FINAL Germany vs Argentina - Watching the World Cup Final 2014 | Documentary
When people ask me whats so special about the World Cup I show them this

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The World Cup final was watched all over the world. In living rooms in Africa, pubs in Europe, friends came together in America and families watched in the Arab world. Kick Off! filmed people watching the World Cup final all over the globe. On a beach in New Zealand, a kiosk in Berlin, a taxi in Moscow and between tuna in the morning market in Tokyo.


MW MW : love how no one except the old asian man noticed that higuain's goal was offside. 

Diego Feliciano Pereira da Silva : The whole world was happy for the German victory. Even that I'm Brazilian. The Argentines were not happy.

Vanessa : germans are happy when watching this video, and argentinians dont watch it. ;P

Joe the peace preacher : very nice movie, i watched that game at home, and i remembered i was fasting that day, i was so afraid that germany lose the game to the point where i forgot to eat when the fasting was over, i love how people all over the world lived that final. we love germany, we love the world. from senegal

Elyas Dragon : I love Germany. ;)

Lê Giang : A very very nice video! My world cup final was so excited because I had a chance to watch this match with a lof of Die Mannschaft fans from Vietnam and I will never forget the moment when my favorite team lift the cup after a long long time. And it's very beautiful to see all people around the world watching football. :)

Lek Chiang Kee : Heart Warming that the whole world was brought together !

Mariel Kierulf Asiddao : Thank you, thank you for this video. We watched this from Manila, Philippines, at 3AM. Football fans were packed into bars and viewing parties and everyone had been wrapped in anxiety, hoping their team will win, as it was a very gripping match. Both teams were amazing. I remember fearing Messi's free kick at 120' and I held my breath at watching it. It is so amazing that everyone else, wherever we are, felt the same at watching the Final. Football truly unites us.

pichi : Watched this in a viewing party hosted by co workers (since football is not popular here in the Philippines). I didn't know anybody there but I had the best time. Was rooting for Germany because I liked them early on when I started watching in the group stage. Congratulations to both GER and ARG! What a game. And thank God, it did not reach penalties. I don't think my heart could have taken the drama. Sad the WC is over. Will tune in for sure in 2018. :)

Toejam2702 : 7:46-7:50 is epic

Khaoula Al : Oh my God,this movie made me cry! It's just incredible,Forza Deutschland❤️

Tasneem Alshake : i've been waiting for this moment all my life <3 Next goal : Euro 2016 :-)

Daniel Kühn : thanks! i love it. thats football. it connects the whole world. greets from munich.

rafaellls : That's the world cup spirit!

nanmandub : Great video!! lots fans, neighbors, children and armies in here... how many people enjoyed this game on same time around the world? no need to resume war.

yokomiel : Great video,, A lot of emotions around the world ,,, wonderful world cup 2014!!!! Greetings from México !!!!!!

Sergio Gutierrez : They need to make more videos like this!

Menschenfreund : thanks to brazil they give the world one of the best events ever . and it was such a nice well organized beautiful wordlucp in a wonderful country. im happy that germany wons but my dream is that one day a african team will win the game.

Toxic Hobbit : Vallah nochmal Glück gehabt :DD Alter wie ham die den gefunden?

Roses Blue : football truly unites us

Luis Victoria : I cried when Argentina lost.

mauro navarenho : don`t cry for me Argentina

Dream Time : I really enjoyed this film - very well done, thank you

Maximiliano : Bangladesh. Thanks to all. Grettings from buenos aires.

Christian Topp : Congrats! Excellent video. Niels Eixler (filmmaker) has just been awarded with the first prize (tv category) of the German Association of Sports Journalists (VDS). 20.4.2015

Alex-Morla BBB : Incredible!!! Great video!!!

Carlo NeunZehnHundertNeunzig : what's the song?

Chronic : 22:42 felt so good :D

Roman Arias : Siempre fue Argentina contra el Mundo y lo refleja este vídeo, que cerca estuvimos, va a ser lo más épico cuando Argentina la gane, una final Argentina vs Brasil sería el sueño 🤗 It was always Argentina against the World and this video reflects, that we were close, it will be the epic thing when Argentina wins it, a final Argentina vs Brazil would be the dream 🤗

noname1337ful : its funny when you look around the globe and people cheering for germany and then u see the reactions from syria xD

Amerggio1968 : It's amazing,how many supporter Germany has. I'm happy about what has left our team for an impression at this WC.This was amazing :-) This is the third World Cup title for Germany, i was able to experience :-)

norhadog : solange der Sport solche Emotionen freisetzen kann, werden Leute wie Blatter leichtes Spiel haben. Hier werden Milliarden umgesetzt und an falscher Stelle verteilt.

rusty shackleford : The Indians are so very confused. There's the kid who jumps for joy when Gotze scores, despite the fact he's wearing a Barcelona kit! Then there's that other kid who has Argentina and German flags face painted onto both cheeks. way to play it safe, kiddo. the world cup isn't about playing it safe. it's about picking a team and suffering with it through thick and thin. filthy bandwagonners.