Toyotathon Holiday Commercial: Jancapella | Toyota

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SilkSatin Paradise : I can't remember ever seeing a pair of ugly eyebrows before people started drawing them on themselves.

J. Ward : I don't always watch Toyota on youtube. But when I do, EYEbrows

Alex Christian : Jan has a unibrow, and by that I mean one of them fell off, leaving her with just one.

ted dancin : this is real low brow humour

The King Slayer : Go and fix your eyebrow.

Mr. Cuddles : they eyebrown falling off is like the reference to the american made shit that their cars have now become.

Eduardo Martinez : Anyone see her eyebrow falling off at 0:25?

Calvin Frederick : 2018 Toyota iBrow Hybrid

Cool Beans : She's scary looking.

Connor Mitchell : So annoying

Greg Miller : Trombone must have caught her in the eyebrow.

Joe Smith : Way to ruin a great Christmas song Toyota! This song has such deep meaning and has NOTHING to do with buying a foreign car.

Southsideman : EXCELLENT!

godmoney518 : Middle row, far right...who TF acts like that?

EB : I have been saying for years that your advertising is garbage. Lying and misrepresenting all of your cars, but this is just on a whole other level of laziness. Love your cars, but you really need to fire who ever is in charge of this crap

Hilla P : Why is her eyebrow falling off??

Jason Bass : somebody in the marketing department is about to lose their job.

achillesRising, the Knight of Rage : rip right eyebrow

A.E. W. : This is a brilliant but low brow marketing ploy to get clicks and free press. Well played!

NoFilter : Eyebrows on fleek. Who else came here from reddit? hahaha

Henry Babor : yuk

Mc Slappy : Annoying!