Chain Gang of Arizona - The Hardest Prison - Geographic History

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Miselain : Not sure why, but this reminds me of the movie Holes.

Dylan Lemings : Am I only one that finds this extremely sad Edit: So after all this attention I want to respond to the people saying “how is it sad?” Well the reason I think this is sad is because these people in prison may have done it to themselves, but the only reason they do this stuff is because how they were raised. Now that might not make sense, but it’s true. Everyone acts depending on what they experience growing up and how they are raised. I could go in depth on it, but who cares.

Joel Galarza : Imagine if u not guilty and have to be in this jail I would be so pissed lmao

Red Runnergy : **finds one bottle of alcohol** "This confirms the contraband trade is THRIVING"

Spazilton : "No cigarettes, no porn, no coffee." Yes, three of the basic human needs.

ItsMe NoName : in my country everybody in jail can order food from outside .and still get the normal free food provided by the prison evry day. 4 times a month people can order from a list . so that evry day you can cook your own food of choice (what you ordered) or eat dorito's evry day. LOL . not very healthy but possible. people can smoke in their own compartment and outside. evrybody has hd-tv and headset for themselfs. a personal shower for washing. the doors open at 7 in the morning and cloose at 4 in the afternoon. nobody gets f***ed in the behind. greets from the netherlands.

Vianey Martinez : really?? mixing criminals with people who drive without a license! OMG this world! how do this people deserve to be with actual criminals who have killed. why do they mix them. thats just wrong. each crime should be in different areas

Thomas Woffindale-Smith : Their respect while burying the dead was surprising given the conditions that they live in

Lucia Yoo : What if you’re the only korean and you have to sit by yourself lol

Ellie Stoeva : Tbh the 19 years old looks better when they shaved his hair off

TΛBBY : *When you go to **** without your parents permission*

High-Voltage : Officer : "Watch your use of force" "Goes In" *THUDNER SHOTGUN*

WeeItsNookies : Why are drug users being sent to jail and being treated like this? Drug abuse should be treated as a medical issue, not a criminal one. Jesus how F'd up all of this is.

M1lkyM1lk2hak3 : Get bullied in school grows up to be a police officer then bullies them lol

Eliana Cohn : I feel like they shouldn’t separate by races. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️

OrBit : *what happens when you get caught chewing gum at school*

Tiltmar : wow, that's just slavery but if you're not fit enough you get added time...? i really dont understand the american prisson system. Violence against inmates and all groups won't prepare for the real world, if annything that's reason peapole get back in prisson i'd belive.

Diego : *tiny piece of sugar on inmate bed* *FBI OPEN UP!!!*

Astrid waterlion : “No cigarettes, no porn and no coffee” 😂😂😂

Alina Mitchelson : Dang, the cameraman could have at least given ole boy a ride

sauceboy : Damn, they put a drug addicted teen in jail instead of getting him on rehab? This guy is about be turned into a hardened criminal...

Steven Cliffe : Australian prisoners get the internet,tv,tennis courts and get to see there women lol

Cokoflip : Think If teachers did gum raids

Fall_Vapor_KnJ : This is just a place where people thrive on degrading them, humiliating them. It's not okay

CrazyHoundz : being a prison gang leader doesn't make you cool

Johnfuse : Another jail in america which makes people more criminal after they come out as they were when they went in. But yeah why should jails try to make criminals good human beings again, always a good idea to have a jail which can`t handle anything and has massive gang criminality inside. Its like a "How to be in a criminal organisation" training camp.

Carl L.D. : This is disgusting. I don't care what they have done, no living is meant to live like that. I rather have the choice to switch this sentence into capital.

Enthusiast of OPP : Inhumane! We need prison reform and to put a stop to those that profit from this new age slavery! They are the real criminals.

SonicRising : 12:35...23 hours a day locked inside a cell for driving without a license? Seems a little harsh.

mustard : *how it feel to chew 5 gum*

Your hairdresser Kristi : Why am I watching this And why did I watch the whole thing

Steve Hoyland : What a primitive, rotten place! How petty can you get, banning Salt and Pepper - Salt Is essential to life. If those, and particularly Sugar, got banned In British Prisons they'd be riots.

Niko Embgen : This didn't age well... That sheriff is a dirtbag

Dance4life : I wonder how Edward and Ryan are doing now. I hope they got their life together and reconciled with their families. And I hope they know that their pasts don’t define their futures

K T : 70% not convicted yet there locked up in the industrial prison complex for profits. terrible. underfeeding them is a crime is it not human rights? laws anywhere?

Layel Periwinkle : Y’all mean concentration camp because this ain’t a prison.

sacpac delgado : This sheriff is the perfect example of a self righteous hypocrite. Grace given to him by God to hold a position of authority and he abuses it. Thank God in the end we all face the same judgement. God knows the heart of every man, can't escape that.

THExCRITICALxTHINKER : Sheriff Joe is gone thank god. Screwing up the county costing money. Lawsuit filed after lawsuit filed. President Trump gave Sheriff Joe a pardon for his contempt of court charges. Tent city is gone and so is Sheriff Joe. We have a much better jail system now.

Rizeツ : *Cheats in cool math games*

6foot8 grom : Lol tent city is general population. Tweakers drunks and stuff like that. Not killers or dangerous people 😂😂

Harrisey101 : Is it just me or do you always feel like your gonna be put in jail even though you’ve done nothing wrong

Maritza Piccarillo : That inmate, Ryan was failed by his MOTHER !! Stupid cow only visited because she heard about the documentary being filmed...... How can anyone not notice that the son 12 y.o. is doing drugs!!!

Kevin Montresor : Bruh how do they do the same thing for people driving without a license as people who committed aggravated assult

Molk Lin : My belief in better humanity has just dropped to 0

Gusmani Jr : Yes, they are criminals, but that sheriff guy really looks sick

Squinqz's Life : I almost felt bad when that guy was out of prison at the end and he hoped some of his family were there but no one was. That just made me feel bad that he had worked so hard to get his act together and no reward.

Inyo Butt : With any decent hotel there are wake up calls GET UP *BANG*

Westsideboyz1545 : The srt team act like there on a war zone

sos911110 : "Their charges range from driving without a license to assault with a deadly weapon" very uh impressive range there

Prince Donny /Little Donny : This is really cruel and unusual punishment on human beings