'In the Land of Hell': Life as a Female Trucker in North Dakota | Op-Docs | The New York Times

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TJack Survival : Men in those towns feel the same way too, but no one is going to make a video about them. Because they are men.

Hellisan12 : I feel for her. She really should take $.05 to $0.10 caffeine pills rather than a $2.50 to $4.50 per five-hour energy.

Matias Rivas : I’m a trucker too I’m a man I’ve done long haul for 8 years I’m since 21 doing flatbed all over the us and I’m telling u it’s not easy it takes a very strong minded person to do long haul so I give her props and respect I know men are saying no one makes a video about us but hey I’m not gonna cry about it I did my job for my family and I respect her for doing the same be safe out there and God bless

Broncort1 : She’s made her choices...moving from Cali to a Right to Work union busting red state like North Dakota.

SJWtard : Welcome to the world of equality. Men go through this type of hardship all the time.

mgtowfish73 : welcome to a mans life, you strong independent women. true equality.

Doctor Spence : long story short: Lady used to live in California but moved to North Dakota for less pay and now eats dinner in gas stations and lives in trailer without running water. Why she doesn't move back to California? We will never know...

Andro Libre : First, she's not a "young woman" she's 38 which basically 40 and if she hates working and living in the world of men then maybe she should have made other choices.

lanceyoakem : welcome to a mans life sweetheart, except we have families to feed, not just a purse dog.....


Solomon Seymour : North Dakota resident here, of course new york times tries to portray it like hell. It's not even bad at all lol.

Water Proof : 6 minutes I'll never get back

Mark Rigsby : Stop crying, and buy a GUN!

Jimmy Nitro : Is this joke? I drive a pick truck and makes me a truck driver?? Lol

Jt Williams : God bless her, I hope she finds better times. I’m glad the commenters get it, though. The New York Times- the toilet paper of record- has to push feminism, has to belittle “flyover country”, and of course they have to demonize the the petroleum industry. Being a trucker is not an easy life for anybody. The economy is doing pretty good, there are more jobs than people who want to work.

The Void : I am a female truck driver (I drive a Peterbilt truck with a flatbed trailer.) She could go get a better job if she wanted it. Maybe the people she works for don't drug test... From what I can tell I get paid more, I work for a great company, I get health benefits, paid vacation and more, my company DID fly me out for paid orientation and training, and I know they are not the only company who does that. The people I work for are pleasant to be around and there are many other women driving for them as well. I can't feel the sympathy because I know it's easy to get a good job if you can pass a drug test and you aren't a wimpy crybaby... Maybe she's got some sort of unpleasant record or some reason she can't get a better job. I don't feel sorry for her. There is something they aren't telling us here. She has some personal problems that have nothing to do with her job.

rom usa : if she doesn't change her way of thinking she will struggle forever

jlaborer 394 : If it was your daughter i want to see who would make neg comments that would upset u. Regardless of what kind of truck she has, she is still making money and not looking for a hand out. She also aint poping out kids like alot of people do knowimg they cant handle having kids.

Jimmy's Tractor : If you've got money to pay $5 for a 2oz drink, you can't complain. You also cant expect to make much doing a job that almost anyone can do. Stop complaining and watch some solidworks tutorials.

Dale Miller : If it's so bad, how about putting in your two weeks notice and finding another job? Problem solved.

Abrar Ahmed : Welcome to a man's life you strong independent feminists. True equality.

The Big F U : More feminist propaganda...so obvious. Everybody has been so woke up to the antiMan antiWhite that today's feminist is... Woman have so embarrassed themselves today...gross

Emily Shields : Change your job period. Yes I am a woman

Doshka : perfect example of "gender equality" unless ya'll are climbing those stairs in a fire to rescue a person or driving a truck in ND/SD or stuck on a oil rig in a -10 we're not equal..

D WRECK : Girl welcome to the real world. Cdl is a privilege not a chore

ima piledriver : you are not a real big truck driver you are a pickup driver with a trailer. crybabe go back home or quit complaining. welcome to mans world.

Tom Yazel : get a real CDL and a company...get treated right and better conditions.

Chicken Bubblegum : I get it, this is anti male propaganda

Mike Sain : Things have changed since 2014 THANK YOU TRUMP

martthesling : If this were a man and he had a sob story the New York Times wouldn't do a video on it.

Jennifer Wilcox : Did this woman even research the demographic for the region she was heading to? She's "...she's not getting benefits,not getting hours..." living in a trailer with no running water or toilet. A person with reasonable cognitive skills would've researched all of that before moving. Chasing money isn't the only thing one needs to consider before going after a job. I figured she didn't do much research and maybe had skewed priorities, since her major concern seemed to finding another female so she could "...have someone to gossip with and get a pedicure...". Most self-sufficient adults have higher priorities than gossip and foot care.

DT58103 : Trapped? Go get another job - um, almost anywhere. Guess someone never heard of the driver shortage.

T X : Buck up and go to work some where else quit wining

Timothy Taggart : Then don't be a trucker, moron.

brad h : The film failed to point to the reason that things aren't working out as planned. Is it lack of work? Is it that the compensation isn't adequate? Why doesn't she go back south? Why hasn't she talked to her parents in so long? Are they not able to buy her fuel to get back? Has she refused to go back? I don't know the purpose of this film.

john miller : I like her dog. I have two. Like the little guys.

nick beam : I am sure there is a lot of people that would be happy to have that pickup driving job !

Patrick Lee : Not as tough as having to move to Ft. Morgan, Colorado and working in a Beef Processing plant for $7.50/hr. and living in a cockroach infested HUD apartment.

Jason Michael : Lol, a fat girl who feels like a hamster on a hamster wheel. The irony is delicious.

DJTripleThreat78 : All I hear is someone who complaining about a decision she made on her own. This is really typical of women: Make a decision that she regrets and instead of taking responsibility for her action, she has to blame men for her choices.

No Way : Welcome to life outside the bubble.

Steven : YouTube has been shoving this video down my throat for 6 months and so I finally watch it and now I'm like w.t.f.? Why? Why did they think I needed to see this video? Hopefully now it will go away!

Frances Van Siclen : Who reads the NYT anymore ?

Clanky Balls : lol out of all the things I highly doubt you eat oatmeal with ketchup to make it taste like meatloaf...

blueknight : Pulling a trailer with a pick-up does not make you a truck driver.

Devon Hughes : I stopped readying NYT because it’s becoming more and more about emotional manipulation than cold objective news. This kind of stuff is the same.

allie fisher : 2014 so this was when Obama was in the WH ? Thought everything was milk and honey then ?

Peacecraft : Jonnie, 38 "A young woman..." Didn't watch but I assume no kids. She's expired with no future. Her life is over.

Joe : I was always told how much money they were making in the shale boom. I called many companies and it turned out I would be making far less money at almost all the companies I checked out than I was making at home and I would have had to pay the high cost of living. I can see how she might have been misled.

sabin97 : "i'm a hamster in a wheel" welcome to the rat race. where everyone in the 99% is after college(or high school if you chose not to go to college). "i came here to make money, but now i feel like i'm trapped and i dont know how to get out" same as above. when you put all your eggs in one basket, and that basket falls, your eggs will break. welcome to the real world. if you move to a high crime area, you are more likely to a victim of crime than if you stay in a lower crime area. wow.....white women are the most entitled creatures on earth....