Fighting brown bears
Fighting brown bears

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Filmed in September 2016 with Canon EOS 5D Mark III


Kali Kiel : It sounds like the combination of a bull and a lion. So massive and powerful.

plewis415 : Wow the sound alone is really terrifying. Imagine that on top of you.

Thomas Mahoney : At the beginning, it's like they were both thinking, this is really going to hurt, do we really want to do this?

etikkboksen : Wow those are two big chubby boys hu. A great mix of fat and muscles, beautiful animals. Kings of the forest.

KitsuKame : There's nothing happeni- 1:00 OHMYGOD

Cass Griffon : And this is for *that guy* who says he could probably take on a bear and win if he really had to. Yeah. No.

npc1235813 -6 : Not gonna make any friends that way lol

noname305 its me : Thats a scary sight. Not one female better ask me to protect her from a bear. By the time she finish the word babe im already pushing a 4.3 flat

Everton Miranda : Raw nature in sound, color and action. Congratulations for the footage of this special moment.

Dtyler171 : 00:46 Sorry sir, something is wrong with your engine.

Asterio : Wow!!! that' was quick!!!  how deceiving these animals are. They go around all slow and stuff and in a second they get as quick as a cat. Scary shit.

David Keyson : Lookin at each other sideways, never a good sign...

Matt s : That's how me and my wife greet each other in the mornings

IGOTAJOP America : It sounds like Joy Behar on "The View".

Mark Garduno : A Bear on you like that will snap you like a twig 😬😵😲

les antoine : Somebody need to separate those two .

FBI 2230 : Nice filming. That sound alone is terrifying. It would be nice to know what their saying to each other.

Robert Mastnak : Clash of the titans ...

Yoshy Deamlo : Where's khabib when you need him

Forward Observer : I saw a couple of Kodiaks in the Barcelona Zoo go at it in 1970. Impressive in many ways. That’s why I remain in the lower 48.

Halla : You can literally see their bodies getting ready for a fight. The andrenaline building up. The mouth watering and teeth ready to bite. Then BAM! He’s got him in by the ear.

dematson : Daniel, are you sure you didn't also have a teleconverter on that 100-400 lens?

Nill Gddy : The liberals are trying to get bear fighting banned. Toxic masculinity

Chester Copperpot : BEAR 1: Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?!? BEAR 2: No, sir. I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir! Bear 1: Quarrel, sir? Bear 2: No, sir! Bear 1: ARRRGGGHHHH! Bear 2: ROOOAAARRR!! End scene.

Brandon Daniels : Here before Joe Rogan 😂😂😂

Young Rios : I'm convinced bear survival tips do not work

I love Tea : Amazing how fast they can fight

Jamaa L : Brown on Brown crime. Smfh

Mr.comments : Did you see how fast that bear snapped 0 to 120 with no 60 in between startled me a bit lol

Bababouey :} : Absolutely terrifying

onceuponthecross1 : in awe of the size on those lads

Andrewm3 : Well that escalated quickly...

CareForSomeTea : the bear was waiting to be hit first so it could be self defense no jail time

Reapov : The speed of the initial attack was most impressive.

Local _rels : When you find the dude who's been hearting your girls pic

Craig Dobbin : 1:00 that pounce was like a viper strike

LowFye Art : they need sum milk

TheRhinoGamer 2 : This video is alpha AF

Naught Guile : Looking at how powerful these beasts are, I doubt if a Lion or a Tiger stands a chance in a 1v1 with a grizzly bear.

Eliza Star : I was sleepily watching and when the bear jumped on the other, scared the crap out of me...😲 How'd u like to hear that outside your night.

Sven-Bertil Tååbe : Lol, they are very respectfullto each-other. More like "telling-off" than a fight. No harm done, haha.

The storm is letting up : And this ladies and gents.. is how brown bears could shred you to pieces

САША ЕРЕМИН : Оператор на свой айфон снимал и попкорн жрал. В России полюбас😄

John Doe : “Just play dead”.... cuz your gonna be...!!!! Holy Lord

Sasafras : what adorable creatures ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Christopher B. : I wouldn't be anywhere near that. But the power , the teeth, the claws. But so beautiful and majestic.

Bokaj01 : 0:18 Crows/ravens in the background: “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

SailorAllan : first bear---dude, we got ALL of Finland, and you gotta get all up in MY stuff?

San Jose : It's all fun and games until someone loses a tooth