We need to talk... *bad news*

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LyBsNose : It's okay dad

Drew Braden : Hide the company, your subscribers know of your company and we'll spread the word. Btw I'm getting a bottle from your company.

David Nguyen : NCAA hit an all time low.

12 345 : Create a Neptune promo channel,that has no mention of your name,face,etc.

Average F1Gamer : I love your channel and would hate for u to go away. Its your choice but i love your running videos, and we will still buy the neptune bottles. Best of luck!

Sarah V : Why is NCAA doing this to people?! Why are they taking things that college students love, they are supposed to support you guys. This is so frustrating and I'm so sorry this happened to u. This ISNT FAIR UGH

Joshua Moran : Let a close friend or family member run the company while you're at A&M. You can make the decisions and have the money made be set aside or quietly be given to you while they technically own the company. There has to be some kind of work around dude. I definitely don't think you should give up on making videos because you have a real talent for it and it gives me a pretty good laugh every day. Hang in there and think outside the box.

Ethan Ennis : How about us in the comment section market Neptune and you just pin the comments about them

Shadow Phoenix : No I hope this is not happening to Ryan too.

SkyCole : Dude you have to keep the running blogs going, it might be difficult to give up the branding but running and you go together greatly.

iRosati : I saw this video on a lot of news sites. ESPN, USA Today, Daily Mail

Emilio Avila : Let's get Phillip DeFranco on this rn

Sam Weiler : Can we file a petition to overturn this rule??

Hyper Curve : You’ll get through this Ryan. Stay strong!!!

Tarheel Trusty23 : We will just plug Neptune for you Ryan it's fine

Rod Myers : Hi ryan its coach myers son hope you'll be ok with your channel.

Cole Smith : I found you with running, your company was just something that made just you that much better

Thomas Sparkle : Ryan you’re an absolute inspiration to everyone. I know the decision you have to make will be a tough one, but i’m sure it’ll be the right one.

Logan Call : Will you have to delete all your posts and videos about your bottles or can u leave them? Also, this might be a stupid question, but I can't find any of the 36 Oz Neptune bottles r they out of stock?

michael janzer : Put the company on hold man, plenty of time after college to do that, you only have the next four years to run collegiately

Quinn Jacobs : Dang man. I can't really offer you any advice other than to follow your heart. Putting myself in your shoes, I'd have no idea what to do. Best of luck man, no matter what you decide we love you.

SkyCole : 1 view squad/notification squad!

Clos MasMas : It's your decision, but I really want you to keep posting running videos.

Gabe Lindblom : Come to the NAIA lmao

Xavier Gallo : You'll figure it out. I wish you the best of luck

Jonny Sampier : I love you , I support you

Runaflex : One way a company grows - is to leave it to the consumers. We'll tell people about how awesome it is and sort of do the job for you ;)

Christopher Lara : Take this to the news "a young entrepreneur "

Logan Call : When the NCAA ruins your ability to promote your company so you start thinking about other ideas and you think, well I'll just sign autographs for money instead . . . oh wait . . . THANKS NCAA!!!

Ben Hylen : Start a revolt against the unethical rules of the NCAA like pre tried to

Chris lol : 1

MJC : I think you may have known about this before hand? These are not new rules. If you indeed worked at McD's you could not promote them either. Because you are a amateur athlete afforded many benefits from the school & NCAA that others are not. Look to structure your company under a family members name and have them run it for the next 4 years. You and many others may not like this correlation of your situation. But this is very similar to President Trump and all his holdings having forfeit running them because he and the companies could unduly prosper because of his position. You are a smart young man you will figure this out. Best of luck in all you do.

Carlos Santos : Can we not start a petition?

ASmith 30 : we got u with neptune still a supporter notification squad

Pleco Joey : I hope it goes ok man

Kevin Fabila : It’s all good Ryan we will spread the word about your company! You inspired me to start making content and it would be a pleasure to give your company a shout out! Keep up the amazing work and make a decision that makes you happy!

Husam Saleh : Bad things happen to good people 😔

Lucas Barnes : Thanks you for inspiring me and others#goat

River Truett : Your youtube is the best you’re the only good running Chanel 🤦‍♂️

Salvatore Pepe : Ryan idk how you feel about this but I think this is a perfect opportunity to start a movement with other NCAA athletes and try to get this changed. It's not fair that you be put in this situation!! use this as an opportunity to make a change!!! I believe in you!!

Mhezz16 : You'll get through it your an awesome runner and buisness owner BTW I have a Neptune bottle

Tanner Baras : Yo Ryan I believe you can make the right choice, you already know what’s the right thing to do. And the video with the pick up lines was a total knee slapper! I bought a 36oz. Neptune bottle it’s supper awesome ! <3

Chris McGalliard : Dude this is so hard for me to watch, and this situation is just messed up for you. You've inspired me more than you can probably realize. Just please know that

Sean Rogers : First

ASmith 30 : i'm gonna get a neptune bud

Ben Dixon : I can’t afford one

Bretzky : Cute he thinks he has a company.

Peter Porker : The NCAA has no problem making money off of your likeness, but as soon as you, the athlete, makes a cent off of themselves, that's when they have an issue. The NCAA is an absolute joke.

May's Coinrollhunting and Metal Detecting : i usually talk trash to you bro but today i support you

W W : Black