the same feelings as him. I think perhaps being born in the 40s might have influenced him, but I never did find out because he would always change the subject. This show put some major issues under the microscope, like racial differences & hating something because you didn't understand it. Most shows nowadays don't even come remotely close to that.

stomyn : This is why Mr. Hawkins remains one of the best characters in the DCAU, and probably one of the best characters in cartoon history

Urdnot Stark : Y'know, mad props to Kevin Michael Richardson. Typically he plays the larger than life comic relief in most of his voice work. Glad to see him shine in more serious roles like this.

Davalious : Virgil's dad is a good person

Afr0Thund3r : "You need my help, whether you like it or not!"

RICHY RACKS : This show showed so much realness

Kaleb Walker : Even as a child, I absolutely *adored* Virgil's dad.

Jaiden Hackett : His dad like Martin Luther King

KING JAM : Back shows had a message for the world to relate to

Grahamfield25 : Virgil's dad is the best superhero that doesn't have or need any superpowers, scientific powers, gadgets, or a lot of money.

Negative Alien : this was a real cartoon before people got soft and protested everything

Sean Hastings : The relationship between Richie and his dad is very similar to the one I have with mine.

Eszra : This episode got me a A in class when we were told to pick an "ism" word and right report on it. Racism was one that we could pick and this episode was the first thing that came to my mind. My teacher love it.

raohdibauren : This episode taught me a thousands more times more and better to not be racist than any of the BS coming from lefties in colleges or any SJW from tumblr

Zenos Hitomora : I'll give Richies dad this, he's more in control than most racists are today. Yeah he says things behind closed doors, and was even easily put in his place about his views, unlike many other racists who constantly throw out racial slurs and constantly threaten minorities with violence for the littlest things. But at least he quickly saw how others saw him

Wing0Alchemist : I mean, Static's dad was dead on, but I've found that when you have a bigot's attention, it helps to not say things that put them totally on the defensive. Say I have a bigot who works as an engineer. I tell him that he's smarter than his bigotry. Things like that. It's worked for me in the pass when trying to get through relatives that were homophobic.

Chai Mocha : This sounds crazy but Robert (Virgil's dad) reminds me of Uncle Phil.

AndrewsFaceTime : This show still holds up to this day. Great kids show for it's time! #90sFTW

Marc Rizkalla : This scene/episode alone made me a fan of Static Shock. Wasn't a huge fan due to the rap/ hip-hop heavy soundtrack, but this scene made Virgil's dad one of my favorite DC Animated 'minor' characters

Gothicc senpai : this show i s real

Jackie Hallam : It's not OK to be racist.

CommonPotato : This scene shows how racism should be dealt with

LeftyStegman : Back when shows taught you lessons

Motterman1 : This show did more for equality and reaching the next generation then every protest of the last 3 years

rcc1111 : I love how the characters try to understand each other in order to change themselves, nowadays people just want to see you punished immediately for whatever viewpoint you hold.

SuperSoldier26 : 1:50 D**n straight

Cart Lane : I wish more shows were like this nowadays, instead of being cash cows only focusing on their stolen "jokes" from dead internet memes instead of actual plot and morals (I'm looking at you teen titans go and power puff girls)

Creepy Closet : This is pretty deep for a kids show

Deloris Richardson : I miss Static Shock.

Jorge Pim : Writers don't make episodes lke this anymore

DrNal Nikmal : funny thing is, some of the things statics dad says could be applied to everything going on with BLM.

MegaManDBZX : "Cause of the way you are, you'll never really know him." Does that imply that Robert knows that Richie is gay and his dad doesn't?

predetor911 : Mr Hawkins speaks with such wisdom and compassion and keeps his cool even in the face of someone so hateful and stubborn. The real world needs heroes and leaders like him not people who fight violence with violence.

zadose : Most people should act like virgil's dad. IN the face of racism/hate..... don't get violent, be calm. Cause you're not the one with the problem, the racists are. You did nothing wrong.

jakeTHEripper234 : i forgot how real this show was

gor9027 : Back when cartoons didn't talk down to their audience and had stories that also focused on important issues.

Epic Fable Reviews : I do got to give them credit for this. They didnt say Richies dad was not a racist anymore. Just that he is trying.

cherrieblossomgurl : Virgil's dad is awesome!

ChasehaWing : I love Mr. Hawkins. Also its clear had Foley not joined him, that Mr. H would have went lookkng anyways and probably found him first. That man loves Richie more than his own father does.

Just another Guy : And what's ironic about Richie's dad, is from what I read on the wiki that he's Irish. And back in the 1900s, the Irish were pretty much in the same boat with the African Americans. At least that's what I think I know.