Ronnie James Dio talks religion

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Hitman Notoriety : Smart man!! Big fan!!

PHDflopper Mule Kick : Ronnie James Dio has convinced me that God or the Devil is all a lie. Thank you Dio.

Dennis Kelley : Why did this brilliant man have to die?

Bier Hor : "I'm a godless heretic, not a god fearing lunatic. That's why it's my obsession, to treat god like an infection" Dio is gone, but he still inspires lots of us, like Slayer.

Fabrizio Zado Donadelli : Honestly? Many comments here made me almost feel ashamed of being Christian.How can someone who really believes in Christ teachings wish someone else to "burn in hell"? How can one be condamned for no reason,without even knowing the person himself,his life,his thoughts,purely basing the judgment on beliefs?Being a christian or an atheist is a choice,the only thing that really matters is what dwells in your soul.Ronnie was a great man and Immense singer,nothing else counts.He probably lived more virtuously than tons of fellows proclaming themself "Christians"who feel on the right side bashing people for the choices they made.That's what I'd call "hell".

ladymudlogger : I have ALWAYS believed the SAME. Heaven and Hell is RIGHT HERE, on Earth!! Thank you Ronnie! RIP!!

Brad Haas : Truer words were never spoken.

TheAxe4Ever : I have no desire to get into an arguement with anyone about theological ideas, religion, whether they believe in God or not. That's too personal of a choice that one makes. I myself, am a Christian, a devout follower of Christs teachings. And I fall WAY short many times of his teachings. Because I'm not a perfect person. What really pisses me off is when members of my own faith, Christianity, condem others for not believeing. If they don't follow a religion, any religion, that's their choice to make and neither I, or anyone else, has the right to try to jam Christianity down anyone's throat. At the same time, it pisses me off when people try to belittle me, question my intelligence, or tell me I'm wrong because I am a believer. It's not up to me to prove God exists and it's not up to you to try to convince me their is no God. All of that being said, I am a lover of people. We have a responsibility to treat each other with love, compassion and honesty, REGARDLESS of ones religious or non religious beliefs. If a Christian and an atheist were in a burning building, which one would I save? I would try my damnedest to throw each one of them over each shoulder to carry them out together because they are both equally important to the people that love them and want to see them saved. I have seen enough blind hatred against all walks of life to last me 10 lifetimes. War can do that to you. But that being said, no one, and I mean no one is going to mistreat or attack me or the people I love without a fight of some sort. That is one area I fall short of Christs teachings. I am an imperfect human being. With ALL of that being said, Ronnie James Dio was one of the most genuine, honest, compassionate guys I have ever had the privelage to meet. I miss his music. I miss him. I had the chance to share with him my very thoughts I posted here and I hold very dearly the words he told me. He said, "My friend, (he called me friend and I had only met him 10 minutes earlier) I only wish everyone of every faith thought like you. If it had been presented to me like that when I was growing up as a Catholic, maybe my outlook would be different". He gave me a huge smile, thanked ME for seeing his show and talking with him. I went to shake his hand and thank him for the autograph, when he grabbed me and gave me a big, manly hug! Great guy! Very humble and he humbled me as well. Miss you so much RJD!

Daniel R. : "Jesus answered, " I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6. "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." Acts 4:12. "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire" Revelation 20:15.

Rico Pacheco : Earth is Heaven and Hell. I feel the exact same way,well said Ronnie. May you rest in peace.

ineedarealjob : Why don't you HypoChristians take a flying fuck. Ronnie James Dio's actions toward his fellow man were much closer to what Christ preached than any of your actions. How many of you have raised money for homeless and abused kids? That's what I thought. and for 78caprice. There is no Rapture. At the 6th seal's breaking, the 6th trumpet blowing, and the 6th vial's pouring out - "Satan" - in his own body, is cast out upon the planet (which is why there is silence in heaven for half an hour. because the accuser of man is no longer there, but on Earth) and he will arrive looking just like Jesus and say,"I'M HERE TO RAPTURE YOU ALL AWAY." And the Christians waiting for the Rapture are going to Flock right to him. Thatis why it says "Woe to those who give suck" regarding having children, because Jesus is returning for a Virgin Bride, but these Rapture Christians will have played the whore with the anti-Christ (which means "He who comes INSTEAD OF CHRIST") and will already have given birth to a newer, more evil spiritual child. (aka, Religion.)

Kevin Reynolds : Can you all just shut the freak up everybody can believe in what they want to believe in this is america not Nazi Germany 1945

GodsOutlaw1964 : All religion's are not all the same,the religion he is referring to is Roman Catholicism which there is a huge difference in that from a born- again in Christ believer.

brigham2250 : Dio doesn't seem to have been an atheist, but perhaps he was a deist.  I think if confronted with having to choose, taking no middle ground, he would have gone the "no god" route.  Just my opinion.  What's ironic is that he had a falling out with Vivian Campbell, who I think is an atheist, but yet he got along well with Craig Goldy, a born again Christian.  Anyhow, I think he was right about life here on earth being heaven or hell, the only caveat being that the choice is not always our own.  Many people no doubt find themselves in bad circumstances not of their own choosing.  In the end, life has no real meaning other than the meaning that we attach to it.  And it's different for everyone.  Dio left behind a monumental legacy of great music.  That's his outstanding contribution to mankind (which will outlast his charity work). \m/ \m/

💊Chemical💊 : Videos like this on youtube is what brings out the Jesus freaks. Ah well , its not like I give two shits about what they say. I do respect what Ronnie says , since he actually makes sense :)

bigtimebop : So many religious freaks in the comments

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night : Dio had a pretty good impression about religion. One that actually makes sense. Bottom line: we make our own heaven or hell. And for the religious nuts...* 1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. *(excluding the spiritual fruits who know morality from hypocrisy, may the world be filled with those of an understanding nature; Instead of those who use their belief to persecute and berate, to use the shield as a sword to cut down those who do not fit the ideals of the hypocrite.)

Bill Wren : I love Dio,always have,but I never took on his beliefs in what he called heaven and hell.his heaven and hell is a nice fantasy but my Heaven and hell is a Reality.I believe soon he will realize it.It saden's me.what a terrible waste.Jesus have mercy.

jalvarez1982 : He was a very smart man, and what he says in this interview is just one example why.

Kyongsul Bahng : Ronnie probably wishes right now that he had paid closer attention to Christ's death on cross for him wow.

Ana Marija : Dio, you are a fucking KING! Miss you...

GDuBMuSiCk : the only thing is life wasnt built to be so subjective or black and white. many shades of color and variables

coco lawrie : Jesus is the only way into heaven . Repent . Heaven or hell , u choose !! And stand before God on judgement day .

Ram777Ment : Man if he thinks that then dam what a fool, hope he received Jesus Christ before he died

Mads BM : This guy should've been listened to a lot more. Even though he's respected by the fans, it seems to me like everyone else blows him off like his singing, or what he stood for, and things like he said here, were nothing O.o Odd. He's absolutely right in this interview!

IVAN KNUCKLESUCK : Very fascinating and believable metaphor of Heaven and Hell by the Metal King, Ronnie James Dio! To those Christians who say that RJD is badly mistaken, he isn't because the life that we live is a constant onslaught of challenges and battles that we have to overcome to see happiness. Although RJD was an Atheist (which I'm perfectly happy with), he gave a great metaphor of Heaven and Hell. Heaven meaning happiness and Hell meaning evil and agony. And extra points to the Metal King for referencing the bastards who wrote The Bible which is a book of fairytales that contradicts itself and probably written to coerce others to blindly follow it. Besides, areas that are more secular have less crimes around it. 75 percent of prisoners in America are Christians and only 0.2% of prisoners are Atheists.

T Kinter : You nailed it Ronnie, bless you sir.

warid icky : All these people mad that DEO shared these opinions in this video, when his beliefs are in his songs. i guess those people weren't really listening to what the words really meant. Good for you ronnie,express what you believe.let the world know you aren't brainwashed.

Kayla Gonzalez : I love ronnie james dio and I agree with him

chakands : Oh my, Dio is so Buddhist, everything he said here relates to the Buddha Dharma, he is amazing! And that sign with this hand he used to do is the Apana Mudra which is very auspicious, very beneficial and the rainbows and skeletons have a relation with Tibetan Buddhism. Dio remembers me of Guru Rinpoche (the Second Buddha) doing the hand gesture, having long hair and having rainbows on his paintings, so cool. Check Guru Rinpoche lol

Xavier Middlefinger : if there is a God then there is a SANTA Clause

Travis Shrewsbury : brilliant

rogue : It seems Catholicism broke many peoples spirits.

FlashAcesDesign : People that don't believe in hell are the ones that are specifically going there. All UNBELIEVERS shall have their part in the lake of fire - Revelation

Alvin Arts : Catholics makes Christianity look bad

AnddoGX : DIO is a genius. I love him.

Luis Cabral : such an inspiration Ronnie James Dio was so brutally honest he said what many people were afraid to say, as a kid listening to his music at the time didn't understood his lyrics however I enjoyed his music but as an adult I can't help but admire such an abstract way of thinking we need more people in this world like Ronnie James Dio, at times this world is so messed up thanks for the memories god bless you brother.

Tommy Deluciano : 100 percent agree

Randy Otis : He now knows how wrong he was......

Michael Soto : I personally believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell. I cant believe that when  we die that's it..No, i am not a "religious" fanatic.. God is real so is Satan.. the main difference is that one offers you eternal life and the other eternal damnation..Jesus is amazing!..His love, compassion and justice is all balance.. He will never leave you nor will he use you...I pray that Ronnie is in heaven...RIP DIO

BelowAbsoluteZero : I doubt he feels this way now. No doubt he's burning in hell and knows the truth but it's too late. Salvation is through Jesus Christ and him only!

Shady Knopfler : In Italian Dio means God

Shane McNealy : Wise man!

CDenic : Ronnie James Dio, an intelligent, articulate, and seemingly decent guy, born with a voice that could shake the mountains, and who used it to bring inspiration and joy to millions, is burning in Hell. Jerry Falwell, a stupid, deluded, arrogant, hateful, self-worshiping bigot who used the ignorance, fear, superstition, and credulity of the masses to preach hatred, sow dislike, resentment, prejudice, and even founded a "university" to spread even more ignorance, fear, superstition and credulity, and cause nothing but misery, is rejoicing in Heaven. Even if this is actually true, I want no fucking part of it.

xINFINITELOOPx : When you comment on this video a certain way, attention starved people can drive traffic to their channel.  The Heaven & Hell discussion is an eternal joke, enjoy talking in circles until death equalizes the equation for you personally.  Replying to anything here is a WASTE OF YOUR TIME!!!

Christian F : 150 people need to suck it.

Marlon Ribeiro : I heard once that he was Jewish. I think it's absurd coming from anti Semites or the crazy conspiracy theorists.  Dio has always been involved in the Italian paganism and always did honor their ancestry coming from Sicily  Some say he was a wizard, more precisely one Stregue  But none of this was made ​​public by him. Never know for sure whether it is true or not.

jamesedwardtheobald : freedom fighter, much respect, RIP!!

AncientSoul22 : clearly a satanist

Dean Counts : As good and kind and decent as he was with all his charity work I believe he found out just how real heaven is because God knows he deserved it. RIP