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An adaptation of Hamlet where Hamlet is a popular vlogger who frequently posts his breakdowns online — EDIT: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 300+ SUBSCRIBERS! I seriously cannot thank you enough for all of the kind words and support. I hope Shakespeare is turnt way tf up about people enjoying his work all these centuries later and not in a library or classroom setting I’m so SO happy with the online reception this has gotten in the last few days. I will be doing more of these, the goal is THE ENTIRE PLAY!! For right now I’m researching how best to tackle an entirely vlog format but this is definitely goiter to be a thing. Some background: I originally made this in the stead of auditioning for a film that would give me my SAG card. The reason why I didn’t go through with the audition was that they were specifically looking for a black character to play a no-good methhead criminal, and I couldn’t be on board with that. There is so, SO much space now for inclusion of black actors, and I want to prove that. Thank you for helping me prove that So Shakespeare! You all did this, I really can’t thank you enough, this is gonna be an interesting ride to say the least #Theatre #Hamlet #Shakespeare

Comments from Youtube

TikiShades : This is probably the best performance I've seen of this monologue. You're so naturally expressive that its easy to understand what's being said without need to know the language. There's a lot to be learned from this.

Ruth Emily : I really enjoy these kinda interpretations of Shakespeare because the plays at the time weren't about being all pompous and stylised. They were all about having a laugh and seeing relateable characters and this kind of approach really shows it. Shakespeare would have loved this and I do too.

Lou Bold : I saw this on Tumblr and had to come here because it's the best and funniest thing I've seen in a long time and you deserve so many views for this! I've watched it so many times already and it's amazing every single time 😂

glowCoG : I would definitely watch another one of these soliloquies. Thank you for making Shakespeare accessible 😊

KappaBooks : I can't express how much I want this to be turned into a full length movie

loona lesbian : every other Shakespeare interpretation is invalid this is the ONLY style of Shakespeare I will accept from now on

Jack Fox : This is such a great performance! The adaptation of a vlog format for a soliloquy is not only a fun reimagining of the setup, but fits well with Hamlet as a character. Your pacing and intonation gives the scene a fresh feeling, in a way that though I've heard the words several times over, it was much like seeing it for the first time. and it was just overall delightful af to watch and i'm sure good ol' billy shakes's ghost is smiling down on you

Ane Arzelus : I just wanted to let you know that this video got over 36k reblogs on Tumblr and has been admired for its brilliance all over the world!

Marilyn Frazier : This was so much more grounded, human, and relatable than so many other interpretations of Shakespeare. I think the way you portrayed it is how Shakespeare meant for his plays to be portrayed. Not as this pompous, lofty, inaccessible thing, but something everyone from any background or class could feel on a visceral level. The meaning of this soliloquy- Hamlets loss of will to live but fear of what comes after, the limbo he exists in for so much of the story- comes across so much clearer with the way you expressed it here.

Uran sh'Voria : That was amazing! I love Hamlet, and I'd LOVE to see your interpretation of his character with some of his other monologues!!

Michelle Lee : Honestly I'm not a fan of the bard and plays in general but I really like your interpretation of this! Totally fits with Hamlet's mo

Kirsten Erika Paulson : This single video is immediately my #1 favorite film/screen adaptation of my #1 favorite play ever? The only thing I want now is the whole thing done like this. I can’t wait to see what you do!

Alanna Shadrake : I am at least 200% here for this interpretation. Modern settings for Shakespeare work for a damn reason—the guy didn’t write Hamlet as a period piece. I love the concept, and your delivery is great. (On a more selfish note, I’m gonna need a full soliloquy in this format, because I’m buzzing with the thought of giving the English teachers in my life a cool new resource).

Uniworks : This is one of my favorite videos on the internet. You did a really good job on modernizing this monologue!

Polunderpunk : Wow. This is.....amazing!

Erry : I straight up love this so much. I am here for the Shakespeare content, I hope you do other soliloquies! Your delivery gave me chills.

Todd Lazarus : This is brilliant work! I can't say I've laughed this hard at this since Reduced Shakespeare. You get the voice of a Vlog really well but keep the verse.

angelique : This video is starting to get passed around in my theater circles. It's done extremely well! Keep it up- we'd love to see more :)

Jupiter Rowe : this is the most entertaining thing to think about tbhhh this vid is so good,, i love the delivery my dude!!!

Penelope K. : Found this while studying for Shakespeare, I'm tempted to show it to my professor 😂

gabriel : The delivery is so good!! Love this :)

Emma Kiermaier : this is amazing. shakespeare would've loved this!

Calysta Rose : This is amazing! You embodied this so perfectly. Thank you.

Christine Baik : This is such incredible acting!!

Jarys Maragopoulos : Wow, this is incredibly on point. Excellent work on the material into the medium being satirized. I LOLed

mesmithy1 : Love this Hamlet! Great modern interpretation. 100% want to see more.

juliana75 : This is one of the best takes I've seen on this soliloquy. Thank you so much for sharing, and I'm subscribing in hopes of seeing more!

Writer10389 : Please do more Shakespeare!!!! You are so, so, so good at it!

batyatoon : I commented on this on tumblr months and it didn't occur to me to leave a comment here, and I realized maybe I should fix that. Dude, this and its sequels are AMAZING and I am absolutely here for anything else you do along these lines.

Sidra Siddiqui : Bless this video and th channel

Melissa Samms : Had to pop by here and show my love! This is great!

Shut Up, Sprinkles! : I need more of this.

WB Sims : Shakespeare in the internet age

Mel O : This is what Shakespeare would have wanted

My Lovely Dead Friends : good stuff!!

Osary drawings : I found this on tumblr and wow ! your performance is a way better than my last semiotic class

Chris Giddings : This is the best thing I’ve ever even and I’m so here for it

Bookworm8793 : This is so well done! Not only would Shakespeare have loved the idea of Hamlet vlogging his own existential angst, but your delivery is spot-on. I have a lot of feelings about making Shakespeare accessible and relatable, particularly to kids, and I would love to see you do more famous soliloquies in a similar format.

Angie Syl : ur awesome !!!