Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts to Marching Fire Expansion (For Honor)

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Check out my Reaction to the new For Honor: Marching Fire Expansion which adds four new playable Heroes inspired by Chinese Culture. I felt compelled to do this especially because there is a "Shaolin Monk" character and I'm going to put him to the test. How authentic are his movements? Please watch this video so you know why I feel like I have some authority to talk on this matter: ►► Background music SUPPORT ME ON PATREONI ►► SUBSCRIBE! ►► TWITTER ►► Twitter: INSTAGRAM ►► ►► My videos are meant to entertain. So lighten up and have fun!


Hi Ho : Real God reacting to God of war.

Uncle : *Ubisoft gets smacked with a stick*

Sqaud Leader : Real cowboy plays Red Dead Redemption 2

notorious-cheekbuster : Real black guy reacts to blacked.

pimp : Did anyone get a big smile on their face when he liked something they did? ...just me? Okay

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Adam Daly : I love the memes in this comment section

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Yo Bama : Now get a real bank robber to play Payday 2

tony guanatos : Ubisoft,call this dude when you do For Honor😎

Jonathan Nero : Real samurai's from Japan reacts to orochi

bdhbfgedfcgrhgdhb bhdgev cshg dvhg : Well I have learned that the life of a Shaolin involves a lot of getting hit by sticks. ~The~More~You~Know~

Wumpus : MoCap guy wasn't flexible enough Judgement:20 Hits from a Stick

ben shapiro : Real alien reacts to dead space

Da Communist Boi : Fortnite Ninja reacts to Shinobi Oh wait...

Arthur Morgan : “Buddha bless you” while kicking someone in the chest

Acr Gunning : All the incorrect stances/movements from the Shaolin is most likely the motion actor not being able to properly do them.

Spencer Plays Gamez : If you even breathe air... *You will also get hit with a stick*

Iced_Up : *hits Ubisoft with a stick*

Poisoned Windex : u need to be a dev in for honor to help with later characters

SayianElite : There are some sweeps and some more moves you didnt see with shaolin

Edward Izquierdo : This might sound stupid, but could you reach out to other martial artists of different styles, and see if you can convince them to do similar videos for other heros? Also, "we get hit with the stick," lol. XD

Allord : this video was actually pretty cool, not sure if everyone else in the comments is mocking you for saying youre a real shaolin disciple or theyre just joking, but awesome vid

Harrykyle99 : Next vid: *Real viking reacts to for honor* Edit: what the actual fvck, how did i get 1.9k likes xDD

Gucci Mann : Damn I was disappointed that he said shoalin has no sweep because all they had to do was press guard break after his kick to do the sweep

Rook/CapColdblood : 3:44 "Powerful allies to the uninitiated...." "But I am initiated." Got me so hard! 😂

sleighable the god : he says he prefers the fist form but he dont realize that everyone got weapons that could cut the hand off by grazing it

Christopher Peaden : Something to mention about non-weapon fighting in a game like this. It would be unrealistic to have a monk punch a heavily armored knight to death.

Pepsi TaunTaun : Real dinosaur reacts to ARK: Survival Evolved

zargug : But does shaolin help with real fighting

yeee : If the munk gets a re work this dude should do the motion capture so It can actually look dope

Purple Harmony : Wtf do I keep re-watching this

wsvitak : It is possible to sweep with the Shaolin. After you do a kick from Qi stance, press the button to kick again, and you sweep. Also, you can follow up the kick with a heavy or, take a safer approach and do a light.

Samurai : Ubisoft needs to get *hit with a stick*

Tobin Nickle-Lott : It so great to hear you talk about the stances, Pu bù and Gong bu. it was always my seifu's thi to harp on us about the perfection of the stances, and I totally remember each of the corrections you made as lessons he taught us.

Duchi : *Hope Ubisoft contacts you* And fix these -1 stuff

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phillip the cone : What is the actual term or name for shaolin's sprint kick. From the way he was talking it seemed way off and i kinda wanna see what it is actually like.