This Toy Can Open Any Garage
Veritasium This Toy Can Open Any Garage

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Or almost any garage - it's particularly good with fixed code gates and garages. Samy proposes other weaknesses with rolling codes. This video was sponsored by LastPass: I don't condone malicious hacking of gates, garages or other property. The point of this video was to discuss how it could be done using fairly basic technology like this toy that was originally intended as an instant messaging device. I learned a lot in making this video about how codes are sent and received, how they are encrypted or not encrypted. I found out how hard it is to execute in practice something which in principle doesn't seem that difficult. Special thanks to Samy! His original videos on using the IM ME to open radio frequency garages and gates can be found here: He's got a really cool channel so be sure to subscribe if you're interested in this stuff. Music from "Critical thinking 2" "I think I was there" "Magnified X 3" And music by Kevin MacLeod "Marty Gots a Plan"


chargermopar : Good luck breaking in my garage. I have no lock on the door, no power opener and so much junk inside that no one can pass.

KØxNinja : "An average person has at least 200 accounts" Well then I must not be average

shhh nubss : And now imagine forgetting the password for lastpass..

Mr. Nice Man : Thank you Yours sincerely, Thief

Hypercube9 : I have a brick that can open any window!!

Aseki Bekovy : my garage door uses one bit. But I won't tell you whether it's 0 or 1 ;))))

Marina Antolín Murillo : Ooohhh this is the guy who hacked myspace right?

SyntaxTerr0r : 4:35 the TOTAL number of codes is 4096, so it would take 262 seconds to try ALL the codes. The door would probably open before.

amazing_dude : Pro tip: get 256 garage keys, modify each one to every possible combination for 8 bit, use it on ur neighbors. Edit: nvm, you only need 1

NanoSync : Remember when lastpass was malware installed by hamachi if you didn’t uncheck it’s box

Jesse Sullivan : What kind of bourgeois gated community do you live in?

Rosie Fay : 3:29 Owns lots of sophisticated tech. Knows technical stuff about how that remote works. Has to work out 2^8 from scratch.

Altruait987 : Weird house flex but ok

Cleetus : That’s Samy kamkar he was banned from using any computer with internet access in 3 years for hacking MySpace lol

Barron Celli : My garage does not have radio control. Best of luck thieves!

Kian Cameron : But what if you forget your LastPass password? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Balendula : Wow, he has a huge house with 3 garage doors and a gate... Jealous.

DorianDotSlash : Thanks for this! My neighbour has lots of cool stuff in his garage. Just ordered one! ;)

timfischer : Rolling code garage doors have been the standard for 25 years. Honestly if you use a fixed code in 2019 you just aren't very security-aware.

Oscar Muffin : 2:00 to skip advertisement.

Zach : A video about hacking into stuff that begins with an advertisement for a product to keep all your passwords in one place. Hmm. Nothing suspicious about that at all.

GoodISnipr : Shows the bad side of one device being able to take the role of dozens, advertises one company to store all of your passwords. Hmmmmmmmmmm......

Matt 24 : Just wait till you learn about the 300 year old key technology we use to secure our homes.

Query Delacroix : You threw in that last part so people wouldn't try breaking into your house.

Nexalian Gamer : Finally I can steal my neighbor's microwave!

Howie Dewin : back in the early 90's I connected a 12 bit binary counter in place of the dipswitch; It was effective.

DUCKDUDE4100 : I'm kinda confused how the clicker and opener keep their codes synchronised or how they avoid needing to be.

Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi : Can't hack into a garage door when you're too broke to have a garage

scopey313 : Store all you're passwords in one place ....... Yeah sounds well safe ......

Sjoer van der Ploeg : Sure, keep all your passwords in one location that is easily sharable across devices... SPoE, bad practice even with MFA!

forlornfuture : and if lastpass gets hacked everyone gets every password of your life! :D even if not, nsa/fbi/cia has

scopey313 : Throw a sponsorship in my face enjoy the dislikes...

Nathan Luong : *the crime rate for breaking and entering exponentially increases*

cdude100 : 75% of the people watching this video wouldn’t even know where to begin on hacking garage doors.

gsmac1969 : Re: rolling codes - not entirely correct. Yes, you could technically see a code, grab it, and emit a jamming signal. Then do it again, like you mentioned, to have a "future" code. However...the garage door openers have a window of (usually 10 or more) "future" codes that it will accept as valid in addition to the current code. Otherwise, if there were interference between the remote and the door, or the remote was pressed far away from the door, the two would be out of sequence, and you would have to reprogram the remote to the opener before it would work again. People would be annoyed and think it was broken. Let's say both the opener and the remote are on code N. You press the remote while at the grocery store. Now the opener is still on N, but the remote is on N+1. On the way home, your toddler presses the remote again. Now the remote is on N+2, but the opener is still on N. You get home, press the remote, but you're too far away, so it isn't received by the opener. The remote is on N+3, but the opener is still on N. So you pull up closer to the garage and press the remote again. The remote transmits N+3, the opener says, "yup, that's valid" and opens the door. But here's the important thing: The opener now says, "OK, I've missed a few presses, but I received N+3 as valid, so now THAT is the valid code. The old N, N+1 and N+2 will not be seen as valid." Both the remote and the opener switch to N+4. So in your situation, your future code would be "killed" as soon as the opener DID receive a valid code from the remote, which would be pretty much immediately, because the owner would want to get into his garage. Incidentally, this is also exactly how hotel locks work. The front desk encodes "room 302, rolling code 5" onto your card's magstripe. You insert the card into the door lock of room 302. The door lock says, "well, I'm still on code 4, but now I see a valid code 5, so I will disable code 4 and switch to code 5." Now all code 5 cards will open the door. As soon as another card is encoded for the room, it will receive code 6, which when used in the lock, will disable code 5 and switch the lock to code 6.

Shinobi Engineer : But most of all, samy is my hero! 😎👍

Joseph Curiel : Wow I've never thought about any of these this before. So interesting and practical and opens my mind to alot of different possibilities of how the things around me operate and communicate. Thank you for these videos, they're so great.

Kettlesimulator E : me: looks out window to every garage in my neighbourhood "it's fun time"

1,000 SUBS WITHOUT ANY VIDEOS? LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN : Thanks for telling people how to steal my Ford Fiesta...

Asude DUMAN : hello, what is the name of the program that you used to calculate random password?

crimsonhawk52 : write down your passwords. On paper. With physical locks on your doors, including the one to your garage.

Jamlandia : I don't even have a garage. Good luck breaking in my garage.

Alec Ver Bunker : Wait did you accidentally open any of your neighbors garage doors?? 😂

Axel : A 5 euro usb stick and my notepad on PC is my lastpass lol safest cold storage for passwords there is instead of trusting some company with your private data

Mark Warbington : My uncle drove a late 70's Datsun pickup truck with a really noisy ignition system. He managed a residential construction crew so he would drive through the same neighborhood every morning about the same time. Whenever he passed by a certain house, the garage door would open. Eventually the homeowner flagged him down and confronted him about it. Of course it wasn't malicious. The guy just had a really shitty garage door receiver. :)

Yazid Kuhil : Thank you I have always wanted to steal my neighbors Ferrari and because of you I know how:D

unnew : 1:05 voice crack

Vax Buster : Climb over the gate and use a sledgehammer to "open" the garage

Brandon Gutleben : So let's talk turkey, what u want for this burglary tool science man? Love all ur veritasium stuff btw, help a guy out