Tornado hits house while kids make first video

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Just Chilin : Holy crap demolished and reconstructed?! Crazy

Caleb B : I came here for the smoothie challenge video and feel ripped off

Ariana Venti : Legend says, they’re still downstairs

Lola Valentina : the jar is getting a workout

Adelina : *SO SCARY*

dazhibernian : When you take the smoothie challenge but end up summoning a tornado.

Inked : This is what you call a successful first video.

Jasmine E. : The tornado was a paid actor


johno4521 : Phew, the jar didn't break

Vasco Scogniamillio : Scary!!!

Jason Green : 39k subscribers and 39k comments and only 1 video lol!!!

pepino marítimo : The jar makes it more dramatic

chilun leung : OMG I’m so sorry for you guys 😱😱😱😭😭😭😭

Gracie Trinkle : :44 you here a woman yell something

Not Sure : I gotta say, the kids listened and moved fast! Good job!

Web Surfin : Must have been an F (minus) - 0 tornado that "hit" the house?!

claire : The real question is.. Did they finish the smoothie?

John Doe : Strong first post.

Joseph Robinson : the tornado did not hit their house or nothing else from what I can see. people just lie all the time just to trya get a bunch of views smfh

Landen Does stuff : Good intro in the beginning not going to lie

GTA 5 LOV3R : Bad luck but somethings to remember your 1st vid by

smiler : Those kids know the drill! Well done children for obeying your Dad with no protest.

AichaPlays Roblox : Who else sees at 0:50 out the window the light getting darker

Justinhulk : If the wind outside sounded like the wind at 0:31 I would already be running

Ashraf Suffri : Why is it in my recommended??

MykalahJ : i woulda took off in a second

Mattie Kelly : Whats cool about it is that i heard no screaming except for that small crt but thats amazing how the kids were so calm about it

Joe C : Hahah wow kids 10 million for you're first video congratulations !!!

pootieluv RBLX : *If they were dead, they wouldn’t upload the video. But it was uploaded so they’re safe. ❤️*

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : *no houses were harmed during the recording of this video*

Camila Morales : IM here like *what a cliff hanger*

Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon : More than 10M views and 40k subscribers in just in one video!

Ayah Kline : Im surprised the jar didnt fall off the table!

Kryllen G : Well at least their first video got 10 million views

Spidy ONinja2468 : I recommend them rec on a different day

Hayley Toth : Legend has it that jar is still rolling.

ayaan2727 : Omg so scary

Magical Miss : I love how they know what to do......

Dowa Nazari : When you make your first ever video and everything is fine until.......”KIDS DOWNSTAIRS”

snerazo : Have them re record this so they can do their challenge!

Shadow Rose Gillespie : How did the glass jar flew out of nowhere. Btw good job keep up the good work!☀️ tornadoes scare the crap out of me. Lol 😂

Adam Aziq : It's scary the tornado is too close

Neevkl _7 : I came to see destruction I didn't get destruction

itsme_ Alisemarie : Pray for u

Ender41948 H : OMG! I'm just glad you & your family are safe, but sorry about your house. I live in North AL & have been through 8 tornadoes, so I know how scary that must've been. Did this happen recently?Oh, & BTW, the kids were so cute doing their video. I hope they were able to finish it. 😊

Tootyfruity : Omg I’d be so scared

dxsney : but first lemme take a selfie? oh dang it they need a selfie first! ( joking lmao)

Harlem Lewis : I'm so sad for them

Zeryn and Noel's Channel : OMG