Why I Left The Furry Community
The Furry Community Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

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I've decided to change this video's name. Everything I say in the video is just as true, but I feel like the former title was making it into a spectacle and kind of a joke. It should be taken more seriously. Music is by Kamex, a remix of a song from Anova The art of my dragon in this is from shorty-antics-furries


FBI : Don't mind me just passing through

Derpie Kittie 17 : As a furry in the fandom I don't want to agree with all of this, but it's actually right.

Doctor Russia : A lot of things listed here I've also seen happen in the weeboo/otaku/anime community

Reyemhol Lrak : iiluminaughtii sent me over from her r/yiffinhell video.

Oakview Films : 3:33 I can speak with experience with this, as this happened to me once. On Furaffinity back in 2015, I had someone from within the Pokemon community constantly message me to RP with him, and he would get angry with me if I were to tell him I was busy with work, school, or just not interested. The final straw was when he mentioned "I saw you favorited something a few minutes ago, that means you must be on". Disturbed that he was literally stalking me, I blocked him on every site I knew he was on that I was too. Well, this wasn't enough, as he not only made two sock puppet accounts (One of which he pretended he was this users "friend"), but he threatened to blackmail me unless I drew him a picture and RPed with him. Not long after, I left Furaffinity. Wasn't worth the drama or stress with people like him.

Literaski G.W. : Ok Youtube i'm not even into furries or the furry community itself i watched this pls stop putting this in my recommended Edit: I have nothing against the furry community, just saying.

PapaSalt : I do agree with most of these statements, but in my experience, I am a minor myself, and I haven't seen or heard many of the things that you talked about. I'm not saying it doesn't exists, because it definitely does and anyone who likes to prey on minors in the internet and online. But, I feel that if someone does something or enjoys something weird as all hell like vore or gore in porn and it doesn't harm anyone then it is fine to me, if can affect someone negatively in real life then it is a big no no.

KCavileer : Okay, real fast I just wanted to say you should blame the people, not the whole fandom. Some people in it are actually good.

Thog : I just watch TheOdd1sOut, that doesn't mean i'm a furry, Youtube recommendation system >:C

Onix The Wolf : It’s not just the furry fandom. Furries are just the most noticeable. But really, every fandom has a toxic, abusive, sexual side. So you might as well just call out the entire human race.

adalaza : congrats, you caught the algorithm's winds. interesting video

X Stick Goddess X : I am pretty anti furry for all of these reasons Also how was this in my recommended I’ve never heard of your channel before

Mint The BORKER 77 : UGH Okay, its your fault for getting into those situations, like wtf Ive been in the furry fandom since 10, and have never gotten into any of those situations because I didnt allow myself to get into them. I honestly dont know where you were, what site?! What the f-ing hell were you looking at and getting into. I was never "preyed" on, because I had actual common sense, and blocked them and said "fuck off" you got into those situations, and found happiness and acceptance in it. Also, an easy thing to not get "Preyed" on, is to not post your age and all your fucking information on your bio. You decided to go to those sexual places, AND yeah, I was fucking horny when I was literally 11 onward, but didnt involve it with other people or chats because that makes me fucking uncomfortable. I dont understand, why? Why? why did you think it was fine to talk to them, why didnt you block em? I dont understand?! WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR COMMON SENSE! ALSO, not everyone is sex obsessed, so, fuck off, I'm somewhat sex obsessed, and do I push it on others? No. Do I constantly beg for sex? No. CAN I HOLD AN ACTUAL FUCKING SITUATION AND HAVE A NORMAL F-ING FRIENDSHIP? GOD DAMN FUCKING RIGHT I CAN Like, come on, your view is skewed because of the path you went down, so, please, shut the fuck up, bye bitch, I DO NOT CARE My goodness

Mr. Crack : Mostly generalizing, but relatively true in some cases. Not every furry is identical, and not every furry is toxic.

Kali Hedgehog : Just like every fandom. They have the good side and the toxic side.

Aaron Powell : Dear Mr. FBI man I watched this so it wouldn't be in my recommend.

Kobalt Flame : I agree that bad people are in the furry fandom, but I don't think it's right to judge the whole community over a portion extremists. Although I am rather new to the furry community, so please don't judge.

Jack da ‘alf brain ork : By the gods of Soviet Union and militarized America I knew the fury community was bad... *BUT I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS THIS BAD*

Stray_ Girl Rorry : I’m a furry, I believe the fandom is toxic, I separate myself from other furries due to this fact, i just want to stay wholesome😭

Gemini the Foxwolf : I'll miss you. You actually were one of the reasons I joined as well

Ghoul City : You poor man. Now get out of my recommendations.

Jack K : How would you ever see animal necrophilia videos.

DJ RAY : The fandom is ok i never dealt with this before in my furry life but yea some are like that

CloureedArt : this is why I stay in my niche group of friends in the community.

Amelia Osborne : Dude, you are a prime example of that tiny percentage of the furry community that isn't batshit crazy. You actually have my respect.

sniffles : I guess you could say the community is a bunch of animals.

aaa1343 : OK look why do u only talk and stick this issue to furries even though most are true EVERY FANDOM has this issue And mostly are even worse but we don't talk about them do we... Just wanted to say that its unfair against furries and there thousands of fandom's that are worse Please next time if u wanna complain about something then try to realise and see if other fandom's have these issue too

vampirebatlord4ever : "so few women in the community" looking at the majority of the fandom's artists who'd argue there. XD

NigelKetchumberry : Not sure how common this is but i’ve Dealt with furries doing that rp stuff out of nowhere I was on a meme community back in 2016 on Facebook a friend invited me I figured i’d Get a few good laughs. Instead I got furries trying to initiate sexual roelplay we’ll one really backed off when I mentioned they were triggering my anxiety I was fully expecting that to trigger a shit storm point is I got lucky, this video is extremely informative because super toxic fan communities tend to end up affecting those outside it. A few examples are of course just gate keeping in general, but I know for a fact parts of the dragon ball fandom insecurely lash out at other anime and even comic book fandoms over the idea that a fictional characters fictional feats being impressive some how insults the feats of their favorite fictional character and thus is a personal insult. And i’m Sure anyone who remotely interacts with anything related to Pokémon have dealt with the toxic nature of gen winners. Difference is general gate keeping and the two aforementioned groups are frustrating but rarely take things beyond that. The furry community is actually a potential hazard and while I doubt spill over like I experienced is less then rare the fact it can happen is why I appreciate you making a detailed explanation rather then simply walking away in silence like thousands probably do. Not only can this potentially help those inside the furry community it can even help those like me outside it who may find themselves in a place with that risk of crossover

Riah Reviews : This video is super informative and interesting though.

David Cross : You’re attracted to dragons? Sick

Stupid Motherfucker : 25:54 to 26:13 I was just seeing this on my Twitter timeline today.

I want to die : God bless the man has come to the light

kelvin lor : *long paragraph* I'm not a furry but I've had friends who were furry and I respect those are a furry the main reason why The furry gets a bad reputation is from the stereotype of furrys . News and articles shows the bad side of furrys and the ironic part is that furrys are making the news and stereotype *come true* the furrys community is slowly destroying themselfs its not news, and it is not articles it is the furrys own doing on the internet no I'm not calling out any furry or anyone I've meet furrys who are really cool and nice and draw SFW art and don't do sexual stuff When it comes down to furry toxicity the main reason why there so toxic is the ideal of *I'm behind a screen or I'm behind a mask* there is really no solution for solving toxicity it can only be suppressed. In conclusion No I don't hate furrys but i agree on this with this video that there destroying themselves

Shinomiya : Excuse me, why was this recommended? Excuse me, how did this comment got so much attention?

Edgy Emo Kid : ...but the dragon thing tho...

X0A : I disagree with you, but you do make some good points.

Strahinja Jovicic : I got banned on a furry server cause i shared this,they just deny the fact! And also,i agree with you 100%

Woozy the Clown : *I don't like furries* *In My opinion :D*

Jen Sawitzki : *clicks on video about hating furries* *greeted by furry*

Sunquad : "If something is making you miserable, maybe you just have to stop doing it" School: ima end sunquads whole career

Marleau : I see you rebranded the video... and I assume, yourself, to a degree ...interesting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kalthom Ahmed : Me: See's wild furry having (u no wut) Me again: 911. FBI: FBI OPEN UP Furries: purr Urr UwU ATATAYAQIHWSHIWDSHIWWHIDDIQ1~!@2E39U9JO

REfan1996 : Thank god, I thought someone forced you to take the video down.

Maciej W : Ok youtube i'm gonna watch this, are you happy now?

Adam Pope : ( I apologize for the awful wording of my previous post, I felt I had to come back and reword the posting.) Hi Koth, a fellow vet here as well man, I just started following your Kothism videos, just by accident I stumbled upon one of your past videos. The furie fandom has always interested me, because of the creative effort that goes into the suits, as well as the dedication that is put into the suits by the creators of the suits. But the points you have raised can be applied to so many fandoms, not just this community, and I think they are valid points, in my own personal experience I have had with this issue in fandoms has been in the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronisms, sort of like a ren fair community for those that don't know of it. Which, in doing so, the issues I experienced have given me pause when thinking of joining any other group of a fandom. I am sorry to hear that the toxicity has been such a downer and it has caused you to go away from it, man. I hate to see that happen to anyone in any fandom that has a love for a said fandom. But, looking at the comments that are being left on this post, I can see why. Needless to say, you will have a fan with me despite you leaving the community. So, I guess from one vet to another, and one that is your newest fans, stay strong man, you are better than these nimrods that are in the fandom and are toxic beyond measure. Show less

Royce H : A lot of what you said seems to fit the BITE model, which is for behavior control, information, thought, and emotional control.

Pandaren Warrior : Sounds like you cannonballed into the sludge pit the rest of us who live on the edges of would rather not be there.

Level Up : I'm a furry in the making and this video made me sad. What now?