Tornado hits house while kids make first video

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Gold Gamer And SpringBonnie : Whoever is watching in 2018 please like this comment Edit:Wow OMG So many likes you are amazing people Edit2: first of all no hate this video is old so dont be like “you care about likes not a familys life” Its an old video so no hate.. ALSO THANKS FOR 1K LIKES!!!

Sky High : The tornado was like "did somone just say YouTube?"

PasteyTomato : And they got 11 mil on their first vid

MAXWELL THORSON : I love how both kids went different ways

\\Unicorn Playz// MSP : lets just be glad the kids were more smarter than Jake Paul and didn't take the camera

Wholesome Lad : EPIC SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE ft. Tornado

Ujjwal Uniyal : *If no one gonna say it, so let me be the first...I mainly clicked on this video to see the tornado.* 😕

rip x long live x : 2018 september anyone

Daisy Davies : No word of a lie I thought the title said “tomato hits house”

Jessica : legend has it that jar is still rolling to this day

Cloude : 🎵🎶A Tornado Flew Around My Room Before You Came, Excuse The Mess It Made.🎶🎵

Cokie : I can't take this video seriously anymore because of the jar lol

Jonathan33gold : 0:02 sorry if this video is bad 0:48 *whooshing intensifies*

FigHtiNg HaEyaDwAe : aw guys don't be like that the tornado probably just wanted to participate in making that smoothie

Poofy Potato : They just wanted to make smoothies tornado why you gotta do them like this.

Golden Bacon : Tornado was like *_I DON'T LIKE THE VIDEO_* meanie tornado :'C lol I feel 6

Tiffany Battle : Who else watched this over 5 times

Brat Simpson : The dad had some kind of instinct tell him to make his kids go downstairs because right when he ordered them too that mason jar would of hit one of them. 🤙🏼 good job super dad

LightFishSticks : _ft. Lil Tornado_

Garrett Brando : The rocking mason jar gave me an intense feeling for some odd reason 😂

Anna Loulach : Did anyone see that umm that lightning 🌩

p a r a d o x : Seriously, these kids could get the best clickbait title ever.

aNd PeGGy : A tornado flew around my room before you came in

HeyItzIsaiah : I think at 0:46 The Tornado was literally on top of them, i mean the house was shaking... you can hear the fear in the dads voice. at 0:49

Ender41948 H : OMG! I'm just glad you & your family are safe, but sorry about your house. I live in North AL & have been through 8 tornadoes, so I know how scary that must've been. Did this happen recently?Oh, & BTW, the kids were so cute doing their video. I hope they were able to finish it. 😊

1K subs with no content till I hit 1K subs : Poor kid forced to add his sis to the vid

Indozilla Animations : I like at the end someone grabs the camera but the camera was there for like 10 minuets

Couch patater : R.I.P glass container jk *I HOPE THE FAMILY IS ALRIGHT THOE* 🙏🙏❤❤

YE YE : Jesus this was kinda sad

#DisneyCruising : Did you guys see how it just darkened outside at 0:50??? So creepy

SKITTER : First Time Doing YouTube And Last

Eliana Grace : 2018 anyone lol am I the only one lol ???

NINJAGO: LOVER 3466571 : idk why but this doesn’t look like a coincidence for that certain timing...

Pawgient : That tornado is the nicest I've seen in a while getting them 11m views on their first video

LovePatchSour : Those kids better be grateful to that tornado for getting their first video over 1 million views. Aaaand I feel bad for saying that. Damn you conscience! Hope everyone is okay!

Tiffany Battle : Ok I'm in 2018

Brandon R. : Never see the effects of the tornado..clickbait..!

Lazor Llama : Holy crap dad its like blowing

Frankie Frankie : They got 43 thousand subscribers for one video made a year ago

lamaaz :3 : The tornados like "you are not allowed to make gross smoothies on my watch" Btw I feel so bad for what happened to your home like so bad

Gaming Club : hmm you can see shadow they not be downstairs

Angel Arrona : Kid you are brave in that tornado I wish I was in the situation cuz I was never in that situation before but I always wanted to see you and whenever it shine the video you went like the wrong way and you never came back the boy not the girl

Charli Lobsey : Poor kids I hope there ok🤝👌🙏

Ian Fuentes : Why is this my recommended box

snerazo : Have them re record this so they can do their challenge!

The prolonged tromboner : Not bad for a first video

dani frostad : Omg I hope there safe

Chloe Rollason : Poor tornado wanted to be in the video!

SkeeBplayz : Wow, this was on my birthday.

Landen Does stuff : Good intro in the beginning not going to lie