The Batman Complex - Ultimate Trailer

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AListProductions : Still my favorite fan film series ever made. LOVE IT

Alex Luthor : There are tears in my eyes! This is so brilliant, you put all of us to shame with this phenomenal work! I hope that this means that you are back

Joshua Maddock : The Revenant fit in perfectly. Kudos my friend.

flameknight7 : If I haven't see any of these movies then I'd truly believe this was coming out. AMAZING

Greed70 : I am so happy you continued this and now with more footage it seems like it came full circle. The way I interpret the trailer is that this is a universe in which there is no Batman, but there are those who have a heavy burden of guilt and a hero complex thus the multiple patients who once believed they were Batman. Dom was able to cure them, but Christian Bale is a tougher case. So I guess the plan is Eames will play as Bane so he can break Bale psychologically and from there they can rebuild him, but like Dom Bale has a projection [Joker] that seems to have a lot of control and won't leave him alone. Now the Inception crew along with Bale must team up to defeat Joker to finally cure him. The end of the trailer seems like they are doing more harm than good and are destroying the Bale personality and might be freeing the Batman or Joker personality.

Chaitanya Sai : This is just mind blowing.

Hippyzilla : What an absolute masterpiece. I'm now hooked on the storyline from a movie that doesn't exist.

Beau S : It is definitely not the Batman series we got. But it IS the one we deserved.

aaronsbot : This is friggin awesome! man o man! I wish this was a real movie! Batman is a really a crazy dude, so a doctor performs inception to make him think he is batman to escape reality! But then the doctor himself gets lost in this world. LOVE IT!

ShadesAtKnight : I freaked out when I saw this in my subscriptions. Amazing work. You're the man!

WhiplashDynamo : Another Masterpiece.

The Restroom : Everyone that is interpreting this differently is right. It's a "trailer" guys, we're not supposed to fully understand. That's why we gotta wait for it to come out in theatres. A good trailer makes you want to see the movie without giving the entire plot away. Good job op!

BWSMITTY : i hope you do more of these. They are entertaining as fudge. Maybe do one with superman?

The Tykjen : If the creator of this made every movie trailer...what a wonderful world that would be.

centperk : I also love how you incorporated Battfleck and The Revenant in this, good job all around!

xBinksy : this is so good wtf

Andrew Erickson : You sir have a gift, love your work! 2:36 - me after watching this trailer

Fun Filmz Productions : never did I ever think I would see another trailer for this, and NEVER in a million years did I think it'd be better than the second one you did, but you managed to pull it off, props to you good sir

Simon Colton : This is fucking amazing. I was only watching the previous trailers recently, and thought to myself "it's a pity he didn't make more". I'm so glad to have been wrong.

baron : holy shit this would be amazing if all thee movies we're combined

over18irish : That is one hell of a mashup.

Anthony! : This series of trailers will always be my favorite in the fan-editing community. Well done

Bodyguard89 : Yoooo this fan trailer was amaking. Someone send this to akasan or Tyrone Magnus to react to this so themanbatman can get more recognized. ! Keep up the good work and send this trailer to top,reactors so you can get more views. Love it !

KR Presents : You haven't lost your touch!

Klamath 2046 : Goodness me. The concept of this is as good as its execution. Marvellous

Loreweaver : If you aren't working in a trailer company you're doing a disservice to society.

Ping Pong Kimchi : I was waiting for you to do this again! I just knew you were going to this again. And you didn't disappoint. :)

Matthew Robinson : The holy man of fan trailers returns.

nlb329 : Incredible

JasonVoorhees2011 : You have not lost your touch one bit. Well done.

nerdsman567 : Yay, a new trailer! I was afraid you abandoned this channel altogether. But I'm glad you're still making these amazing fan trailers. Thank you! :)

crazy days : I would watch the shit out of this.

Steven Creighton : this was beautifully cut together, even seeing all the movies you used it felt as if this was a completely new story. I'm so hyped to see this movie that will never happen.

Dani De Santa : This is a work of genius! Themanbatman, you did it again!

Jason Gogela : If only someone in Hollywood had the guts and vision to make such a film. It would be amazing.

Zachary Merrill : The greatest movie that was never made.

Danny Todd : This would likely be in my top 5 movies if this were produced.

Derrick Haynes : Can anyone let me know the name of the music used for this?

Jabikz : can't wait

Assassin1250 : You had me going for a minute, had to do a double check to make sure this wasnt an actual trailer

Thiago dos Santos. : Amazing! Extraordinary Job!

Cinema Electric : From one editor to another, incredible work. Must have taken a lot of time and patience to get the structure right!

officialkarzele : Had this movie been made it would easily be my favorite! This is GOLD! The concept, the atmosphere of the trailer, the presented story. I WATCH THIS EVERY DAY AND NEVER GET BORED! Give themanbatman a medal.

Angger PB : Dear DC, this is the origin movie we all deserve.

mah tay : This would nicely wrap up the Batman franchise. As Star wars has a suggested "machete order", so could this (movie) be viewed at the end of all the batman movies, making the viewing of those- even with George Clooney- worth while,

Armando Hernández : this is what happened to heath ledger

Mark Anderson : Leo is Professor Hugo Strange, really f'ing with Bruce's and mind and memory. I can dig it. The movie they should have made instead of The Dark Knight Rises. Well done.

ARCHANGEL : Such a unique and perfect idea.