Childish Gambino - Redbone (Solo Bass Arrangement with Tabs)

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Javier Perez Grau : Never listen to this song before, but it sounds so peaceful and harmonious in the way you played....Great as always...

MrXxoo6161 : awesome its so realllll!! nice bro

long-time listener , first-time caller : badass! you got groove B-)

Rodrick Darby : hot damn! outstanding job bro! love it!

Chronos 118 : great arrangement! and thank you for tabbing it very helpful

sacredsisi : I finally have it down after watching your video and the tabs that came along! Thank you so much!! Do I have permission to upload a cover if I credit you? (I upload on Instagram)

Erick Sebastián Fiol Cota : I loved it

Erick Sebastián Fiol Cota : My friend, i couldnt understand the tabs, can you explain me a little

dakerthandank : Where are the tabs????!!!!

Manuel Romero Ramos : Excelente video!!

Ruth gonzalez vega : sube el video de havana de camila

Caleb Valenzuela : Excelente trabajo Anthony Como siempre, sigue así

Eduardo Loreto : Dude this is awesome !

Gégébassecover : I love listening this song, good job !

enderfall2000 : Amazing...