If Clickbait Was A Movie

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David Dobrik : Thank you for touching me!!!

Scemo Person : I didn't realize that Ned and Eugene make a hella cute couple. BUT NOT AS CUTE AS NED AND ARIEL!

Sasha Elizabeth : Ariel: This is my husband, Ned Ned: Hi Ariel: And this is Ned's husband, Eugene Eugene: Sup

Jua Craftz : This looks like a bad Korean drama It's Perfect!

Zoey : “i’m pregnant...” *in a disgusted tone* “hannah stocking”

let's talk about harry potter : still a better love story than twilight

Amoy Kelly : *bruh I know this was a joke but as I kept watching I wandered if this could be a real movie! I want that to happened XD*

QBee : So this is what they kept on talking about in my country xD Yes guys, it's trending here in the Philippines

Little : Eugene's acting tho edit: 4 likes is literally the most likes i've ever gotten, thank you <3

mintyglitches : i actually would love to see the try guys do a film, i can see eugene as the lead male romantic interest vERY EASILY lol

I am Lola : Why is no one talking about the way Eugene cracked his elbows at 3:02...? Damn that was HAWWWWT!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Vidu Simron : I thought they would say in the end ~~~ *Why I left Buzzfeed*

fairyicy : I never thought I'd ship Eugene and Ned.

Geek Grace : I want to thank you guys. Five years ago my "best friend" started to psychologically torture me. To the point were one year I sat on her hand and she started to punch me, when I said that it did not hurt that much, she replied " I want it to hurt". Another time she started punching me when I fell on her leg. This was also the years my parents were getting a divorce and my sister was blocking me out because of it. She is the reason I now need to go to therapy and have so much trouble confronting my own problems. Today, as a result of a lot of friend drama. . . I confronted her about it, and let her know what she did to me. I want to thank you guys, during this time I turned to you. You gave me hope at the end of the day. It was you and of course super heroes. You made me so happy and your videos have made my confidence boost. I love you, thank you. All of you have helped me on this journey and I will always be thankful to you. I want to thank you guys.

Chelsea & Franz : lol @ all the “i’m sorry”s 😂😂

Draco Malfoy : This is the Pure Gay Content we all need Also, this actually made me emotional, wtf

press : that moment when your comedy skit accidentally turns out to be gay trans masc representation

woohoojazelyn : Okay but what’s the song at 3:01 bc it’s lowkey a bop

Posiden178 : No one gonna talk about that dildo behind Eugene in the top right at 0:29?

Hajira S. : Aaaaand now I would like to see a full feature film of this lol CONGRATS ON HOSTING AND THE WIN! You guys all deserve great things :)

Chaise : Ned seems like such a pure angel and it always surprises me when he swears lol

Chaise : Also Eugene and Ned staring at each other under the covers was the purest most heartwarming clips in history

irene sopiadis : Ned and Eugene are so cute together. But WHY WIFE is so funny ❤️❤️❤️

Molly Tate : Does anyone know the name of the song used at the end (before the voiceover says Clickbait : the movie - now trending in the US and Philippines) ? I really like the sound of it and I would love to listen to the full version of it :) The music lasts between 3:00 and 3:08

Tiya_Amber : *You guys NEED to try figure skating!*

Lauren Flores : Okay who else wants this to be a legit movie.... just me  okay

Hong Jihyun : Eugene is so hot standing in the rain

Alisha charles : You guys need to make it into an actually movie. I would pay anything to watch it. Btw I totally ship Ned and Eugene.

Krshna C : This video with NedxEugene's clickbait love story is such a fan service and we all thank you so much hahahh

MonarchsFactory : Keith just showing up as Gandalf, I am LIVING

Dramatic Draggo : The whole time I was wondering how they would keep a straight face while doing this.

J_ Kaye : The fact that this will NEVER be a real movie, hurts me😢

LoveIchigo1000 : Finally Eugene and Ned ship!

Booklover 8 : anyone know what song it is that played at 3:02???

K. Desai : I feel fortunate that we got a video on Tuesday😂😂

Lena Hart : Still waiting for a sequel

Maurene Olson : Am I the only one who got super emotional for this, 😅 guys I got tears in my eyes

DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿ : Great stuff. Particularly enjoyed having _multiple_ "We Need To Talk" clickbait vids from Colleen Ballinger, and the dog seeing ghosts at the end.


Chelsea & Franz : ayyye trending in the philippines 🇵🇭

PetitePerson : Soo I vote for this to be a fan fiction of the Try Guys. Lol

ryan lusica : now trending in the US and the PHILIPPINES🇵🇭 I thought I was the only oneeeee💕

ItsOfficialMartina R : wait... now trending in the us and in the philippines?????? OMGGGG

Jasmine Johnson : Welp....Here comes the fanfiction.


Sutarti A. Yusuf : And btw, eugene and ned suits better as a couple. I’m looking forward to their next fan fic as a couple 👬

Sarah Wilson : Why do I believe Ned at 2:08 like the way he said that line actually made me so sad 😭

smol buns : Ned and Eugene is a hella cute couple.

iTs_ M3H : I bet everyone enjoyed this ship despite the fact that Ned is married

The Fiadochi Aardvark : Please make this into a legit movie :) k thanks