The Furry Community Is Worse Than You Can Imagine | Furries Are Toxic

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Kothorix : I'm free!

Aaron Powell : Dear Mr. FBI man I watched this so it wouldn't be in my recommend.

CalculatinGenius : furries : its not that bad also furries :

Alex F : Me, as a furry who loves this fandom, watching every second of this video: I don't want to agree with this. But I can't say that this is not true.

Mr.wheat : Good man come join normal humans in society

Vedji : I love how this guy made this video on his OWN experiences with the fandom and not to judge the fandom as a whole, just a reason for why he is leaving. And all these edgy kids from the depths of the underworld crawled out to use this video as a reason to shit on the entire community.

Versaucey : YouTube recommended this to show us how bad the Furry community is.

Adapple : I have self-diagnosed autism, anxiety, ptsd, ocd, adhd, add, depression and paranoia so you can never criticise me but I can send death threats and harass you without consequence.

Austin Kemmer : IT'S NOT JUST FURRIES!! humans are just terrible, but we do have some good people inside the fandom or not.

Aaron Davis : The furry community is a toxic hell. That is manipulating and self-centered. No matter how hard you pull out it seems to find its way back into your life. It's pretty evil if you ask me. I've been stuck in this fandom off and on 2 years and i still don't know why I'm here. i made a few friends here and there but lost something more important. My damn mind, which is more corrupted than it was previously meaning the longer I'm in this community the worse I've become. Another thing is every furry is usually in their teens. it's so hard to have anything in common with them since our age difference is pretty large in comparison someone in their 20s has nothing in common with someone in there teens. It's too young there still a child. It's 5:30 am i need sleep for work good night too tired to keep my eyes open good night. I think i might get out to kero made me sick too, I used to donate to him real hard earned money what a waste.

Patchwork Undead : The realistic suits are neat

Lovely Lauren : I didn't realize the furry fandom was that bad holy shit.

Willkommen Tus : Discord instantly bans loli stuff and they should do the same for furry discords. Furry discords seem rampant with this behaviour.

Visconde, O editor : I'm so uncomfortable watching this

GalaxyFox : (long paragraph warning) I can't really disagree with you there. This fandom is pretty damn toxic, and I won't deny it. But seriously, in the times I've spoke to furries (IRL and on the internet) they've all been kind people with normal lives. This fandom hasn't "brainwashed" me into not having a normal life. I have plenty of friends IRL, I have many other hobbies than just being a furry. In fact, I don't really make friends on the internet anyway! I'm in the fandom for the soul purpose of the art, and cosplay. I've had many friends tell me that I've changed their outlook on furries and now they have beliefs that there are good people in the furry community. Now despite what I've said, I'm not dissing the fact that yes, there are VERY many toxic people in the fandom. But after watching this video, it opened my eyes a little more. That certainly does not mean I'm going to stop being a furry (I've been a furry for about 4 years), it just means I'll start being cautious to the people I talk to and interact with in the community. I appoligise that you left this fandom with a bad impression, and others too. It's sad that a simple community like this just so happens to be pretty shitty :(

Immy Nunn : THANK YOU. I'm 19 and I cannot stand the over sensitivity of the community. I feel like I have to change my whole personality to participate in the community. I literally agree with everything you've said! Luckily my friends are accepting and quite interested in my being a furry so I can share some of my love of it with them.

Loop : On behalf of all gamers, we accept your surrender, you may live in peace in our glorious gamer lands. Make sure to hold your furry pass on your body at all times. If you want to help in the fight, contact your closest tik tok commander for more information on spy missions you can perform. We respect your neutrality. *Signed, Lt. DrunkenLupus of the Gamer Army.*

Pasta Man64 : So I watched through the entire video and I do respect your decision to leave the fandom. I am not going to say you're a bad human being for doing so or anything. Now, when it comes to this video, it's overwhelm negative to a point where a lot of the arguments in said video become blown out of proportion and unfair. There are 4 main points I wanna' mention that I feel are very unfair arguments made in this video, starting with 1. Sexual deviance It is true that there is a sexual aspect to the furry fandom and I agree that this part is big. That said it's far from the only thing the fandom's about. Not everyone in it are horny and only interested in sex. In fact, I rarely meet such people despite having a daily interaction with the furry community, and even when I do meet such people they're never trying to "trick" me into sexual roleplay. Now, I will admit that I do know furries who are heavily obsessed with sex and sexual activity, but not only is it just two of tons and tons and tons of other furries I've met, but only one of those two is the kind of extreme, cartoonishly degenerate and sex obsessed person that I could imagine performing sexual actions with roadkill, while the other person is really just a normal and even interesting person who only happened to be extremely kinky. As for people lying about they're age to minors, I won't deny their existence. That said, I've never stumbled upon such a person in my time in the furry fandom. Now, since I've nothing more to say about the topic regarding sexual deviancy in the fandom I would like to talk about 2. Age in the furry fandom. Saying that a community being primarily made up by 19 year olds is a negative aspect of said community is wrong. Sure, you can try and say things like not all 19 year olds being bad, but no matter how much you explain away you're still using age as an argument for the furry community being bad. This is horribly wrong since you're judging the majority of the members of a certain community for their age. You can't judge people by age since not only is age an aspect they've no control over but maturity and understanding is not related to age. You don't automatically mature just because you age. You mature from experiences, and when you experience certain things that make you mature is not related to how old you are but rather the environment and situations you grow up in. Because of all that, you cannot use the primary age of furries as a complaint, making your argument unfair and invalid. With that out of the way it's time for me to move into 3. Easily offended people People who are offended way too easily are referred to as the snowflake crowd, and this crowd does exist in the furry fandom but it's definitely not exclusive to said fandom. The snowflake crowd is a problem not related to the furry community and even if there are snowflakes in the furry fandom it does not mean furries are all snowflakes. I've no more to say about that, so let me go on to my final point, which is 4. Attention seeking furries. Furries aren't obsessed with gaining attention. When a furry tries their best to make their fursona unique with tons of colors and whatnot it is not to gain attention. They simply want their fursona to stand out. They want it to be unique since by being less generic they hope to gain more appreciation, and that's perfectly fine. Wanting to be appriciated and liked by others is perfectly normal and natural, human behavior. We don't seek appreciation because we want attention, we seek it because we naturally feel better when we know that there are people who like us. When it comes to fursuiting it is in no way about attention. For a lot of people fursuiting is a way to get away from fear, anxiety and everything else that keeps us from doing the things we like. A perfect example would be two of the fursuiters in CNN's documentary on furries. We had a hermit who was extremely isolated due to social anxiety who, upon putting on a fursuit, completely lost that anxiety and became extremely social and talkative. We also had a girl who also suffered anxiety and was shaking when interviewed for the documentary. Then, when she put on her suit, the shaking completely goes away. That doesn't happen 'cause you suddenly get attention. It happens 'cause you finally feel at peace and in your comfort zone where you can do anything you want without the fear of being judged. It's a means of escaping reality and being yourself. Now that I've mentioned these 4 points I wanna' talk about the actual video itself. As I said earlier it is way too negative. It stares at all the cons without ever paying attention to the pros. There's a saying that goes "if you don't have anything positive to say then don't say anything at all", and this video could definitely have benefited from listening to that. All I can say is that the points made in this video are unfair and in some cases untrue. Not just that, but it comes across as blind criticism for it lacks a balance between positive and negative arguments. You try to make it seem like a warning but it doesn't work for you'd need to mention the true nature of the furry community and the only way to do so is to mention both the pros and the cons of said community, something you failed greatly at doing. Now, to end this comment I just wanna' say that I'm not mad or offended in any way. I'm simply just expressing an opinion on this video. You're choice to leave the fandom is your own choice and I fully respect it.

TheBlutopian : Furries are animals and therefore legal to hunt.

David López : I don't even know what's the point of this, all communities are toxic.

Etern4l : And, SonicFox recently expressed a desire to wipe out every Republican off the face of the earth. You know, there used to be a word for people who wanted to basically kill everyone that they politically disagree with. What was it again?

Bonnie Carroll : This was reccomend by YouTube... WTF? This is disturbing. Glad you got out dude. Edit: wording

Robert Muck : Not all Furrys are bad

Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. : SJW and Nazi are basically the same thing.

GlitterBlitz : So many offended furries could have been spared if you had just added 'part of' before the title of the video...

Harold Gay : Im a furry in remission. Hoping to make a full recovery. Please pray for my guys

RocketPooch : Beware of rant ahead, if you're a hater please read! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A furry is an anthropomorphic animal, meaning an animal with humanistic traits such as standing up on 2 legs. They have a bad reputation for being dirty and stuff, (I ain't gonna go into detail about that) so they get a lot of hate. But not all furries are like that, such as my feral OCs. (I didn't know if they counted as furries but I guess so, since they can talk and stuff, but they stand on all fours.) Lots of young artists just draw innocent anthro for fun and don't deserve hate! I strongly believe furry haters should actually see if the furry is doing anything wrong before they hate JUST because it's a furry. Like really, not all furries are inappropriate and just imagine a young... uh, 12 year old drawing a furry maybe not even realising it. Then the next day they check their notifications and someone's saying 'ewwww furry', another saying 'you should go kill yourself' ect. That person worked hard and did nothing wrong, and then they just get a whole bunch of hate. That was a hypothetical example, but things like this actually happen and I've seen it. Haters, think of what you're doing and why you're doing this! Furries are not going to purposely hurt you, (unless 'normal' humans have constantly attacked them) so stop treating them like a disease or something. If you think about it, it's similar to hating on the LGBTQ+ community just because they're different. If people are happy, that's what's important. So just leave us alone and do something better with your life than hate, ok? Sorry for ranting, all this just frustrates me. Sure, come at me, but you can't change my mind about liking furries because I will never become a sick hater like you. *cough* obviously I'm not talking about furries, fans and neutrals, I'm only talking to the haters, to avoid misunderstanding. I'm not being mean, I'm trying to help rid the world of unnecessary disrespect. Also fyi I'm a 14 year old who avoids all the horny stuff and enjoys the kawaii stuff :3 I'm not sure if I'm a furry yet, I'm not gonna lie and I think I'm part furry but not full. I currently consider myself a 'furry ally' if that makes sense. That's all, peace out <3

Truce Truce : So we all get Furry vs Gamer But what about Furries VS Weaboos?

Doctor Russia : A lot of things listed here I've also seen happen in the weeboo/otaku/anime community

Nancy Cousintine : The downside of the internet, where people who have real identity problems and or perversions can come together, even organise and try to convince themselves and others that while fringe, this sort of behaviour is acceptable. I'm sorry, if you are sexually aroused by imaginary creatures, toys,anything that you can't possibly have a relationship with in reality( inanimate objects, waifu etc.), non humans, humans who are under the age of consent, humans who cannot give informed consent regardless of chronological age, are unable to give consent, people who are abused or pressured into unwanted advance...I'm sure there may be other conditions as well. These things indicate that there is something wrong you. For as long as humans have had imaginations, there have been those who have wished to be something that they are not..strong like a bear, swift like an eagle or a cheetah, brave like a wolf. Understandable, but being any of those things is impossible in reality, and the life of any of these creatures isn't anywhere near as wonderful or noble as people would like to imagine...that's why it's only certain characteristics of these creatures that people choose. if you want to pretend you are something non human, and even dress biggie..there are many celebrations where dressing up and pretending for a bit is fine...but it is with the knowledge that the costume is a costume,and the costume isn't you. No matter how hard you wish, or click your heels, or how much money you spend, wishing and pretending, yiffing, writing fics...nothing is going to change your DNA. Deviance isn't something to defend, or be proud of. It means that you are having some sort of difficulty with processing and interacting reasonably and as a functionally normal human being. These days because of the PC environment etc., people who should be seeking help are being allowed, even encouraged to continue in these delusions, to the point, far to often where mental and physical damages happen and it's far more difficult to address the underlying problem of what is wrong in the first place. "Furries " who just dress up for a hoot, and can leave it aren't the concern, unless they get dragged deeper into the less healthy aspects of what is among other things, a fetish, and even an excuse to indulge in dangerous sexual diversions, or even be manipulated into scenes they might not have wanted, but felt "compelled" to do so as to find what they hope would be a deeper level of inclusion/belonging. . Sorry for the gruffness of this comment. I know that furries aren't all bad, and many are extremely harmless,...sadly it is the worst of the bunch that really are what come across as representative of the group. Change comes from within the group, and being self aware about what and who you are, and what is going on around you, and choosing who should and should not be associated with you. Apologies, once again.The whole world seems so out of synch these days.

idontlikeyouyo : Welcome to Sanity, you degenerate.

Will Smith : Wow . Just wow I became a furry last year for the reason i watched the likes of majira and pocari and they made it seem like a friendly fandom , sure i knew there was a sexual , kinky , fetish kinda side to furries but i never went into depth because that side didn't interest me , you have opened my mind and especially with that hive group i am gonna do research Thank you for the vid

Devin Koks : this really isnt just a furry thing its a generational thing and its bleeding into the community by default. i'm noticing it more and more. my best example is hearing on the news about millennials hating on Seinfeld for being sexist and racist. show that hasn't made a new episode in 20 years is NOW (in 2019) getting backlash? 20 years too late imo. this just feeds into that stereotype which is now something by default gets put onto me because i fall under that categorical age group. i dont want to believe everyone my age has these thoughts and feelings but the ones who do are certainly the loudest and the most stupid. hearing things like misgendering a trans person is an act of violence or other equally dumbfoundingly stupid phrases as fact to these people just makes no sense. but the fandom especially is an echo chamber of anti-negativity and the mob mentality's strength is growing by the day. at this point i mostly keep to myself enjoy the fandom from afar and goto cons and find people with the same interests which isn't hard since they make a room specifically for that (fgc for life). i miss what the fandom or even society used to be, i miss people having a backbone and taking criticism. we now live in a world where nothing is allowed to be offensive to anyone and to me i find that in itself offensive. those self same people will claim to be champions of free speech while silencing others. i used to be sickened by the world about one thing but has warped into another. humanity is doomed unless it finds a way to actually grow up on a collective scale from the oldest to the youngest humanity needs to mature if it is going to survive and as it stands freedom will die within my lifetime the way things look. too much of one thing destroys another, balance over extremism imo. but now i am starting to ramble so i'll end this here. balance is where growth can truly be achieved but right now we are extremes pulling at each other for control of the fate of our species when it should be cooperation rather than dominance of ideals. both sides are wrong and no one is willing to see whats right about either. if anyone reads this i want them to reflect on themselves and society, compromise is not evil or weak its how we grew to where we are today, dominance only ends in tragedy. i maybe a millennial by the textbook definition but i am far from what the stereotypes claim i should be and proud of it. look within before you look without.

ArrowHead : As a furry, I only like anthro characters and draw them. The majority of the fandom just enjoy anthro characters. Hey, most of us don't even have fursuits. I don't think it's fair for the fandom to be accused of this more than others. Any person can be like this. You could go on a trip to the grocery store and walk past someone like this who isn't a furry. I'm tired of the community only being known for this activity. So many furries are attacked for nothing at all. I'm not safe to draw anthropomorphic characters at school. It's just really annoying to deal with every single day. Liking anthropomorphic characters doesn't change your personality. I don't know if this is just me, but I can't relate to any of this. I want to make a fursuit of my fursona for artistic purposes. I wish people would open up their eyes a bit. Furries know what they're getting into when they go into the fandom. I feel like this, in general, is just a video about people with problems. I don't use social media platforms like Twitter or Tumblr, so I wouldn't know, but I feel like people like you are a bit narrow minded. I'm not trying to hate on this video in general, but it's not fair for this fandom to be so hated. I have no idea why I sat through this video until 2:00 AM. Welp, this is the longest comment I've ever written.

Abigail Pritchard : Anime is worse. Trust me.

Unbearable : *That just want to be your slave OwO* I laughed... I know I shouldn't... But I laughed

Jonathan R. Fox : I always hear that the furry community is toxic, but this much... it's crazy... no wonder someone with a brain would want to leave. I'm not a furry and will definitely never be one... degenerates, as you say. But you're the proof that even in the shittiest groups there exists a few with an actual brain. Which is good to see. I wish you success with your "new life" and good luck from now on!

iloveanimoos : Not even close to being finished with this video but this is a horrible video so far, congratualtions dude ALL fandoms have bad people and pedophiles. The root of all the problems you associate with the furries all stem from anime yet nobody bats an eye towards anime and the anime community, it's always those disgusting furries am i right?

Stray_ Girl Rorry : I’m a furry, I believe the fandom is toxic, I separate myself from other furries due to this fact, i just want to stay wholesome😭

NigelKetchumberry : Not sure how common this is but i’ve Dealt with furries doing that rp stuff out of nowhere I was on a meme community back in 2016 on Facebook a friend invited me I figured i’d Get a few good laughs. Instead I got furries trying to initiate sexual roelplay we’ll one really backed off when I mentioned they were triggering my anxiety I was fully expecting that to trigger a shit storm point is I got lucky, this video is extremely informative because super toxic fan communities tend to end up affecting those outside it. A few examples are of course just gate keeping in general, but I know for a fact parts of the dragon ball fandom insecurely lash out at other anime and even comic book fandoms over the idea that a fictional characters fictional feats being impressive some how insults the feats of their favorite fictional character and thus is a personal insult. And i’m Sure anyone who remotely interacts with anything related to Pokémon have dealt with the toxic nature of gen winners. Difference is general gate keeping and the two aforementioned groups are frustrating but rarely take things beyond that. The furry community is actually a potential hazard and while I doubt spill over like I experienced is less then rare the fact it can happen is why I appreciate you making a detailed explanation rather then simply walking away in silence like thousands probably do. Not only can this potentially help those inside the furry community it can even help those like me outside it who may find themselves in a place with that risk of crossover

Oreoz_lover dino : Every fandom has a sexual side example: anime,Roblox,etc etc and shows that FURRIES LIKE ME DO NOT ALWAYS SEX

GlitterBlitz : Avoiding internet drama is healthy. You're saying "Someone sends you a rude message, don't block them" Tell that to all the people who killed themselves after deciding to feed on the bullying instead of just blocking and ignoring them.

Puff : 7k furries?

Tobbs : 0:23 Is my new wallpaper.

NotAnyone WorthRemembering : Dressing like a Nazi and dancing at a furry convention is now on my bucket list. Thank you.

Ninja Kat : I'm a furry. I'm normal I'm the one who just goes around, trying to make freinds and staying positive! And I DO have other emotions by the way. Im usually the one who solves problems! ALSO IM SOCIALLY AWKWARD! yay... Have a good day! Byeeeeee!

Dog Gaming : Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

Moomallowz The Magnificent : *Day 37 of the Gamer Offensive* General's log, entry 352. We're stationed on a ridge near Yiff Town. We're currently in defensive formation. We have heavy fortifications in place, and morale is low. We're running dangerously low on ammunition and rations. The nearby Shrek Platoon is on its way, but is taking heavy resistance from the furry guerrilla gorillas. No sign of them yet. We Oh, god! We're under attack! They're using musk gas! We have to retreat! We're out of ammo, and surrounded on all sides. What's left of our platoon is huddled in our makeshift bomb shelter. They're everywhere. One like equals one more unit of reinforcements. Do your part, gamers. OH GOD! THEY'RE RAISING THEIR FLAG OVER OUR FORT! THEY SUBSCRIBED TO T SERIES!

JUST_a_ROBOT : this first 2 minutes is so true I have had experiences with these horrible people thanks kothorix they really ring true

Kothorix : One quick update. I was contacted by a friend the person in the HIV chart, saying that the chart isn't completely accurate. I just wanted people to know that it was just an example of what I was talking about - I don't know the validity of that specific chart. The spread of HIV is still a problem in the fandom, and that was my point.