Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up)

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DragonSlayerX : The King Of Pop is BACK!!!

SWProductions : that's amazing !

EnderHD Fan : R.I.P Jackson!!!

KleRou : I SEE YOU ON LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HackSaw : 1 million views are by me

Since 1999 : Still releasing music from up above

Aguzttyn : Lo mejor.


Fireboy Gaming445 : I might use this for a intro should I

Yago Oficial : *Ta vivo mesmo doa a quem doer 😂😍😍😍😱*

MORRO DA ROCINHA : Saudades de você mj o Brasil te ama, Deus supremo da música inigualável

Jose Celestino : King of pop

Delta 8960 : MJ: *welcome to heartbreak hotel* Scene behind MJ *says Waterfront Hotel* Uh.... what should I believe? MJ or that billboard?

Heryandy Septiyan : king of pop👑👑👑👑👑

Jose Nicolas : For me, this great man never died. I'm your number 1 fan and I dance and sing. King of Pop


AtOm AdVanChers : TOP!!!!!!!!!!! !! ! ! ! ! ! LOVE M.J!!!!!!!! VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

raphael jose rojo : Omg Michael Jackson is alive😱😱😱😱

Fireboy Gaming445 : Aauuu

ANDROID TECHNGURU : the best king of of pop is back.....😁😁😁😁

Galuu Torres : MICHAEL THE KING OF POP♡♡♡♡

marcia santos : Michael Jackson eterno rei do pop ❤❤

Blaque Link : I can't help but, dance to this!

misc.clasic.999 : ❤❤❤❤❤

Emmosh : miss you :(


Jenifer Mendez : If I had one wish it would be to bring Mj back. What would you wish for?

Z4CK : legends never die <3

Tamra Smith : HOT HOT HOOOOOT!!! Love this Mash-up!!!!

carol zurita : ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Helpful Tree : They need to make Billie Jean plus Thriller

Michelle Rambajan : I wish he was Still alive


FoxPlay_YT : Hasta muerto nos deleita con sus canciones :,V

Javier Rosas Freestyler : This is amazing! 🔥❤️

Ricardo Walker : This is an awesome mashup for sure, I love it! It’s always good to have new this about Michael, even remix and mashups, but please don’t forget to release some complete new material, like new albums, new shows and more documentaries with unseen footage of Michael! Thank you!

Dark Leah Chan : But he's... Dead... How? 😦 He's fake! :O i don't know but ,how ? 😦😦😦😦😨😨😨😨

kevin segura : Michael Jackson 4ever🙌🙌

Shinichi John Matsuo : Thank God mj is alive

Alex García : Yo sabia que fingió su muerte!!

Mateus Gustavo : MJ will be alive in our hearts. The King of Pop. The Number ONE! <3

Star Gamer : You are king of pop 👑👑👑💃💃

Alice Lira : Michael Jackson Eterno Rei do pop 💔😭😭

kepexgt : What ruined this for me was that when i searched this songs name i found another music video...none the less this is freaking amazing...it feels like MJ is still with us...even tho he is, he is with all of us in our hearts...❤❤🔥

Gaming guy : Dead or alive

Mateus Prattes : Que tiroooooo foi esse Brasil ??? ❤❤❤ 4Ever King ❤❤❤

Matias Sulin : Peace be Whit you michael we love you

Alin Mariana De Jesus Felipe : The King Of Pop 😍👑 RIP 💔😪

angel el pro GT : No sabia que estaba vivo michael jason

Professorjonny : Michael died two years after I was born cus I born 2007