Hikaru Nakamura Vs South African Chess Hustler: Amazing Endgame Speed

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Jarvis Morris : I don’t like this

Khoa Lam : But that African player is actually a very good player himself. He probably knows who Hikaru is at that level

Kieran Martin : Who was this South African hustler? He's awesome but nobody cares to mention it. Yes Nakamura beat him but Nakamura is a human blitz AI machine only equaled by two other GM's in the world.

Ravish Raj : That last moment when nakamura pockets the money...😂

The Notorious BeNac : Hikaru " Lets take money from african homeless no food people" Nakamura vs "I dont like this" guy.

Namesi : The 'hustler' did everything he could at the end knocking half the board over then replacing each piece a square away. Chess shouldn't be about slight of hand.

Arif Yandi : would be very disrespectful if Naka don't take their money. They all are warrior, ready for consequences.

Addict C : I dont think that guy likes this


W Bennett : Hikaru should fire his travel agent.

Aaromal R.S : God Naka's speed is just unmatched by anyone. And he is also a good person at heart as he is even willing to play these "not-so-strong" players! This is why EVERYONE loves Naka! Way to go Naka!!

Osman Işık : Why are they making so much noise?

Levi Vue : That hustler was pretty good taking the gm to end game like that

Alexis Mendoza : Naka took the money that he put in bet, the other player doesn't lose money (min 4:27) and won a big experience with a god of blitz chess!!

pawlakppp : Naku is like: wtf am I doing here?

SIOLA : This African, boy most have 2300in Elo he play really good

Fajar Ramadhan : Good thing chess.com added a board on the right corner because it's pretty hard to keep up

Coffee Chess : That queen fork at the end was nasty! I hope he didn't lose too much money :(

Renato Kuramoto : He is just having a good time and being generous. I would like to play a game against Naka for five bucks.

The Angry Economist : as a South African living in Cape Town I love these clips, great to see super GMs taking the time to visit Africa

Jeff Green : He played pretty well, for a hustler. Naka still smashed him though.

Tyler : Hustler estimated rating? He did not seem terrible, I know terrible.. I am terrible.

Samuel : When a black is good at chess he is called "hustler". When a white is good at chess he is called "Grand Master"


SerbAtheist : 15 people didn't like this.

ceroso398 : 2:46 - I don't like this - Why? Who are you? LOL I'm dying

me What : Naka is a cool man I like him

Roman Rash : African Chess Hustler skilled for sure!GM or not hard to say. But Nakamura on another level.

Vitaliy Chizhik : There had to be a time handicap if they were tied on time at the end. At no point did Hikaru spend more than a second on any move, while his opponent stopped to think for a few seconds many times.

Alex Lom : Naka says, !!Easy money!!

the mean ass dad show : love how black players are 'chess hustlers' and everyone else is a chess 'player'

Shreyas Bhatt : hustler bet 10 bucks that he will most likely loose and nakamura bet 100 bucks that he might never loose. but who cares when u get to play naka. wait do they know who naka is?!

Alex Raxach : they're all in line to lose the little money they have

Anonymous Secret : here are some chess tactics that you may have missed: 3:31 Ne2 flips, knocks the rook, and comes back. This is a deadly maneuver all chess players should master.

Arclight24 : Naka really strong really damn fast! Kudos GM’ hukaru

superpanda9810 : 19 south african chess hustlers disliked this video

valohawk : What the hell of noise

Адым Vivalde : It is so funny match :D But Why did he bet? :D :D

Driven22 : Great to see Naka hanging out with fans, this was awesome to watch

juggernaut316 : They will block the road on the way out.

Tbail1138 : You are not the queen!

Yakushii : My ears...

Doug Holtby : good  game   ..they  had  fun   ....

laalinlalin : wow nice playing

Ed Jack : Hustling speed

pranav kombe : he should give back money

chess brillancie : I don't understand why hikaru had to start the clock a second time and also why his opponent stopped playing right in the oppening.

Lawrence Akin-Odujobi : Loool this is no way to play chess... I'm not even going to scroll through the comments section, i can sense the perfect environment for racist comments a mile away, just shows logical people can still be afflicted by illogical forms of thinking.

front331 : Omg! Those hustlers should be in Olympiad. A good dog fight at the end. Great game by both.

Tony Cruse : Omg. That speed at the end!!