Tornado hits house while kids make first video

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Poofy Potato : They just wanted to make smoothies tornado why you gotta do them like this.

The prolonged tromboner : Not bad for a first video

Tworldclass : Thought I was gonna see the roof fly off.

potatoe builds : 2018 anyone lol am I the only one lol ???

kara Nash : *No jars where harmed in the making of this video*

Jessica : legend has it that jar is still rolling to this day

aNd PeGGy : A tornado flew around my room before you came in

Bonnet [FNAF: SL - kind - crush: ???] : Kid: DAD!! I LEFT THE CAMERA UPSTAIRS AND ITS STILL RECORDING! Dad: **runs upstairs, grabs camera and turns it off, then runs back downstairs**

Tiffany Battle : Who else watched this over 5 times

Gaming Channel : 0:48 tell me y’all ain’t see that in the door

#DisneyCruising : Did you guys see how it just darkened outside at 0:50??? So creepy

Lazor Llama : Holy crap dad its like blowing

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Tornado_666 enters the house Kids left the game

Golden Bacon : Tornado was like *_I DON'T LIKE THE VIDEO_* meanie tornado :'C lol I feel 6

ShaunIscool5000 : 0:45 when the storm comes in fortnite

LovePatchSour : Those kids better be grateful to that tornado for getting their first video over 1 million views. Aaaand I feel bad for saying that. Damn you conscience! Hope everyone is okay!

Gacha Potato : *Tornado has left the chat*

pradeep kg : 0:45 the time when you realise that you broke something valuable of your mom🤣🤣

Los Angeles Police department : At least they got 11 million views

OMFG OREO MCFLURRY : The tornado just wanted some smoothie

Meghan _1_1 : The tornados like "you are not allowed to make gross smoothies on my watch" Btw I feel so bad for what happened to your home like so bad


Jaylene reyes : Well at least they will always remember that they got 12m view on their first vid

Bloxy Pals : I guess the tornado hates ur video

Flazé Da : Didn't they have sufficient warning beforehand?

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : *no houses were harmed during the recording of this video*

Indozilla Animations : I like at the end someone grabs the camera but the camera was there for like 10 minuets

Tiffany Battle : Ok I'm in 2018

GETi : Dont Press Read More Dont Read My Profile Picture

Sarah Louise : *so let’s get started!* *a second later* BANG!

Landen Does stuff : Good intro in the beginning not going to lie

Shelby Cantrell : What is their channel?

lFast Fr3ddyl : This video would have been irrelevant if it wasn’t for the nice tornado (you guys should be thankful)

Ian Fuentes : Why is this my recommended box

Andrea Kricka : At like 0:46 it like u could see the tornado through the window

Garrett Brando : The rocking mason jar gave me an intense feeling for some odd reason 😂

TonicPaintbrush2 : Come on dude,the tornado heard that they were doing the SMOOTHIE challenge and wanted a smoothie...

Charli Lobsey : Poor kids I hope there ok🤝👌🙏


Kacper Urban : That's good like for a first video well done😁😀

Ender41948 H : OMG! I'm just glad you & your family are safe, but sorry about your house. I live in North AL & have been through 8 tornadoes, so I know how scary that must've been. Did this happen recently?Oh, & BTW, the kids were so cute doing their video. I hope they were able to finish it. 😊

LaurenRoses : Who else thought of what happened to the son,he ran the wrong way 😂😂😂

Loren's fun world! : If you fall for this, you have to like it Read more

Micah Fails : That was legit scary 🌪

Aaliyah Spark’s : A tornado flew around my room before you came Funny version: A potato flew around my room before u came it’s true🤣

Marin : i was expecting some paranormal shit and i was covering my screen the whole time lol

Marivic Train : Would've got a ton of views if they brought the camera. Still good though

xd SkitZ : Anyone else have a tornado while watching this?

Rebecca 000 : october 13,2018 here?

Braneyes Gaming : Those kids are so lucky, they got to collab with *GOD HIMSELF* through tornados!