Rapper Soulja Boy's "New" Retro Console is a SCAM! | RGT 85
Rapper Soulja Boys New Retro Console is a SCAM RGT 85

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It looks like Soulja Boy is getting into the console market with the SouljaGame and SouljaGame Handheld, new retro gaming systems. Supposedly these will play Nintendo Switch games, PS Vita games, and more. Wait what? Are these just cheap Chinese knockoffs? Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rgt85 Merch: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com #SouljaBoy #SouljaGame #NewConsole


FILNOBEP : Can't wait for Red Dead Redemption 2 to come to the SouljaGame

Wayfaring Stranger : You laugh now but in 2025 we'll all be playing the SouljaStation X

Grove City Foodie : Soulja Boy: who's getting sued? Lawyer: YOOOOOOOOOOU

Jonathan Kulesa : Fake clothing, fake shoes, fake jewelry... now fake video game consoles... This dude's a mess... 😑

Jp Prater : It’s also a scam to call him a rapper LOL

LoucanTheToucan : The console better go YOUUUUU! When you turn it on.

CyberRonin : Soulja Boy's not too bright apparently. I'm no legal expert but even I know this is a horrible idea.

ixnine : All of the license holders are gonna connert the dots and point Soulja in the directiion of the courthouse.

Lego Hitler : Clearly didn't understand what Biggie was saying smh

detroitlionking 9 : " man i said i got gamecast" Shoulda named it gamecast

AllThingsInfamous : Rgt 85 said Soulja boy’s music was targeting young white people lmao

Spawn Wave : I'll take 5

Cooper : this.. right here.. is my.. SCAM!

Thanos Supreme Streams : R.I.P. Big L The punchline King. Top 5 dead or alive.

Christopher Barningham : Cant wait to see the end result of this.

Bleezybob : Soulja boy knows full well what is happening and I doubt it was his "team's" decision to do this, but rather completely his own. He is known for doing things like this like with putting songs of his on Napster renamed to popular song names at the time so that people would listen to him. He 100% knows what he is doing and he's lying about it every step of the way. Look at his Rolling Stone interview from yesterday. Absolute mad lad. ALSO the consoles you showed on aliexpress aren't even the ones he is selling, and aren't the cheapest either. You can find Anbernic on amazon and you can buy his consoles from them for half of the price of the aliexpress ones, so like 1/4 the price he is selling for. And people keep saying he is "rebranding" it, but he's not even doing that besides just saying it's the "SouljaGame." There are no actual physical modifications or rebranding of any kind on the consoles.

infinity JKA : He “cranked that” price up

Zechs M : Soulja boy is a rapper? Geez that word is thrown around loosely

BR33CH HD : I saw that console on the Wish App🤔🤔🤔

Jason Vectrex : Anything sold by a rapper is a scam and marked up 10x in value

JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again : So real hip hop respect my guy this new hip-hop is straight🚮🗑️ so it's a mix of Xbox with some PS controllers & dash of every other system lol

Yonas : Rgt85 this video made it to worldstarhiphop congrats! 🎉🎉

Markus Scott : You should buy the consoles and do a review on them😂

Your Typical Bama Fan : Big Soulja out here ripping people off with segas 😂😂😂

Stephen : Spawnwave found the exact same home console, not the handheld, on another website for $69.99. No joke. If I was Soulja boy I would pull my name off of this quick, it maybe a potential lawsuit for copyright infringements.

C.C.C : Cringy gaming console. To even say the name would make me cringe

Daniel Jeon : Well it’s 800 games better then PlayStation classic lol

Dale Stevens : I kind of hope Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft do go after him, simply cos he has a stupid name. Nothing personal against him, I have no idea who he is(I'm not exactly his target audience).

Luke James : Had to give an immediate thumbs up for the 3 6 Mafia love.

MrWepofosho : technically it says swtich/vita/gba/etc handheld game players....meaning for peeps that like that stuff

David Adams : All his stuff looks like he got them from wish.com

Legendary Broly : Can't wait for MK11 on it😂🤣

Trendkill 91 : Check out Madlittlepixel's teardown of this unit....Its worth looking at!

Giants/Mets/Blazers : His whole career has been a scam especially to our ears lol.

edstar83 : Soulja boy ain't too bright. Confirmed.

Alberto : I see that sabu action figure in the background aaaahhh what a throwback😢😂 like if WWE was your childhood

Steve Nickerson : Rock n roll is better and metal

Chenda97 : Superman that nooooooo ones buying this

Captain Sweden 🇸🇪 : Soulja Boy’s music is also a scam

InsaneCPR 22 : The person selling these consoles must be on some real wierd stuff.

AK325i : Hey RGT just leave Him to his demise 😎😂

AmethystGamer : Soulja Boy All Up In-Ah Scamming people on Kickstart-ah

DeVstatrOmga : Also coming soon: Show me How to Dougie Console Sir Mix Alot Baby got back system bundled with Booty classics In Da Club 50 Cent retro pie

Smol Dream : I see Soulja Boy’s making consoles as good as his music

Aaron Greenfield : Does anybody actually have one of these monstrositys yet?

3 Legged Squirrel : Rumor has it that Ubisoft are working on Soulja Boy's Ghost Recon® Badlands An exclusive for the PS5

Adam's fun toys : Me : Hey Soulja your mom gay ! Soulja : No Yoouuuuuuuuuu !

LEGO Meme Machine : 0:34 “Big L, Big Pun...” Thank you RG THANK YOU

Johno Daz : Nice vid RGT 85 good stuff man. What is Souljaboy thinking guys lol.