Fergie sings the national anthem at the NBA All-Star Game | ESPN

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ESPN : Poll: Comment "Love it" or "Hate it" ...

Shister Ty Next : That one drunk auntie that comes over the holidays singing Santa Baby thinking she’s killing it but she’s more like killing our ears

Karsten E. Brennan : Lyrics: Wow say can you see boy the dumb's early lie Watch your brow lay way-ewwl at the twilights less gleemin' Who's bra strives and bright stocks threw the paralas fie Oh the rear farts we watched were so galesly streaming Ain't the wrong kids re-glam the bombs burst stinging air Gay prove through that night Ben Affleck worst he there-ayyy-ooh Say does that star spangled bae narrow ye-yed way, yay Whore the land of the brieeeeee yen the home rather mreeeeeeyve Let's spray sum basket ball!

rozi2089 : She was feeling herself at 1:55 🤣🤣🤣

Sam K : 1:34 nOh wOAh yEH heT wAVeEE

Olivia : i love that ESPN hasn’t closed the comment section 😂😂😂 bet they laugh with us

Tetrakit : how do you manage to put every note that's not even in the song into the song

The Things : 1:41 they couldnt hold their laugh in anymore😂

Joe Gerrie : 1:34 when you speak gibberish to your doge

sAb : “leTs pLay sOmE bAskEtbAll ‼️” oh no..

Venomlily16 : I loved the way she ended it . "Let's play some basketball ! " Like she just KNEW she nailed it . Lol .

2live1mind7 : When you thought it wouldn’t get any worse. “ LETS PLAY SOME BASKETBALL!!” I cringed into a raisin

Kelaiah Wing : 1:23 When you step on a sharp hot-wheels car

Asher Fox : 1:39 waiting for her to send nudes 1:42 *she sent them*

θάνατος βραδύς : I didn't know that the word "brave" begins with the letter m... 🤔

Tic Tac Toot : The real game they played was try not to laugh.

Hawaii Pitbull : *George Washington has left the chat*

IceWallo come : You don’t have to make a damn remix. Just sing it how it’s supposed to be sang.

L K : 1:45 she’s like: Why is everyone laughing?

Rebecca Thompson : 1:24 remember dory speaking whale in FINDING NEMO

Jimin's Chili Pepper : “Bannerweryer yeyet waaavvveee”

Jesus Ramirez : Try not to cringe challenge

nisa rojas : If I was in the audience, I would’ve been trying too hard not to laugh

Siham Too lit : did no one think to listen to her first before letting her go out there 🤣🤔

CookiesAndMilk : she sounds like a drunk stripper singing the national anthem

Kyra : "Ban-ner-rerr yeh-het wave" is a mood!

James Burgess : The bald eagle just went back on the endangered species list because of this performance...

Jasmine Saleem : I swear the facial expressions is tooo much for me 😂

Muge Akbaba : I love how everyone’s trying so hard not to laugh

Amaanyi Ramirez : This is the national anthem not London bridge bro.😂

00 : I was watching this and my foreign grandma asked me r u watching porn :<

Zeus' Olympus : In the words of Simon Cowell, “This was completely and utterly dreadful.” 😂

Ty : I dropped my hot pocket

•a s h a• : Them basketball players looking around trying not to look at her because if they do they gonna start laughing

Gerald Toler : She disrespected every U.S citzen

Alex Kindsfather : Did she even rehearse or just wing it.

LoveForTheLonely : Its a no from me.🏃🏃🏃✌

Jonathan Payne : What a beautiful performance Said no one ever

Sigh Phi Guy : the girl can sing, but why try to sing it all sexy? bad decision making on somebodies part.

Kevin Tablet : "lets play some basketball!" Well I mean I hope the audience can even hear the game yet alone watch it after bleeding everyones eardrums like that. That was atrocious Arrest this woman.

Marisa Curry : Yoooo... This is terrible 😂 And she’s really looking like she thinks she nailed it. Literally killed the song... It’s dead now. We need a new national anthem

jazlene nevarez : TBH 0:00-0:09 was probably the normal part of it all

Chirimo Kaari : Is she ok? Seems like she had a seizure

Frosty Fire : When you don't know the lyrics of a song so you just mumble what at least sounds right.

L K : This is why I could never be a athlete in the National league bc people like this will sing..... and I am on camera....

Alex Javon Holland : This made me want to move to Canada

abs punchee : 1:22 me when ma bf fuсked me for the first time

Queequeg Boosinger : This plays in my head at school when I look at the flag

its that sativaa : I'm wondering how hard the soldiers behind her are trying not to laugh 😂 1:23 *hits toes on edge of table* BAnurur Yehet Wahave

Vivi Fischer : Had a lil too much 🍷 🍺 🍸 🍹