Fighting brown bears

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Khyrid : Good advice: If ever attacked by a bear, your chances of survival are greatly increased if you are also a bear.

Kali Kiel : It sounds like the combination of a bull and a lion. So massive and powerful.

plewis415 : Wow the sound alone is really terrifying. Imagine that on top of you.

Thomas Mahoney : At the beginning, it's like they were both thinking, this is really going to hurt, do we really want to do this?

KitsuKame : There's nothing happeni- 1:00 OHMYGOD

noname305 its me : Thats a scary sight. Not one female better ask me to protect her from a bear. By the time she finish the word babe im already pushing a 4.3 flat

Cass Griffon : And this is for *that guy* who says he could probably take on a bear and win if he really had to. Yeah. No.

Yoshy Deamlo : Where's khabib when you need him

B H : You sure that isn’t a black bear? Cheap shot from behind lol

les antoine : Somebody need to separate those two .

Dtyler171 : 00:46 Sorry sir, something is wrong with your engine.

FBI 2230 : Nice filming. That sound alone is terrifying. It would be nice to know what their saying to each other.

Matt s : That's how me and my wife greet each other in the mornings

preludeF20Bking : And we still have silly tiger fanboys thinking tigers actually stand any chance against a brown bear/grizzly. Tigers struggle with tiny sloth bears.

Mark Garduno : A Bear on you like that will snap you like a twig 😬😵😲

Robert Mastnak : Clash of the titans ...

Chester Copperpot : BEAR 1: Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?!? BEAR 2: No, sir. I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir! Bear 1: Quarrel, sir? Bear 2: No, sir! Bear 1: ARRRGGGHHHH! Bear 2: ROOOAAARRR!! End scene.

Al Rivers : There's no lion or tiger on earth that would stand a chance against either of these two

David Keyson : Lookin at each other sideways, never a good sign...

Everton Miranda : Raw nature in sound, color and action. Congratulations for the footage of this special moment.

IGOTAJOP America : It sounds like Joy Behar on "The View".

Halla : You can literally see their bodies getting ready for a fight. The andrenaline building up. The mouth watering and teeth ready to bite. Then BAM! He’s got him in by the ear.

Forward Observer : I saw a couple of Kodiaks in the Barcelona Zoo go at it in 1970. Impressive in many ways. That’s why I remain in the lower 48.

npc1235813 -6 : Not gonna make any friends that way lol

Bababouey :} : Absolutely terrifying

CareForSomeTea : the bear was waiting to be hit first so it could be self defense no jail time

Jack Douglas : Turn up on him cuuh.... WEAVE WEAVE

Brandon Daniels : Here before Joe Rogan 😂😂😂

Andro Nekić : And people say silverback gorrilas would win against a fully grown kodiak bear...

LowFye Art : they need sum milk

Jamaa L : Brown on Brown crime. Smfh

David Carrero : Imagine being in the middle of that shit?

I love Tea : Amazing how fast they can fight

teejay Trujillo : Someone from PETA get out there and break that up!

elgriego331 : This is truly the king of carnivores!

Harry Topper : No cat can survive that kind of attack

etikkboksen : Wow those are two big chubby boys hu. A great mix of fat and muscles, beautiful animals. Kings of the forest.

Local _rels : When you find the dude who's been hearting your girls pic

Amer J : This video deserves more views , much more !

Craig Dobbin : 1:00 that pounce was like a viper strike

StephenNu9 : The bears should thank their lucky stars that I wasn't there. I'd have jumped in a kick both their asses.

Andrewm3 : Well that escalated quickly...

Karl J : I've never understood why bears and dogs fight like this with exposing their necks and slowly approaching each other side by side diagonally. It's crazy how they haven't evolved their way of fighting, if i was a bear fighting another bear i would never expose my neck like that and make the fight purely about who get's the first and lucky bite of the others neck. I'd rather keep the distance and strike with the paws, try pushing the other bear or wrestle it to the ground and then bite the neck if on top.

onceuponthecross1 : in awe of the size on those lads

TheRhinoGamer 2 : This video is alpha AF

Tanner Hughes : What’s really scary is when you’re out hunting moose in brush so thick that you can’t see more than 10 feet through the woods, and a bear starts charging back and fourth from 25 feet to 15 feet and roughly and it starts barking at you with a extremely deep bark. Those were the biggest goose bumps I’ve ever had in my life.

Sasafras : what adorable creatures ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TechnicallyToxicity : Damn nature, you scary!

Badass Bassist : Sounds like an angry chewbacca

Randy Douglas : The aggressor who was pushing and encroaching on the other's space got the worst of it! Even after the fact, he continued trying to push the other bear either forcing him to fight or make him back down! Too bad the videographer did not continue filming and post the outcome of the conflict!