Tornado hits house while kids make first video

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Jessica : legend has it that jar is still rolling to this day

Kawbrah Gaming : that's a good start for becoming a Youtuber.

Elijah Delgadillo : Episode 69 of “why is this in my recommend” 😂

no haters got that : the tornado: I am hurt u didn't offer me a smoothie u must pay the price aggggggghhhhh (tornado then has a mental breakdown

• ᔕᑌGᗩ’ᔕ ᖴIᑎGEᖇᔕ ᗩᖇE ᑭᖇEᑕIOᑌᔕ • : Poor kids, all they ever wanted was to make a smoothie for a video.

Julia Manili : tf they left the camera?? i would’ve grabbed all the electronics😂

Adrian Spencer : 0:48 something fell down outside the window

Paul Martinez : Anyone that Will be alone on february 14 2019?

RVT : Plot Twist : It was just a leaf blower

DoLaN tEa : Who else was watching the window to see tornado

Jason G.ASMR : I said get the tornado blender, not a real freaking tornado! Wow

Violet Garcia : If you turn on subtitles, it says the tornado is music... Nice.

Arifa Begum : Maybe the tornado wanted to try there smoothies but the tornado probably came to early and scared them off

Ktel Mystic : Oh no the poor Jar

Emma Zanches : Maybe the tornado wanted to be on youtube😂

idk if I’m considered a commenter or not : Tornado: ladies and gentlemen we got em

give me 100 subs n ill make vids : Fun Fact : Tornado only attack who make smoothie

KEA HD : *Tornado* knocked down *Jar* with strong wind (13m)

Luna Tones : Aww the smoothie challenge was one of my first videos. Except mine wasn’t interrupted by a tornado!

llama gaming : The tornadoes making the smoothies

Endless screaming :/ : They just wanted to make smoothies tornado why you gotta do them like this.

Warrior Gamer : Bless this person. He made these kids famous😁

Maggie Smith : Wow that dad was very alert and good at telling the kids what they needed to do to stay safe hats off to him!

itz_daniel : fake, the tornado was a paid actor

Blue B : appears that this is what youtube decided that we are all gonna watch today

#DisneyCruising : Did you guys see how it just darkened outside at 0:50??? So creepy

TOXIC TAMALE : 1 like= a hope that they are safe

minfires : Why use a blender when you can use a tornado

Agastya Tiwari : How was that person there in the end!!!???

DemStep GT : Roses are red violets are blue the moment you came for is 0:42

Garrett Brando : The rocking mason jar gave me an intense feeling for some odd reason 😂

Bella Joan Grace : The tornado wanted to join in it was thirsty and bored.

Kawaii Pancakes : Probally made a better video than just smoothies xd

Danrosbelt : Don't be silly!! Tornado just wanna be part of a Video!! 😕😭😭 Poor Tornado 😩😭😭😪

White Tubby Kitty •w• : Wonder if they ever made the smoothies? **insert TBC meme**

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : *no houses were harmed during the recording of this video*

BLEAKEN : Anyone from the future

Admiral John Geary : Lets just hope that the blender survived.

Nicole Plays : Omg is the Jar okay...? CUZ IT LOOKS OK

TheAlienProject : Why did I think "tomato hits house while kids are making smoothies?"

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : Tornado_666 enters the house Kids left the game

ThirdPE : The tornado was a paid actor

finn : the myth goes that the glass jar is still rolling to this day

Gemstar 382 : Pretty good for their first video.

someone commented: : What?there's no tornado,the description says their roof got removed but there was nothing in the video...Was this supposed to be a joke or am I only one who doesn't get it?

Meghan _1_1 : The tornados like "you are not allowed to make gross smoothies on my watch" Btw I feel so bad for what happened to your home like so bad

Kaitlin Davies : Am i the only one who felt cold just watching this?


jia kim : If I was in this condition I don't know what I would do The water sounds are killing me like I got goosebumps after hearing it

Qwex Gaming : Wow that tornado wind was really moving that glass a lot