Hikaru Nakamura Vs South African Chess Amateur: Amazing Endgame Speed
Chess Grandmaster Vs South African Hustler

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With time odds and money odds on the table, can any of these talented South African players defeat the legendary Hikaru Nakamura in speed chess?! Sign up for FREE online play: http://www.Chess.com Follow us on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/chess Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chess Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/chesscom


ceroso398 : 2:46 - I don't like this - Why? Who are you? LOL I'm dying

Khoa Lam : But that African player is actually a very good player himself. He probably knows who Hikaru is at that level

Addict C : I dont think that guy likes this

Mehmet Ihsan Okur : Did you notice? Hikaru only took his own money.

Kieran Martin : Who was this South African hustler? He's awesome but nobody cares to mention it. Yes Nakamura beat him but Nakamura is a human blitz AI machine only equaled by two other GM's in the world.

Levi Vue : That hustler was pretty good taking the gm to end game like that

Ravish Raj : That last moment when nakamura pockets the money...ūüėā

T : Hustler estimated rating? He did not seem terrible, I know terrible.. I am terrible.

Alexis Mendoza : Naka took the money that he put in bet, the other player doesn't lose money (min 4:27) and won a big experience with a god of blitz chess!!

Fajar Ramadhan : Good thing chess.com added a board on the right corner because it's pretty hard to keep up

Renato Kuramoto : He is just having a good time and being generous. I would like to play a game against Naka for five bucks.

Arif Yandi : would be very disrespectful if Naka don't take their money. They all are warrior, ready for consequences.

W Bennett : Hikaru should fire his travel agent.

SerbAtheist : 15 people didn't like this.


The Angry Economist : as a South African living in Cape Town I love these clips, great to see super GMs taking the time to visit Africa

Soy de Cuba : I dont like this" guy. was a GM. for you to know .... ;-)

Aaromal R.S : God Naka's speed is just unmatched by anyone. And he is also a good person at heart as he is even willing to play these "not-so-strong" players! This is why EVERYONE loves Naka! Way to go Naka!!

Jeff Green : He played pretty well, for a hustler. Naka still smashed him though.

Arclight24 : Naka really strong really damn fast! Kudos GM’ hukaru

90loneeagle : 3:45 and onward is Everyman for himself lmaooooo

Jorge Vargas Soto : Amateur? man, that South African guy is amazing!

me What : Naka is a cool man I like him

Alex Lom : Naka says, !!Easy money!!

tennisace : No one is mentioning he had time odds

Sean Sartor : WOW !!! That was TREMENDOUS !!! And YES The South African was a good player

Tyler Brown : "Can't catch these hands!" - Hikaru, Probably

Raphael Hudson : Amazing effort versus the best blitz player in the world

Modius : props to the hustler too, he was strong

H4CK3Rpi : Whoever keeps ringing that bell needs to be mauldd by a pack of moutain lions

Giorgos Giorgatzas : Who noticed hustler was holding nakamuras queen ?but nak found also for that a response...

Mark Gelfgat : Nakamura is a chess hustler? I don't like this.

Sarj Ojenal : Nakamura is too quick when taking his money. lol

xyzct : Wow. Naka's opponent really surprised me.

Mncedisi Mhlongo : Very nice of Mr Nakamura to come and visit South Africa and actually play a game...Much respect

Driven22 : Great to see Naka hanging out with fans, this was awesome to watch

showlegacy619 : Hikaru: I will show you da wey of chess. Don’t freeze, or you run out of time

Supernova : Damn! That dude is good to hang with Nakamura in blitz!

Shane Lawson : This guy is obviously not some homeless derelict desperado... He's good !

Roman Rash : African Chess Hustler skilled for sure!GM or not hard to say. But Nakamura on another level.

Vitaliy Chizhik : There had to be a time handicap if they were tied on time at the end. At no point did Hikaru spend more than a second on any move, while his opponent stopped to think for a few seconds many times.

superpanda9810 : 19 south african chess hustlers disliked this video

funckyman300 : "Lower your defenses, and get this man a shield"

Lass Slasher : More of this pls xD

fire fires : 2:45 i don't like this!!! why who are u!!! hahahahaha

F1ood : Its Hikaru from Hikaru no go

WarpRulez : It's hard to believe how fast Naka plays.

Tellestus 0 : That was... COOLūüĎć Both players were great!

Khairi Omer : You are so kind Nakamura ‚̧‚̧‚̧