C. Thomas Howell - Breaking the Rules (1992) - Movie Clip

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Aesthetic Oldies : And this my friends... is why Ponyboy needed Johnny and Dal.

Taes Giggle : Ponyboy wydddd

Childish Sadbino : The face Tommy makes at the end is kinda adorable

momo 💓 : I can't tell if that's actually Tommy singing 😊💛😍😍

whats.up.its.josie 03 : this is honestly the most hilarious thing ive ever seen. i love it

venom160 : omg I saw this back when I was a kid and have had this song stuck in my head ever since. Sadly I could never remember the name of the movie. Thank you so much for bringing back a piece of my childhood.

no thanks : Tommy slaying 😝

Baby Jayyy : Yeahhhh 😍❣️I remember when he played pony boy Curtis uhhhh I love both these movies (and more) 😍

Jill Mendoza : three of my favorite men in one movie WHY HAVENT I SEEN THIS BEFORE

Eliza Smith : I legit watch this everyday 🙄

William Neves : I love this movie!! OMG!!!

Huskiesarelife101 : this song was in my head all day at school

Hearts For Bri : Thomas looks like LOGIC

Techie Tot : Me when my two best friends die

Yasmin E : C. Thomas Howell and Jason Bateman are two of my crushes. I remember the film but it's funny that I don't recall them in this seen old age suck LOL

Sun Shine : that.....mullet....tho

Jojo Animated : Why is this good.....i love u tommy

• Sisi • • Stroud • : Tommy in this had me dead 😭

Hailey Casillas : Oml