Chain Gang of Arizona - The Hardest Prison - Geographic History

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Miselain : Not sure why, but this reminds me of the movie Holes.

SPM72 : When your mom finds out u cheated in the hunger games in Minecraft

Harrisey101 : Is it just me or do you always feel like your gonna be put in jail even though you’ve done nothing wrong

Gideon MJ : Why is this in my recommended Lol. Nice documentary tho

alec : “Sir you need to get your shirt on before you leave the tent” what purpose does that serve just acting like you’re above everyone else there

OrBit : *what happens when you get caught chewing gum at school*

Austin L : 41:00 "once they have identified and pulled the individuals that need to be extracted, Officers Chavez and *Death Rage* will be responsible for rolling up their property.

Wolff : No porn omg how can they live there

Laura Arnette : Watching them bury the baby got me right in the heart. And seeing the looks on some of those inmates faces. They have a heart you can tell they just may of gotten into the wrong crowd on the outside. Hopefully this will be the push they need to get back on track only time can tell.

TruFantom21 : I bet the warden was bullied at school.

TΛBBY : *When you go to **** without your parents permission*

Lex Kassady : kid was a meth user at 12? I feel like juvie wasn't what he needed. he pretty much got set up for failure.

Princess Christine Edits : lol at the pink idea and why is the narrator talking about porn as if it's practical necessity XD

T West : Prison is nothing more than a training ground to produce hardened criminals which insures repeat offenses and thus job security for law enforcement plus bones upon which politicians build their careers! In America justice is a cruel joke!

Garantia COBIA : Made up "offenses" like having tobacco and sugar to have grounds to mistreat and torture these fellows even more, America as a society deserves the hardened criminals they are manufacturing in those criminal factories they call "tough prisons", what goes around comes around. American prison system is still in the dark ages.

ItsMe NoName : in my country everybody in jail can order food from outside .and still get the normal free food provided by the prison evry day. 4 times a month people can order from a list . so that evry day you can cook your own food of choice (what you ordered) or eat dorito's evry day. LOL . not very healthy but possible. people can smoke in their own compartment and outside. evrybody has hd-tv and headset for themselfs. a personal shower for washing. the doors open at 7 in the morning and cloose at 4 in the afternoon. nobody gets f***ed in the behind. greets from the netherlands.

Gregory Clifton : This sheriff is the sickest person in the United States. He is into torture and slavery of human beings . No reason to be treatring people in this manner..!!!

iamSirPlus : Modern day slavery

Impossible X : 0:43 no PORN???? I WILL NEVER SURVIVE!!!

Chet Pomeroy : Those incarcerated are not supposed to enjoy the inside of a correctional facility.

sauceboy : Damn, they put a drug addicted teen in jail instead of getting him on rehab? This guy is about be turned into a hardened criminal...

Dave wood : I wondering if the 19 year old kid make it?

Ray Turner : This sheriff was indicted & found guilty on a number of charges. However, after Trump won the presidential election he pardoned this sick human.

Ali Mohammond : no cigarettes ,no sugar, only healthy stuff, all the inmates look good and healthy, but the only people that don't approve of this is, FDA!!!

Joshua Ford : Yeah this isn't any way to help prisoners towards rehabilitation (only to teach them that they lack power and create more criminals trying to gain back their sense of control once out), most of these prison guards are power tripping assholes on camera, can you imagine how bad conditions inflicted by the guards for the prisoners are off camera? Couple that with the fact that these kinds of prisons are basically privately owned so theres NOOO way that they do not work with their own self interests in mind when it comes to the prison process (mental conditioning, humiliation and degradation) making sure these mentally unequipped prisoners come straight back to prison once out.

David Hoekje : A lot of the people in that jail have not been convicted of a crime. They're too poor to post bail.

Jack Jones : Prison shouldn't be, and historically wasn't, a place where you sit in a cell watching TV, reading books, eating three fresh meals daily while wearing clean clothes all at the expense of law abiding taxpayers. These people owe a debt to society. They should be required to earn at least some of these expenses.

Cmoney860 : I like how the SRT sergeant says shit to his team members as he walks by the camera while the microphone is "Don't provoke anything" and "Watch your use of force" to try to give us, the viewers and the public, a look into how fair and straight they are. Nice try! There is nothing straight, fair, positive, just, lenient, etc., about ANY Arizona insitutions, especially Tent City and any lockup in Maricopa County, PERIOD. Anybody who knows of Joe Arpaio, knows how crooked, racist, and evil he is. And it shows in how he runs his facilities. In my opinion, he is to prisons and prisoners what Hitler was to Germany and the Jewish people. To say that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is disturbed and has some deep-rooted issues that he needs addressed immediately, is an understatement....... #notallinmatesarepiecesofshit #fuckjoeandhisdaddyissues

David Carroll : So many lost souls, my prayer to my Lord is purely for their repentance and forgiveness x

CLOUT Ryan : How Are they able to record this without the police to know

Johnfuse : Another jail in america which makes people more criminal after they come out as they were when they went in. But yeah why should jails try to make criminals good human beings again, always a good idea to have a jail which can`t handle anything and has massive gang criminality inside. Its like a "How to be in a criminal organisation" training camp.

Resist stupidity 17 : And this is supposed to change things in society... looks like there breeding hate and discontent, this changes nothing

Ákos Osvald : And they are surprised that most of them are recidivists. This place wont change them nor punish, it only makes them more outcast and desperate and it eventually drives them to commit more and more crime. The system should offer corrective training and this places should be reformatory instead of army barracks with people without discipline. Look at the SRTs, they act as they were the coolest guys on earth, yet they are mostly love to use their power over prisoners and the response is more violence, wow what did they expect? Here is no improvement not a single step forward!

Hugh Jinvaney : Where are the inmates wearing hoods? This is clickbait

i swear im not a fish : I live in Arizona and I can confirm that this is what happens when you call your teacher "dude".

Layel Periwinkle : Y’all mean concentration camp because this ain’t a prison.

Doubting Thomas : They aren’t allowed Coffee?? Ok, now THAT’S inhumane.

Anthony Azari : This is the absolute wrong way to approach corrections in the United States. No wonder our recidivism rate is so high.

John Nelson : I wonder how good this is all doing. What is the success rate compared to other prisons? Is all this punishment a deterrent and an incentive to improve one's life? I think there are some people who cannot live in society no matter what is done to them. Maybe some can be rehabilitated, but is this the way to do it? I just don't know. I would like to see some statistics.

celi soroa : And if you're mixed

Squinqz's Life : I almost felt bad when that guy was out of prison at the end and he hoped some of his family were there but no one was. That just made me feel bad that he had worked so hard to get his act together and no reward.

Serial Gaming : why was I recommended this?

David Walker : We need to build prisoners up not grind them into the ground. They are going to come out of there even more angry with no other choice but to commit more crime.

melvin goodhew : Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be democrats

billiard bill : All prisons should be run like this ,

Your hairdresser Kristi : Why am I watching this And why did I watch the whole thing

AntonioKowatsch : Prisons are more real reflections of society than society itself. The whole thing with racial groups makes a lot of sense. We see it in the real world too, it's just more covert. Humans are tribal animals. Of course they prefer to associate with their own kind. It's obvious.

Tony Morales : Sheriff's going straight to hell lol

Ayden Diaz : No tobacco and porn

Raider_ Happye : They haven’t killed the sheriff yet? Yea Pink is making them soft.