How much does it cost to fix up a run-down laundromat?
How much does it cost to fix up a run down laundromat

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This video was shot by my brother to show how much this month I had to pay him to fix most of my equipment - Ben does most of the equipment work at the laundromat, so if someone is to blame for stuff going down, IT IS HIM! However buying a run-down laundromat is tough work since none of the equipment's condition, quirks, issues is known. STANDARD PROCEDURE would be to gut the place, but those videos wouldn't be nearly as fun as weekly updates with my laundromat! Visit our discord - Don't forget you STILL can get TWO FREE STOCKS FROM WEBULL and also help support InvestmentJoy @ Also I do post mini-updates on my Instagram at If you're curious what kind of equipment I use to make my videos, the whole list is at AND the security cameras I use at the trailer park & laundromat!