The Furry Community Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

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Literaski G.W. : Ok Youtube i'm not even into furries or the furry community itself i watched this pls stop putting this in my recommended

Regular Shitposter : I like furry drama, it's like normal drama but with grown ass people in animal costumes

Big Disappointment : This Furry is alright, we can keep this one

Drakilicious : @33:18 - "I've never had friends outside the furry community" ..... Hate to break it to you man, though I agree with what you said almost 100% you'll soon find you're living in a bubble and pretty much all communities are toxic too. Take the anime community for example. Just as bad as the furry community for pretty much all the reasons you listed. ..... Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Daniel Rooney : Im gonna shower in holy water

Aaron Powell : Dear Mr. FBI man I watched this so it wouldn't be in my recommend.


Vedji : I love how this guy made this video on his OWN experiences with the fandom and not to judge the fandom as a whole, just a reason for why he is leaving. And all these edgy kids from the depths of the underworld crawled out to use this video as a reason to shit on the entire community.

Zombie Tuba : Hey y’all, Please take the time to read my comment, I feel it is very important that I share my experiences. It may be long but please bear with me: okay so I’m a furry as well, but I completely agree everything he said. I initially got into the fandom due to The Lion King being my favorite movie. I ended up looking up The Lion King on my old Instagram account and found Furry accounts that followed some of these Lion King fan pages. One thing led to another, and I eventually started becoming part of the fandom. At first I was completely oblivious to the sexual side of the fandom, but the longer you are in the fandom, the more you see those types of people and content, so I began to become accustomed to that sort of behavior. And I’ll admit, I enjoyed/enjoy it to an extent, but looking back on it, the furries that I came into contact with on Instagram were slowly “brainwashing” me, whether that be through posts or dms. The actions of all of these people began to take its toll on me, as I found myself acting in the same manner, although I am relieved to say not nearly to the extent they were. I just assumed that I was always this way (regarding my actions), and that the furry community just shed light on them, but I can now tell that I only began to act this way once I “joined” the fandom and became in contact with these people online. Now I won’t deny that I have had sexual/romantic attractions to various anthropomorphic characters, whether it be from movies, books, or video games, but these people capitalized on those feeling that I had and slowly urged me into appropriating into their desires. Luckily this only went so far, as I began to feel ashamed, eventually doing everything I could to distance myself from those extremist people while still holding the opportunity to meet and befriend fellow furs. Now I have met tons of people online through the fandom, people who I still think were incredibly nice, funny, caring, and most importantly, shared the same interests with me, such as my love for the Lion King or the Warrior Cat book series, but anyone in the fandom can’t deny that there are some seriously twisted and disgusting people lurking about. On a daily basis I saw explicit posts from countless accounts, which I will again say that I enjoyed to an extent, as well as tons, and I mean TONS of drama. But despite all of this I kept coming back because of the love I had for the amazing friends I had made through the fandom. And eventually, as I tried to talk to new people, I came in contact with one furry who really stood out, but in a good way. This person shared the same interests as me, had a matching personality to mine, and most importantly to me, seemed very genuine, like he meant everything he said and would never lie. I talked to this person for a short time, and I began to develop extreme feeling for this person. At the time I could safely say that I loved them. We talked all the time, called a few times here and there, and we began to send explicit pictures to one another (like I said, there is no way to escape the sexual side of the fandom). I don’t really want to go into the details, as they tear me apart inside, but it eventually became evident that he was not what he said he was, he was actually a pedophile manipulating and preying on me. Luckily we never met up or anything like that. This tore me apart. I have always considered myself to be an exceptionally smart person, and I was 100% sure that I would never fall for anything like this, but I was manipulated. I was a million percent sure that he was telling the truth and was what he claimed to be, but I was wrong. And let me tell you, that was the worst feeling I have ever had. The idea of predators being in the fandom is terrifyingly true. Bad people lurk all throughout the fandom, even amidst all of those wonderful people who you may become accustomed to. You truly never know who is behind that screen. I know it’s cliche but trust me, please. Now I have had anxiety all my life, but looking back on it, once I started being in touch with furries online, my feelings began to spiral out of control, I became depressed and my anxiety got ten times worse. Everyone, please please please be careful of who you are talking to within the furry community, especially if you are talking online. The reality of the fandom is terrifying. I would very much consider the fandom to be in some aspects “cultish”. Now I can’t deny that the fandom has done amazing things for me, but it has also torn me down. Because of this, I am considering about distancing myself from the fandom in its entirety. Although I love the concept of fursuits (even though they are very weird) and expressing my love for anthropomorphic animals, it isn’t worth it to me anymore. And to be honest, I’ve felt a million times better since I started distancing myself from the online furries who I thought were helping me. Thank you so much Kothorix for uploading this. I think it is very important for innocent furries to know about this. And it helped to confirm the mixed feeling I am having. S To all my fellow furs, I’ll never stop expressing my love for anthropomorphic animals and being a “furry”, but I’m just going to stop being as involved with the fandom as I have been online in the past. I’m still going to watch furry YouTube and talk to some of my furry friends, as well as create and enjoy furry art, but I think it’s best for me that I stop being as interactive with the fandom online. I’ll make it a more personal thing, but I still want to interact with the few furry friends I have irl (as far as I know, they are NOT extreme) I’m not saying that all furries are like this, I have met amazing people through the fandom and it’s allowed me to express my feelings more openly. And in my experiences, a large majority of people i have met are genuine. Despite this, some of the people I have come in contact with have seriously messed me up to the point where I am seriously questioning whether the good times I have in the fandom interacting with others is worth the bad people I come in contact with. It makes me really sad since I think the furry community is an amazing thing, especially for me, but a portion of the people in it are really messed up.. I truly hope that the fandom gets better, though sadly I highly doubt that it will happen...I truly want it to get better, not just for me but for everyone, especially those who are in it innocently, people who just want to have fun and express themselves. I’m so torn right now... I love the fandom, and I really don’t want to leave all of it behind (the good parts), but I have begun to realize that being in it has made me feel a million times worse. And now that I have left my insta and began to distance myself from online furries, I am having feelings almost tangent to those of withdrawals. It hurts. I guess it’s proof of manipulation. Whether you are a furry or not, thank you so much for reading my comment. Please stay safe everyone. <3

gobblox38 : I dropped out of the community when I left the army mostly because I didn't need the escape anymore. When I went back to school to better myself, I pretty much lost touch with furries. The last time I tried to hang out with a few the cringe was unbearable. How could people nearing their 30s still have no goals or plans to improve themselves? It's pathetic and off putting. Just like the gay community, I have nothing to gain by interacting with them.

Versaucey : YouTube recommended this to show us how bad the Furry community is.

Wesley P : you just described the entire internet. if you were hoping for mature people outside the fandom you were mistaken. there are more snowflakes and cry babies outside of it then in (by number and not percentage) the best thing you can do is just turn off your computer and turn off your phone. get off of all social media. only talk to people you know irl. and if you have social media only use it to be friends with people you know irl. dont do youtube. dont put out videos dont participate in the internet and it will literally cease to exist in you life. that includes bad furrys. only talk to ones you know irl that live in your town or in your house.

Dumb Cat Furry : As a furry since like 2008. I've been through the whole shabam man. And he's 100% right. I can't disagree with any of this. Just the other day I joined a Furry discord for Forza Horizon 4, lasted 2 hours in there before I was singled out for existing. Because I made a comment that the parliament of Canada was a clown house. This kicked off a political debate in which when they caught on that I lean a little right on the spectrum and I was cry bullied until I was banned. Its truly filth. I'm probably just gonna stop saying I am a furry as well. Cause clearly I am fucking not they've made it very fucking clear to me in and on every other chat room/website I have been on.

Rachel Mayes : Honestly, lot of the fandom drama you speak of rings true for all fandoms these days, not just furries. I'm sitting here taking in your words and I see all the things that happened to me going on, right down to people making up rumors about me to destroy my reputation with people who I though were good friends turning on me in an instant. The emotional immaturity, the refusal to grow, the hatred of opposing views, all of this rings true for almost every fandom space these days. I don't know why.

KaeYoss : Furries are proof that the wrong country was nuked.

Bonnie Jean Carroll : This was reccomend by YouTube... WTF? This is disturbing. Glad you got out dude. Edit: wording

Spencer Whiteway : Jessica Rabbit is as close as I’ll tread towards being a furry.

Edward Carnby : 20:27 Irony: when so many people are trying so hard to "stand out from the crowd" that they end up forming another crowd.

Annika Perez : I mean, every fandom has its toxic side. I'm a simple furry but I just stay in the peaceful half of the fandom.

Rytelier : Idk how to feel about this video. The whole "toxic" perceptions seems to be filtered by many bad personal experiences. In reality it's just that every community has its own load of toxicity. Look at Skyrim fandom for instance, this crap can get really awful. I've never had problems with sexual things in furry community, in Skyrim one porn mods were very obnoxious. My advice is to just keep away from toxic people, the community is really huge and there are many chunks without evil stuff happening inside. There are many nice and wholesome furry places, perceiving whole community as infected by toxicity is pretty black-white view. I'm worried this video may be a masturbation material for all these bigoted furry haters... but oh well... they had cherrypicked a lot of bad stuff so does it make a difference?

Lovely Lauren : I didn't realize the furry fandom was that bad holy shit.

Fukupp : So you're tellin me that group X has some bad people in it? What a shocker.

VenomSlingShooter : Why do I feel complete bias from this video? To be honest everything I've heard in this video is just literally explaining the bad side of the fandom and making it sound like there's no good side to it and that you're throwing everything out of proportion, and especially in your description "if you want to live like this then do so I won't stop you" Or continue to live like that, so you're saying that everybody who is in the fandom completely lives like what you said in a video and that everyone who joins the fandom as a new person will automatically be that type of person you explained in your video? I smell a lot of bias It just sounds like you're only voicing your anger and emotions rather than voicing your statement and "facts"

Vedji : The fandom isn't the best, of course. But it sure isn't anywhere near how you portrayed it in the video. What's sad is that people looked up to you in this fandom and you just essentially shat in their mouth.

cerulianChild : ngl, i'm just in the community for the porn

DrunkenLupus : On behalf of all gamers, we accept your surrender, you may live in peace in our glorious gamer lands. Make sure to hold your furry pass on your body at all times. If you want to help in the fight, contact your closest tik tok commander for more information on spy missions you can perform. We respect your neutrality. *Signed, Lt. DrunkenLupus of the Gamer Army.*

Caerula : Lolicons and Furries are both freaks, I recall some other furry youtuber was sharing ''cub'' porn which is a mix of the two. All of them deserve to be ostracized.

Ivy The Furry : I think this came up in my recommended to try and stop me being a furry. You’ve really put a damper on my mood and my furry heart. I’ve been in this fandom for ages, and yes, most of these do occur but not in this extremity. I feel like you have been extremely hyperbolic when you were describing the very worst of the fandom. We’re not all bad, some people are really twisted and grotesque. I’m sorry for this rant - Everything you’ve said is so true. I need to revaluate my life choices.

S D : I think Kothorix just needs a hug.

Josiah Martin : So that is why we call furries gay

Oak synia : Gamers vs furries Of course gamers will win the war Edit: How the hell did this become the most popular comment?

Fredy2006 Fedy : To be honest Not all furrys are sexual. There are some who can draw and animate good. When I went through the comments I was like : Okay that's kinda rude to say. Those Furrys who are sexual or pedos aren't furrys nor are in the furry fandom.

Slender Horror : This description about furries is right about some of em, but most are just... normal

THK : Good Video. About Christianity, I am sorry they did that. I am disappointed that they judged you because you have an attraction to anthropomorphic animals, that just boggles my mind because it could have been much, much worse. I was judged by a group of Christians, called crazy and a devil worshiper when I reached out to them about a problem I was having. Come to find out, it was because I was part of the wrong church, the type that didn't believe what the bible says but rather, the type that claims to be Christians so they can say, "I'm a good person because I am a Christian." They are "wolves in sheep's clothing" like the bible talks about. None of us are perfect, we are all sinners, it is through the sacrifice of Jesus that we can be forgiven of these sins. Maybe you should give it another look, you never know what might happen. You can still be attracted to anthropomorphic animals, we all have a sex drive and there are healthy ways to deal with those desires. Either way, the choice is yours, and I respect your choice either way.

BagatellArt : I tried being a furry. Once.. It lasted about a month before I just backed the hell out of there.

Kothorix : I'm free!

Giga : People saying that being a furry doesn't mean weird sexual behaviors, should look at the history of their community. I suggest watching the episode about furries of "down the rabbit hole"

Nero : I am in the furry fandom for about 8 years and i am actually kinda proud to be one ... and iam glad that i stayed on the bright side of the whole fandom. even tho i never attended any conventions iam pretty happy that this fandom exists. It helped me through alot of rough times and i can understand that to alot of people even in the community may find it disturbing when they wander off into the deeper parts of the fandom ...but that is probably a part of every fandom and no fandom is saved from this dark part. Every fandom has bodies in their cellar (figure of speech). The whole anime fandoms can drift off into pedophilia and artist try to cover it under „fantasy races that look like they are 12 but are 120 years old“ and no one care about it. The only thing i can recommend everyone should do is: -DONT wander off too far into the depths of any fandom ...this is where the slag of the fandoms sits!

Christopher Marx : I did not experienced anything you said. I guess I just dont live in the US... You generalize way to much ..

Robbie Fox : I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a little over a year now, & I’ve enjoyed a good amount of your content. However I do have to call out this. I’ve been a furry for around 5 years now, haven’t gotten myself too involved in the irl part of it. Honestly from my pov I feel like what I’ve been exposed to is not worth ditching the fandom. Sure I’ve run into cringe people. But honestly I do believe that a majority of the fandom is made up of decent people.

Unbearable : *That just want to be your slave OwO* I laughed... I know I shouldn't... But I laughed

C4rbon : Thanks YouTube, for bringing light to the furry fandom! It had to be this video. I've never seen someone over generalizing his own little experiences this much. You wanted to make an outro, fine, what was the point of stating every fucking bad things you encountered during 14 years, and extrapolate to the whole fandom? But why? Why didn't you turn this into a prevention for new furs, to warn about the minority of dangers, troubles and degenerates ones that exists nonetheless? How can you be so selfish being roughly double my age... Seriously, all you managed to do is bait haters and we see it through the comments. Anyway, I wish you a good time out of the fandom.

IceDragon978 : >furry community >actual bestiality >pedophilia >epidemic proportions of STD infection >necrophilia Who would have thought that a community of mentally ill degenerates would also exhibit other kinds of mental illness and degeneracy?

852814 9 : Looks like natural selection didn’t do its job.

Video Game Drummer Productions : I've never talked with Furries like this, rabid The Last Jedi haters for sure, but not furries. I know there are people with terrible internet social skills, but I find your overgeneralization to be very troubling.

Oak synia : Every community is trash, that's why I'm not in any community

Curix The Wolf : I’m honestly considering leaving the fandom after CNN’s shitty article.

CopperCore Vulpine : A bit much generalization. About to go to my first convention. Wish me luck.

thunderduckz : Because of your video I wish I was part of the furry community. seems like one hell of a ride. We need a drama alert for the furry community

Wynona Taylor : actions are one thing but YOU are blow thing way out of proportion.