If Clickbait Was A Movie

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David Dobrik : Thank you for touching me!!!

Scemo Person : I didn't realize that Ned and Eugene make a hella cute couple. BUT NOT AS CUTE AS NED AND ARIEL!

SelaRose : Ned: "I'm pregnant..." And thus launched 1,000 fanfics.

Drawing Sticks : Eugene and Ned were great (amazing acting while spouting nonsense), but Zach's HARD NODDING and Keith as a wizard... I'm dead "We all owe the dollar stolar an apology"

Jua Craftz : This looks like a bad Korean drama It's Perfect!

Chelsea & Franz : lol @ all the “i’m sorry”s 😂😂


EveTheLightning : I don't care what anyone says, Eugene and Ned are the superior Try Guys ship

Niah 14 : *we all owe the dollar store an apology*

Wenndy Ngo : Eugene is literally the most gorgeous human being I have ever seen

mintyglitches : i actually would love to see the try guys do a film, i can see eugene as the lead male romantic interest vERY EASILY lol

Cute Purple Donut : You guys should go through a haunted house! That would be the best. Like if you agree.

Florencia Buen-Abad : Tbh a romcom featuring Ned and Eugene would be hilarious. Kinda like some weird wattpad fanfic but pretty good

Petra Castro : Just one word: #NEUGENE

Nour : 1:36 ned honestly killed me with that smile

Hajira S. : Aaaaand now I would like to see a full feature film of this lol CONGRATS ON HOSTING AND THE WIN! You guys all deserve great things :)

emo_unicorn 17 : When Keith punched Thomas Sanders I literally screamed out loud

Nikka Halfmouw : low key living for Eugene x Ned

Molly Tate : Does anyone know the name of the song used at the end (before the voiceover says Clickbait : the movie - now trending in the US and Philippines) ? I really like the sound of it and I would love to listen to the full version of it :) The music lasts between 3:00 and 3:08

Kinny Jackson : Omg Ned & Eugene make such a cute couple ❤️

Vanna Tea : Am I the only one seriously starting to ship Neugene? 😊👏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️

Naomi Thatcher : I legit want this to be made into like, a 20 minute feature film or something 😂 I love it so much!

Aakriti Akhaury : Why is no one talking about the way Eugene cracked his elbows at 3:02...? Damn that was HAWWWWT!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

ImaCalebrity : do the try guys have an obsession over AmazingPhil? bc same

Tiya_Amber : *You guys NEED to try figure skating!*

Christy : 3:03 Henry Cavill reloading fists reference 😂😂 i love it!!

Lauren James : I was dead at all of he apologies lol

clever_ librarian : Ned and Eugene, I ship it! :D

Zuzana Pipalová : Well that was an emotional rollercoaster

K. Desai : I feel fortunate that we got a video on Tuesday😂😂

Jayde Casey : Eugene's wind up punches 😍😍😍

Jamine Claire Horten : i really want this to be a movie

Olivia Breska : U guys should make an actual movie out of that haha it would be great


MonarchsFactory : Keith just showing up as Gandalf, I am LIVING

Kill Me Please : Eugene coming back in his classic drag outfit is great

Domonique Merlen : When that voice over voice is obviously Keith 😂

Posiden178 : No one gonna talk about that dildo behind Eugene in the top right at 0:29?

Ysa Irlandez : OK fellow Filipinos Let's actually make this trending here in our country!! How to spell pabibo?? A K O Skl wla may pake Also nakakainis ang skl sml at mama mo tsk tsk tsk

lay den : *an apology - laura lee* I CANT STOP LAUGHING OMG SHSHSHHAJSHSKSK

let's talk about harry potter : still a better love story than twilight

irene sopiadis : Ned and Eugene are so cute together. But WHY WIFE is so funny ❤️❤️❤️

Katie and Sam : anyone else wish it was real :((

TheWizardMiner : Ok, I want to know-is it actually possible to write a full 2h movie script using nothing but clickbait YouTube video titles? All y'all fanfictioners and script writers better get to work! XD

Chelsea & Franz : ayyye trending in the philippines 🇵🇭

Susiania1 : I would totally watch this.

Erien Buta : I would pay to watch this

woohoojazelyn : Okay but what’s the song at 3:01 bc it’s lowkey a bop

Just Franxis : *I swear, if is was a real movie, I WILL WATCH IT. Well , PLEAE MAKE IT AS A MOVIE! And trending from the Philippines?! XD SOBRANB GUSTO KO MANONOOD ITO!! LOVE U TRY GUYS!*