We need to talk... *bad news*

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Beth Court : Just found your channel, you have taught me a lot in less than 10min. As a mom and professional (nurse) that is trying to run for good cardiac health. I’ve read some of the comments and can’t image the weight in your shoulders right now. However the mom in me says “school, school, school”!!! Let you family or a close friend that helps you video run the company while you run for school. Get a degree and some NCAA titles and when you graduate you have the best of both worlds. Not sure any of us can make this decision for you, good luck 🍀👍🏻 PS I live in Fayetteville AR and our history at the NCAA is great but agree about the limits they put on students while the money just pours in 😢

N00BST4R : You should just do running and not advertise your bottles... We can have your neptune links in the comment section and you can pin them or something

Speedy E : I don't get how its negatively impacting anyone- so.... why would they make restrictions like that

kyle coleman : They did this to the YouTuber Deestroying too.

Maria Proctor : They wont allow you to just keep 2 separate accounts? This is ridiculous!

Ethan Hugh : We will support you either way man!😃

JR Films : Hey dude, just saw what happened to you on social media, a few years ago I went through the same thing. I wasnt allowed to start or operate my company while receiving a scholarship from the school. I had two choices. Leave, or stay and dont make a living. I left, and my company is doing great. I finished my college education somewhere else, for much less money. If you have a strong YouTube presence (which you do) keep grinding my man. Dont let the NCAA stop you, they have NOTHING without the student athlete. An instutution built on things like this is always going to fall and I think you have some really good content and could bing this elsewhere, outside of school. Im dropping a like subbing and gunna comment somemore to help boost this video. Goodluck dude. Hope this works out for you.

Jeremy Miller : https://youtu.be/efNMyJdAzSs in case you missed it!

Eloi Jeshua Ramirez : This is like what happened to Deestroying.

Yoni Loren : Make another channel for Running that you won't mention your Company on:) Good luck! Yoni

Bill Gig : These rules r so dumb I subbed for the great running videos u make

Bryan Urizar : It’s ridiculous how they cannot encourage and support a young entrepreneur. Stupid.

Judit Nagy : If you don't get to post videos anymore, I think I can speak for everyone, we understand. At the end of the day, it's YOUR life

asmpoohbear : Damn this succs. I read it on the CC site and thought the whole situation was bs... (oh and a random note, I passed by Cyboran today on campus, which was kinda exciting because I saw him your videos)

Daniel Padilla : Friendly reminder to buy a Neptune water bottle bc fuck the ncaa

Lucas Nunez : meanwhile football players are receiving money to play on collegiate division I teams........unfair....

Ryan Dalaba : What are you gonna do?? NCAA is trash

Jose Leclerc : Go with your company.

kieran schmidt : Fuckin sucks to hear that man... they just don't wanna see you become bigger than them. They know you have more potential than them to do and become greater than them, especially considering how well you're doing at a young age already. I hope everything turns out in your favor man.

Karlo Legasto : Saw the post on letsrun. That NCAA rule sucks. Neptune will still be there even after college.

spencer Busby : That's some bullshit fuck the NCAA

Miguel Jaojoco : This is hard, but we are here for you Ryan. I can try to help if you want by spreading the word.

Mercenary 1914 : I subscribed to you just like I did Deestroying. NCAA is a joke.

AmazingSalamence : This isn't right. I'm sorry Ryan :(

Angel World : Don’t stop running brotha your talented and also keep doing running videos and more!

Hahss jdnnsnsnx : 2 separate accounts all running and one company without identity

Josh Matta : Your company will be there after college. If you quit the NCAA you will directly hurt them by them losing coverage and media from the lost of your participation. You could even go so far to try to start a competing running league against their own running league.

Sqjackie : NCAA just wants to make money off of the athletes in the program. It just fucked up how they just want money money money not make the athlete happy. That's just me tho.

Dill Rogerz : You're getting a lot of exposure off this. Well played.

MOlly Quigley : I was wondering about this situation, but assumed you had it figured it out already. Bummer this had to happen. Best wishes!

BradenRS : My guy about to blow up

5 Things Sports : I cannot wait for someone to take on the NCAA and take them down a notch or two (or ten). They are out of control and do not operate in the best interests of the student athletes. They think they are too big to be challenged but if they continue to make really stupid decisions, one day they will be dethroned. And I for one, can't wait for that day.

Under My Hat Adventures : Have you consulted a lawyer at all? The NCAA's constant over reach is ridiculous and needs to be challenged. Not saying you should necessarily do it but someone should.

Rohan Murphy : Do you!!!! NCAA is trash!

Ryan Tatum : You are young enough to run cross country for 4 years and still have decades to build your company. You already have a lot of eyes on your situation. As a fellow student at A&M, I hate that I quit track and band after high school and don't have the opportunity to be an Aggie athlete at this point.

SociallyIneptFailure : I'm going to see what Jay Bilas has to say about this. I'm sure he has some shit to say to the NCAA. This is horse shit. It would be cool if we focused on some other league before the professional league. For the NBA I think players should start going to the D-League straight out of high school. Football players should do the same for whatever the other league is. Fuck the NCAA.


Chino : This is so stupid that they basically accused him of using the fact that he's a good runner at a great university to promote his company.

Rain Dedrick : That's horrible!! I know you will get through this! You are a great guy, and NCAA can't change that!!😊

Blaquejew : Ryan Trahan, you need to talk to a lawyer about this. Whatever paperwork you may have signed to be a student-athlete needs to be looked over to see are you violating any agreement or rules. Do what you can so you can do both. Good luck.

MoneyMaker254 : Keep Pushing. Id fight it as far as you can. Good Luck

justus morrett : Good luck with everything, sucks you have to make a decision on two things you love doing

Sofia Collins : Stay strong! We are all trying to help!

D L : Love your running videos and my Neptune bottle😭😭😭😭

Jonathan Perry : This makes me want to buy a Neptune bottle

SKATER GIRL16 : You are very inspiring to me and I think that the NCAA is wrong for telling you what to do

iron might : Freak the NCAA!!!! Whoever them board members are need to get the guillotine to their heads! Good job Trahan!!

Rok Baller : The NCAA is getting crazy. They had Instagram suspend my Instagram account for three days while they investigated who "Rokballer" is?!? They requested pics, government names, and pics of body parts. Kind of creepy if you ask me. I'm not getting recognized because of my school. I have no reference to my school or the NCAA.... I have my hoodie on in every pic. This has to change!!!   #FreeTheStudentAthlete

Joel Abrams : Ryan I just want to say that I fully support how you feel right now this is bullshit probably the 2 most important things in your life right now and you're being forced to choose one you've worked so hard in running and with your company and now you have to choose which on you love more it's like being forced to choose which parent you love most this is unfair to you and your company no matter what you choose to do I know that I will support you and continue to watch you're videos stay strong my brother and know that everything will be alright no matter what you decide to do

Caleb Hoo : Is there any democratic possibility to changing the current rules? Petition, etc?