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MintyHD : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jim Bob : Dogecoin is a great experiment. How far can memes take a coin?

Joel Font : This makes me want to...buy a dog

Prevost H3-45 : ONE OF THE BEST SO FAR!

Llewln : 10/10

dane’s Channel : Nice

Potato Princess : MUCH WOW

droptable9 : Don't stop Doge now.. Such WOW :)

Kristen Rose : Does it count if it's the same person commenting multiple times

T&T Gaming Quest : So much wow.

Ник Илиев : bot views

ZChum : Hey everyone. Thank you all for the feedback and comments and views and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON

MN NICE Gaming : I want the dog

1sandiego1 : my portfolio consits of 80% Doge and 20% tether. Do you think I should go all in on dodge?

Dooglasso : ty for bringing this into my life

Martin Bradshaw : This was a pretty bad video, sorry

kathryn beagle : It’s been a month and I still know nothing about cryptocurrency but I’m here for the memes

Geraldine Simpson : cheater

xone5447 : That soundtrack... 🤣

Niko Vladoceour : Doge stop me now

Nathan Bui : Love the soundtrack!

brandon garcia : I thought the wolf of Wall Street was Leonardo

Cedar Emily : awesome

Kristen Rose : I MEANT WIN ZAC WIN

Kristen Rose : WON ZAC WIN

Kristen Rose : Because I can do this all day fam

Kristen Rose : More comments

Nanette Santos : this guy bought views

Icy : best minute of my life, well done Doge!

gorillabiscuits : Def the best one

JungleG1337 : LMAO thats fun.

T&T Gaming Quest : Grow baby grow!

Zachary Criswell : This is by far, the most amazing and educational video on cryptocurrency I have ever seen. Much Coin. Very profit.

Source2get : This is great, thanks for making it 😊

Brandon Seamon : I don’t understand crypto currency, I’m just here to support ZChum for making this trash <3

Tastylicious Studio : DON'T DOGE ME NOW!!!

T&T Gaming Quest : This is what I am talking about. Doge master

Grant on YouTube : This is art.

Jake Balsam : Very coin. Much Lambos.

Alan Wilson : Still good 4 weeks later

Father Caro : Father, i crave...more. I implore you. I need. MORE. DOGE. AAAAAAAAAAAAA

Diana H : gabe's bork tho. Miss him.

Joseph Pelloni : I've watched this 30 times now. Gonna go all in DOGE

John pettit : ❤️

kathryn beagle : Love this and love you! ❤️ go zac go!

Kristen Rose : YAAAS ZAC YAAAS

Arthur Pazeli : Best I’ve seen until now!

Mads Ottobrøker : Haha nice video :D

Father Caro : VERY UPLIFTING. much happy c: