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Virus : 18:45 is so perfectly timed, the wii sports song plays as he just opened the door

WaurBunkle237 : anybody know the loud noise video at 4:11:40 lmao

Sir Jeffrey : 1:34:55 has to be my fav part on this stream LUL

Within Within : "trying to sleep" at midnight? He does not sleep at that time, clearly he was just gonna lay in bed pretending while people donate. Ever since Paul went to LA he's changed, nothing but a lousy scam artist working with other scammers. He's getting good with baiting the toddlers on JewTube now so expect a lot more of this shit thats nothing but a shekel grab. He didn't even take all the paint gun shots, and pussied out on the tazer, didnt even look like it touched him. Typical Jew.

Bob Ross : keep up the good work with the vods n chat

GunShard : Thanks for the VOD archives.

HexaSwell : 2:12:23 How Ice has sex

NikeSoccer093 : People are so stupid to waste their money on "waking him up" lmao y'all really gave this dude thousands of dollars to watch him try to sleep smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

ShootingYanks23 : Who else is watching just the time stamps being posted

wadhenz619 : If that’s not the biggest finessed of 2017 idk what is

off3nc3 : lol that Trap was priceless hahaha

RileyTaugor : 52:00 LMAOOO 2:12:25 😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣😂 🤣

Tint Zaw : We the Jake Paulers are the strongest army in the internet Dab

Kurt Mac : Genius business tactic... raise the prices of everything and do nothing but pretend to sleep.

Kalvin Harvey : ioimghgeg4egr n igger \ssss hahahgas trihardd

Gregory : 52:06 trap

Mallrick : you guys have no idea how painful it is to be shot on bare skin with a paintball...and stop complaining he didnt take the tazer hits long..its impossible not to move away..the body doesnt want you to stay there lol

Mogge B : 1:16:30 Look at the door?

Isaac : 4:29:31 is the END of the stream FYI.

Edward Bevins : I'm honestly surprised paul didn't end the stream sooner he suffered enough he's only human.

MIGU : ice is so gay lol

JustJoshingYT / MORTICIDE : 4:11:45

Satanic Chicken : welp im 2 hours in might as well keep going

SwaagKid69 : he has to do this without donation text to speech so he doesnt know when he is going to be shot

Filipino : TriHard

Convict : 4:13:32 lol

dtta : lolyou is gay

J Skyler : Once again....

Snuusnuu69 : holy shit this is the funniest damn thing I have ever seen! what would possess someone to do this ! oh right, money.

Keks Krümel : if someone tells me what the song 50:15 is ill sub to you and pray for you every night

Dodge _ : You're a savior dude

HypeCharlie : He's so fake, scripted and greedy but I still can't get enough of ice and his stupid stream.

Pelic0ne : he really has to fix that shit where small donations interrupt the song requests. song requests should be put into a playlist or something.

food : I think asian Andy is more entertaining to be honest folks

briT BCRUNK : I have a crush on ice 💟

Kip Oblion : When the Jaws theme song came on I about rolled out of my chair omg lol

CONI : I love the " why are ppl spamming Cx comments " . LUL

Ko0lKidK1lla : andy and ice being so passive now lol

xLOGAN209 : at 50:17 whats the ear rape video or reply with link

Jeff P : shout out to the east coast viewers at 3 AM

Austin P : Someone for the love of god please link me that little einsteins remix hahaha

KVL vlogs : Why would anyone do this to them selfs

CptFlippers : Should of took a couple xans

BULLET KNIGHTS : Dam im not doin youtube no more hello twitch

Cartoon Central : wait did someone play chon at the end???!!?

The Fresh Kitty of Bel-Air : Poor Paul didnt think this one thru

Tober : should have had mexican poop on you for 750

oh k then : whats the name of the song at 2:38:00 ?

Capn Cook : So was it $7000 or $5500?

breddybower1 : so he did it again? planning on buying a car?