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Nitro Rad : I look forward to this every year

schmoyoho : starting a change dot org petition to make this the national anthem

Kinky gaming : I waited 1 year for this video. You did not disappoint me

Allee Willis : I CO-WROTE SEPTEMBER! Love how you honor it!

West Los Angeles Children's Choir : Thanks for inviting us to be your guest stars!! Happy September 21st everyone. ICE CREAM FOR ALL!! Love, The West Los Angeles Children's Choir

Louis Quinn : I hope the budget just keeps getting bigger every year until eventually we're dealing with fireworks, supporting dancers, a tux, Time Square setting, etc.

NosterafuTV : The highlight of the year. every yeary.

StickMaster500 : I believe I do remember

funnymime123 : This is the rare example of a perfect video.

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Top post, front page Reddit. 9/21/18

Jason C : Forget all these "10 things that you shock you" and "Korean mom react to porn stars" -> This is the reason youtube was invented. Thank you for making me smile today... on Sept 21st.

Dan Noppenberger : I was so nervous you’d be too busy to do this.

Manda Miller : Best believe this was in my calendar for this exact reason... I got the notification for that and then the notification for THIS!

Paul Muller : This is honestly the highlight of my birthday.

Laura Trulli : 9/21 is my wedding anniversary, my husband and I love watching for the new video each year. Great job!!

Kam : This was so pure. Thank you for putting this out into the world.

Painful Mediocrity : I'm so happy you remembered!

Redhead O Rama : I look forward to these videos more than my own birthday

Lauren Nacuers : I stayed up til 3am 22/9 just for this and im not disappointed

Philip Smith : This is my birthday and I was waiting for this video - I plan on buying 2 shirts for this special day. The only sad thing about today is how I’ll have to wait a whole year for your next video

silver : This was worth the wait.

Abraham Hernandez : See Y’all Next Year....

El Spooky : The Man, The Myth, THE LEGEND it's back.

Nick Goebel : "I think we got it." Understatement of the year.

Thomas Müller : best guy and best song on the internet!

Sage21 : Welp, worth waiting 1 year for.

Ang Ela : Love this video!! I will be watching every year. The kids are fabulous! Great job West Los Angeles Children's Choir!

Saxa : You’re doing the world a justice

caroliineyall : thank you for being a light in this world, demi. i hope you have the best life

The Stupid Mario Bros : when it hits 9/21/23 this dude is gonna have a netflix film

themadpoet : Thank you so much. This is the best birthday gift I will ever get, every year

Maxwell 'Smoopy' : This makes me very happy, Thank you, demi.


C List : It made laugh after a tense week. Thank you

Adam Kane : I've had a reminder in my phone about today since like March.

twankyjoe : Why can't all life be like this. Look at all those lovely people having fun together.

Tucker Collins : My dude dude I LOVE the slow arm move at like 0:32

madgrinchhatter : Didn’t you just post this a second ago?

Locke : See you in 2019, folks.

AgentFoxMulder : Okay, I thought I was all celebrated out after National Cheeseburger Day this week, but I think I have some cheer left for 9/21. This masterpiece reminds me of those subtle joys in life that are unexpected, but full of happiness. Thanks for posting!!

Matt Schieffer : Watched 3 or 4 times before seeing the end part. Awesome.

Jasmin Jessa : Chicken nuggets

Diana Marie Rovero : It's 21:19pm here in London and honest to god, I've been waiting for this all year

Fola May : Dancing to this now as I close out the 21st night of September! Already looking forward to next year's video. The kids choir is adorable!

onee : I do remember, cause it's my birthday today. :P

Neo Noe : Those poor children

SchoolofRockNRoll : I cherish this day more than my actual birthday

Life Hacks & Cool Products : It gets better and better every year lol, Looking forward to September 21st now!

Ahegao Intensifies : A beautiful yearly tradition

Aphrodite's Ragged Strap-on : How the hell are you going to top this