Ronald Reagan - "Missed me."

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The Flying Welshman : Making a joke about getting shot after he recovered from getting shot. Bravo Reagan. Bravo.

nherrbold : A B R A H A M. L I N C O L N. H A S. L E F T. T H E. C H A T

YeOldeScience : What I really noticed is that the man didn't even flinch, and this is after he had already been shot for real.

themusicman2005 : Wait a minute how many times did this happen?

Voice in the Desert l Christian Talk Show : Dude is amazing lol

Mr Mister : Are you sure this happened in West Berlin? Because as a young adult I attended a speech Reagan gave in Los Angeles in a hotel conference room where he was campaigning for George H Bush and Governor Dukemajian and at the top of the ceiling were a large contingent of balloons and while he was speaking of the balloons popped really loud and without hesitation Reagan said , "Missed me". Could be this happened twice. But I saw it happen in Los Angeles CA (Wilshire district).


Tara Gragg : Even Democrats applauded.

Wize Man : I learned about this in history class to day

weetikissa : It was probably planned. The guy was an actor after all. He did it more than once. Just look it up.

Neurotic Sos : Maybe he was suicidal

christopher4265 : times were very different back then. now, if that happened, the whole area would be locked down, swat teams would be called in and there would be general panic across the entire country :P

Julius von Haynau : FREE KEKISTAN

Steeler Nation03-6 : So good I love it

TheBasicHeim : What a dude

Time King Of Gannaby : Classic

Classyyert : Ha! It's funny because he was shot

josez1 : The best

tweezerjam34 : I wish our current "president" were 1% this cool 😎

keifer : Reagan is the only Republican i like so far lmao

You're* : This is completely staged LOL. People are so easy to fool

Serphix : i love how someone can take the comedy out of a dark and scary time lmao

Anthony Loiacono : Hit or miss

Alex : I guess they never hit

Azhar Sudi : So.... a person has a gun, and had taken fire. *Is anyone gonna at lease evacuate?*