Fergie's national anthem draws criticism | ESPN

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ESPN : Poll: Comment "Love it" or "Hate it" ...

Zeus' Olympus : In the words of Simon Cowell, “This was completely and utterly dreadful.” 😂

Alycia Prak : She literally ruined everything

Alycia Prak : 1:30 he knows what I’m talking about

NikkiPlay : 1:23 when ur singing in the shower and somone turns the hot water on

GamerHaley 365 : My favorite part was 2:19

GarageStudio : 1:23 sounds like she was holding a note then someone yanked her hair...

Futoshi Takami : Was she singing after dental treatments?

Cheryl's Natural Again : sounds like an injured vulture screeching, but trying to sing jazz... while drunk

BEAUTY : This was so beautiful 😢 Once it ended...👏🏽

Ruby Gallegos : "Let's play some basketball" More than let's learn how to sing🎤💀

DanceMoms AudioSwaps : That one drunk auntie that comes over the holidays singing Santa Baby thinking she’s killing it but she’s more like killing our ears

Irene Vasquez : She had to be drunk during the Anthem if not wtf

Sandernista : If she was singing the anthem, I'd join kap in taking a knee. That was a disgraceful performance 😂

Bright light 1849 : 1:43 when someone gets in trouble and you try so hard not to laugh so you won't get in trouble

Marcos Rodriguez : 1:42 teacher-“who ever laughs next is going to the office”😂😂

Jesus Ramirez : Try not to cringe challenge

-Fantasy is my Reality- : *Lyrics according to Fergie* : Uh say, can you seeee? Buy the dawwhns ehr- ley - lied, What so preeewd- lay way hail... At the twai- lights lass gleaming. Whose broad stripes, en bright staaahs Threw the pear... Ruh... Lass... Fie Or the reeeeeem- parts we wahtched, Were so g *sheep noise* luntly struu-eeeming. Yend the rahkets red guh-laaaare. The bowmbs *_B_* ursting en aaair.. Gave prooooh through tha naiiigh... That a flag, was still there... *dying animal sound* Say-ay-ay, does that starerer spangled.. Baaaanner- er- yeh- het wehhh... Hyeehve... *audience is cracking up* Whore the laaaand of the freeee- yah. An the huum, of thaaa, brehhhh-eh-eh *dying animal noise part 2*

Pichu Palace : I can finally say *Not better than Despacito*

cathleen : She wrong for singing the national anthem like this😂😂

Micah Cash : Watch at half-speed

Clorox Bleach : holy shit I didn’t think it was this bad but I was wrong

Trevi Bethany : best national anthem ever! 😂😂😂😂😂

Broken Barbi : Towards the end you heard laughter and saw all the players laughing

Marc Ragasa : 1:23 when you try to sing but ur sister pulls yer ear

Yoongi ARMY : Off to listen to Whitney Houston sing the National Anthem to revive my ears.

Amazon and eBay Guru : Lebron trying so hard not to laugh haha

Micah Cash : Anyone who liked had their screens upside-down.....

Quad Theory : Sounds like she was dying.

step : If you did not know Fergie, you do now!

Jasmin Terry : 1:35 “ bannnerrrr eeeerree yee wayyeee”

Chad Cole : She really thought she did good. 😂

TaylørFøx :p : 1:23 when u stub ur toe against a wall.

TaylørFøx :p : I find it funny how she thinks she did good 😂😂😂

Brooke Jackson : R I P people with headphones


James Burgess : The bald eagle just went back on the endangered species list because of this performance...

Anh Hoang : dont know why im trying so hard to hold up my laughter :))) P/s: Watching it by myself at home

Mr.Stikbot : A great end to an anthem is: LETS PLAY SOME BASKETBALL!!!

Itz AK47 : The players looked like a kid trying not to laugh at a joke during a test in class

Charlotte Cannon : My dogs are the growling when I play this video 😂

Herbert : The players were like: "just hurry tf up damn we just trynna play" lmao

[Vortax] GD : 1:40 That face tho 😂😂

Karla Torres : No honey no

cole ouellette : If you think about it she actually killed it in a way!

Digvijay Parmar : Good job. What can't i say . I m drunk IDIOT. GOD BLESS YOU WITH BEST IN THE WORLD. Thank you

Hillary Bright : She sounds like she's choking on a frog the entire performance and I'm not sure why nobody called 911

Dyana C : You are singing the national anthem, not a hot song. Are you insane? Where do you think you are? OMG

Girl : I honestly can maybe sing better than this..

Aman TheIndian : like if youre gay lol