mustard on ice cream

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Wholesome Lad : The legend is alive! Boy, am I ready for more quality content!

IIOII : if this isn't a great comeback, I don't know what is

The Number 7 : He clearly likes it!

kremit the frog : Now do mayonnaise or sriracha on ice cream

kecc : He's back

Chickenbeef Man : Series 2 really spices up the formula of ‘man eating food’ while staying true to the shows roots, 5 stars

Skellybur Columbus : [Insert clearly likes it meme here]

This is so sad Alexa play DESPACITO : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He's bacc

DuckWeed : He clearly likes it

Hitlerfishcado 2.0 : Great, now i'm hungry.

Alexcena 2005 : I gotta congratulate him, Mustard on Ice Cream sounds awful.

TyGPlayz : He's back!

Nathan Brooks : Fish sauce on ice cream.

puredruid : Do proper mustard like Colman's, the stuff in this video is sweet and probably isn't as bad as you'd expect but would still taste wrong.

Phoenix : And the giant arise's from a 4 month slumber and with a booming roar demands ice cream

Cloudy Eggs : our god returns

Joel OKane : You gotta do marmite on ice cream

SovietandScotsman : This is the quality content I subscribed for.

Liam Mackay : The man, the myth, the legend!! Is back!!!

Milk Man : Please do BBQ sauce and Peamut butter sandwich next. Thx.

Engiboi : the man is BACK boys!

Seldwin : I'm so sorry for the things they do to you. Such a sweet angel deserves better. O! What a cruel world.

Lucas Román : This video is the begining of the end of the world as we know it

Dustin Treece : Do just a couple drops of soy sauce on plain vanilla ice cream. Please.

Jordan Loux : You can really feel the hatred he feels for whoever makes him do this

Internet Omatic : century egg next!

N1GHTHAWK : Top 1 Anime Comebacks

The Evan : HE IS BACK


Sean Young : I have no idea who or what this is

Classix : *SEASON 2:* On Icecream

Lolnoelke77 : So glad to have you back!


The man with the beard : God has uploaded once agaim

seth lawendowski : im craving mustard ice cream rn

Act Ually : you absolute mad lad

Just a NCR Ranger : I've been waiting for this

My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating : YES YOU'RE BACK.

buffthebaldy : Subbing. That steely gaze at the end was intense.

Matilda Nilsson : Yea he really likes that! What a suprise.

O sem ideia : Br alguém

Jay Man055 : It's been months

Joe Tec : HE'S BACK

TinFoil T.V. : 0:05 best part

a bottle of goo : Genius.

Joabe Pereira : Eat Pepper

christopher gudgeon : The madlad returns

opuity3 : Absolute mad lad

Orchid : He clearly likes it!

李承吉 : Brilliant.