Fergie sings the national anthem at the NBA All-Star Game | ESPN

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ESPN : Poll: Comment "Love it" or "Hate it" ...

Tetrakit : how do you manage to put every note that's not even in the song into the song

Antonio Lansang : In this one moment, Fergie united the entire nation...... Against her.

Hawaii Pitbull : "Let's play some BASKETBALL!" *Silently cries in corner*

Arctic Animations : I love how the basketball players are trying not to laugh

Francis Noir : "kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful" Fergie: hold my beer

2live1mind7 : When you thought it wouldn’t get any worse. “ LETS PLAY SOME BASKETBALL!!” I cringed into a raisin

Yaz Derf : I think the funniest part of this whole thing is the fact that she really thought she killed it lmfaoo

Ellie Taylor xo : that the flag was still theeeere, aaUUUEURUEWUUWUWWWWOOOHHHH


Lets Get Crackin : Fergie: *and tHe hOme oF tHeEEeE bRavEEEeeeEEEE* Me: Glad that's over Fergie: *Let's play some basketball!* Me: *dEaD*

DanceMoms AudioSwaps : That one drunk auntie that comes over the holidays singing Santa Baby thinking she’s killing it but she’s more like killing our ears

Xad Person : This better be at youtube rewind 2018 😂

your snatched wig Meme* : “BRAAAeeeeeyyyaaAAAAVVVVVVVEEEEEE” I didn’t hear the word brave; that what I heard instead.

ChocolateThunder MusicGroup : The poor soldiers who had to stay at attention the whole time

Hana Siddiqi : Here’s my opinion. It’s long. 1. Fergie is talented. But this was just a waste of everybody’s time. The way she stretched those notes ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME. 2. Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Draymond Green were DYING. Jimmy Kimmel knew what was about to happen. 3. When nobody thought it could get any worse, she yelled “let’s play some basketball!” and had this huge smile on her face thinking she did a great job. HONEY NO Like if you agree :)

Jesus Ramirez : Try not to cringe challenge

Lewthemegaphone1234 : my vocals teacher put this on for everyone , everyone literally started dying of laughter

Joseph Ciampa : She sounds like a rapper going through a mid life crisis

Abigail Grear : Lol Jimmy Kimmel knew he was gonna have a good show idea for the next night 😂

Robert Vasquez : You can tell that Stephen Curry was not having it 😑

Zeus' Olympus : In the words of Simon Cowell, “This was completely and utterly dreadful.” 😂

Black Skip Bayless : 6 mouths later and this still laughable lol

U want egg roll ? : The players trying so hard not to laugh lmao

Lil JJ : They picked her for the song. So I’m thinking she must’ve practiced a long time.........ON THIS TRASH And btw what is a banner-rer-rer And everybody thought kneeling was disrespectful

theonlyone Ye : I swear to god even spongebob would sing the national anthem better than fergie

James Burgess : The bald eagle just went back on the endangered species list because of this performance...

Abby Brandt : Hold it in hold it in... HAHA ICANT IM SORRY 😂

Caleb Perkins : You know what’s funny is that she has this smile on her face at the end as if she done a good job


Chrysalis 3299 : The basket ball players 😂

Alex Javon Holland : This made me want to move to Canada

Kenyun Lin : Beyonce was there. I want to see Beyonce's reaction

Mike S : Donald Trump is this version of the National Anthem personified


Jane DeGuire : Players: tries to keep straight face Fergie: manages to hit every wrong note *camera goes to players faces* Players: try their hardest not to smile

Marisa Curry : Yoooo... This is terrible 😂 And she’s really looking like she thinks she nailed it. Literally killed the song... It’s dead now. We need a new national anthem

Hawaii Pitbull : *George Washington has left the chat*

Matthew Hung : Imagine if North Korea heard it...they would've nuked the U.S. within 10 seconds.

Brian T : Steph's response is priceless

Pinhead Larry : No one can sing something so bad it ruins there career. Fergie: Hold my beer

Richard Terwilliger : Would have been more interesting if she had peed herself...again.

Buzzin Boi : Everyone is acting so surprised like this is the same girl that wrote M.I.L.F $ remember?

Jack Hayes : 1:54 I can't stop cringing at that face, she has way too much belief in herself on this one.

Manha Kaiser : I’m saying this for the first time but... *i think I may actually sound better than someone for the first time! XD*

Veridian : Her performance brought tears to my eyes _Tears of sadness_

molliee : Lebron And Everyone Trying To Hold Their Laughs *acidentally pees from holding their laughs for 3 minutes*

runyararo magwenzi : but why smoke weed before singing the national anthem

Cupcake Science : I'm always so confused at how people hold in laughs. If there's one thing I suck at it's holding back giggles. The more I try to hold it in the worse it gets. If I was there I would be laughing so hard I would be crying

tea time sis : me the first week of choir class