Ronnie James Dio talks religion

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JohnDaWhale2 : Probably the smartest man who didn't understand Religion.

mike hayden : lets not forget who judges others, Man. I agree you pray to whom you wish, all a matter of each individual choice. I like Ronnie's music always will , but love Christ, & I try to never let man bring me down. Rip Rjd.

Richard Herzog : Ronnie is in Hell. Eternal torment. He was a Satanist

Adonis Pipke : Dio speaks such truth , I believe that religion was made up to hide the fear of the unknown when really the bible was a pretty solid fiction novel to me.

Mad Hamish : Fucking christ, you Christians and your almost masturbatory desire to see people burn alive for all eternity is fucking sick. The fact that you could follow a god who would do that for exercising the free will he claims to have given us is worse. Then again I guess ultimately Calvin is actually the one who was right and all this free will that you lot crap on about is about as free as a stage magician performing a force. Double Predestination is truth and reveals god's true evil. You Christians think satan is bad? Well who made him? Yeah, that is what I thought. You say everyone is a sinner but then you ignore your own bible. You know unimportant messages about not judging people. About removing the plank from your own eye. You just love to judge people and point your fingers without seeming to realise how hypocritical you are yourselves as "sinners." You think there is some bullshit hierarchy of sin? According to the bible all sin is sin or did you conveniently forget that part as well? I don't see you chopping off the parts of yourselves that cause you to sin. Oh but that part is allegorical right? Convenient that. I mean Christ said if you even look at a woman with lust in your heart then you commit adultery. Guess all of us are fucked except gay men, right? Oh shit, I forgot the sin that is sodomy didn't I? You wonder why none of us take most of you seriously.

Guillermo Gilces : I think that is time to open your Bibles and find out, there is plenty info there, in these video there only an opinion that it.

Ted Myrrh : thats not what christians believe.......Heaven is where people who are not good who trust jesus christ and his death sacrifice for their sins are offered forgiveness and salvation. purgatory is catholic not in the bible.........everyone goes to hell without the savior. only people washed in the blood of JESUS are righteous and justified by faith in his sacrifice.

Daniel Lobo : Pretty cool. I've never seen this guy until now but he makes sense

HistoryFanatic03. : I love dio, but I love God more

Mathias Johansson : Why is this makin so many people angry! All he is saying is, make your choise between good and evil!! I do not care what you belive, make youre choise!

Lars Palmqvist : so true...

walter kersting : Now he knows...

venrakdrake : Belief in a future heaven creates a present hell. I believe in a higher power, but religion is fucked. (Yes there's a difference)

Tr3y : I believe in the normal Christian heaven and hell and all that because that's who I am, now I love Ronnie James Dio and I respect him and all othe religious/non religious people. Now I bet that some of you would never believe that a Christian could respect someone else's religion. And that's sad but it's the truth and I'd like to see what you all think about that.

Shady Knopfler : In Italian Dio means God

Dave Mustaine : God

Ace96 : Hmm... I wonder what Ronnie has to say now? i bet it rhymes with " AAAAAAAAAA FACK>>AAAAAA!".

David Wilson : He refers to the Catholic religion. He is not informed outside of that theology and that is too bad.

mark y : But can he sing.

8bit merc : ronnie was the 2nd comming of jesus christ.

Christpher R Fritz : Ya, right. Until he was thrown into the 'Fox Hole' (cancer). Then coming from a traditional Italian background (Catholic!) you KNOW he started praying...😣

Marcus Segura : He legit opened my fuckon mind

Carthago Delenda Est : this is horrible

Chepe García : i think Dio is a moral man his songs and his thoughts about life confirm to me this

FASCIST ITALIANO : Good riddance you arrogant midget ass hole

The Growlanser : Lies!

Kate's Free : I love and miss RJD, respect him as a singer and songwriter, but it's really unfortunate that he felt this way.

JS1966 : Dio was a thoughtful,intelligent,well spoken man. It was a great loss for the music world when he passed on. What a great performer.

Chris Hollinger : God is real I hope he forgives this worthless man of his idiotic opinions

BingusButt420 : No one could've had said it better! This man is a fucking legend.... Long live Dio! \m/

MegaJkd123 : he knows better now

Mowac : Ronnie didn't drink the kool-aid, I didn't. Dio was the sanest of them all.......I couldn't add anything further of the point that Ronnie made in this interview.

8bit merc : i believe in god but not organized religion..this man was ahead of his time R.I.P ronnie \m/

Guitarmaster7272 : I almost appreciate this man more for his intelligent outlook on life more than his music. Almost.

Ana Marija : Dio, you are a fucking KING! Miss you...

kjell159 : Ooh... Heaven is a place on earth.

Bier Hor : "I'm a godless heretic, not a god fearing lunatic. That's why it's my obsession, to treat god like an infection" Dio is gone, but he still inspires lots of us, like Slayer.

Dennis Kelley : Why did this brilliant man have to die?

dummyacc5 : legend

Lj Gaines : what a douchebag

Ram777Ment : Man if he thinks that then dam what a fool, hope he received Jesus Christ before he died

Thebuilderofthings1 : What I've seen in my fifty six years of life is this: the question as to where do ALL things come from applies to BOTH sides not just one, therefore if one believes EVERYTHING must have a beginning so does the source of all, if you believe things can not come from nothing, explain where the source of all came from.

justanotherlikeyou : Heaven and hell, God and the devil, death and life are encountered at the intersection found within the human heart.

Marc Robinson : And I know it's gonna freak some people out..... YES.....I'm a CHRISTIAN......and I like Heavy Metal Music....... Go Figure !

Hitman Notoriety : Smart man!! Big fan!!

InsertCleverNameHere : Where is this interview from?

PRHILL9696 : Dio is brilliant!

sauniz1 : Why don't everyone simply believe that the ancient hebrew tribal god sacrificed himself to himself to appease himself so that mankind might be saved from his hate through his love? It's so self-evident - almost intuitive!HALLLEELUUU-HELL-YEAAAHH!!!

theodor cole : Now your body is in that lonely grave, killed by the cancer, eaten by the worms, where are you now?

Wesley Landon Woolsey : No matter what anyone's religious beliefs are, I view religion as something that is homogenized, corrupted, and hypocritical!