Rapper Soulja Boy's "New" Retro Console is a SCAM! | RGT 85

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RGT 85 : SUPAMAN THAT HOOOOOOO. Into a lawsuit probably. lol

ixnine : All of the license holders are gonna connert the dots and point Soulja in the directiion of the courthouse.

FILNOBEP : Can't wait for Red Dead Redemption 2 to come to the SouljaGame

Wayfaring Stranger : You laugh now but in 2025 we'll all playing the SouljaStation X

HappyChills : Still better than the ps1 classic Edit: damn thanks for likes. More likes then the sales of the ps1 when compared to other classic systems

Spawn Wave : I'll take 5

Jonathan Kulesa : Fake clothing, fake shoes, fake jewelry... now fake video game consoles... This dude's a mess... 😑

busymike : OMFG This is so hilarious to me! 🤣🤣😂 He said on twitter he has a “tech company” when he’s really just selling chinese bootleg products and calling them “Soulja”. LMAO What a clown!

I STAY Fly29 : Soulja boy is one of those guys who shouldn't have never gotten famous. Dude was always garbage

Lady Decade : Lil Bow Wow has a private jet. Soulja Boy has a console. And I have a solid gold toilet.

AllThingsInfamous : Rgt 85 said Soulja boy’s music was targeting young white people lmao

Matt OGtripleOG : Is it illegal to knock-off a knock-off?

Zechs M : Soulja boy is a rapper? Geez that word is thrown around loosely

Robert Anthony : I’m hoping for full coverage if and when this lawsuit hits hahaha

RedDragon Smaug : ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahaah *deep breath* hahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahhahahhahhahahahahhahhahhahahahahahahahahahhhahahahhahahhahahahahahaha Wow! Didn't think rappers could GET any dumber 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

Rran S. : Nintendo gonna superman that ho

x NAITCH x : Clearly didn't understand what Biggie was saying smh

H Boogy : Soulja Boy drops RGT 85 diss record

Smol Dream : I see Soulja Boy’s making consoles as good as his music

Ryan kay : I hope Nintendo buries him lol

adventureoflinkmk2 : Looks like ol soulja boy is gonna be broke soon...

omgitzhaze : I respect the young brother for trying to invest his money the right way but, this isn't it lol...

Griseus Lupus : I like Crank Dat by Moon Man.

Retrodude : Nintendo ninjas.....GO GO GO! XD

Trendkill 91 : Check out Madlittlepixel's teardown of this unit....Its worth looking at!

James The Hikage fanboy : But...but I've always wanted a handheld that can connert to my TV

CyberRonin : Soulja Boy's not too bright apparently. I'm no legal expert but even I know this is a horrible idea.

jgfjgfify : Looks like it's time for *Nintendo* to grab Soulja Boy and *"Superman dat hoe"* in court. Soulja Boy is not gonna walk right for years afterwards, and he'll have a Nintendo poster stuck to his back for the first few months. lol.

Ruthless : I bought one it's pretty cool playing retro games in 4k.

BR33CH HD : I saw that console on the Wish App🤔🤔🤔

Nigel Liles NTM : How Soulja Boy won the Console Wars. Soulja Boy: YAH, TRICK, YAH! [The HQ's of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft explode instantly.]

Alex S : I'll be getting one right when it falls off the back of the truck

G Mon : RGT85, you're just a hater. That console obviously does native 4K gaming or else it wouldn't cost $150. I just destroyed you with logic. RIP

Johnny Flannigan : I superman'd dat hoe........ now I'm doing 25 to life.... Thanks Soulja boy

MrWepofosho : technically it says swtich/vita/gba/etc handheld game players....meaning for peeps that like that stuff

Giants/Mets/Blazers : His whole career has been a scam especially to our ears lol.

Luke James : Had to give an immediate thumbs up for the 3 6 Mafia love.

Joseph Been Defyiant : Let's just hope he gets sued

Jim Duggan : Cringiest intro I've seen.

Big Tea : I feel like you’ve waited your whole life for that intro

Pinochet Pepe : Soulja Boy’s music is also a scam

Ramón González : I have the handheld one with a different name.It's actually really good with custom firmware. People call it RS-97.

Jp Prater : It’s also a scam to call him a rapper LOL

Chris McCaulley : Soulja Boy thinks he's retro but he ain't.

RetrO GameBeard : Oh boy lol

infinity JKA : He “cranked that” price up

Aaron Greenfield : Does anybody actually have one of these monstrositys yet?

Cooper : this.. right here.. is my.. SCAM!

CrudeRude RudeCrude : Yeah but... you should buy it. Since you buy it even if it sucks. You did buy the PlayStation Classic after all.

Markus Scott : You should buy the consoles and do a review on them😂