Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts to Marching Fire Expansion (For Honor)

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Ranton : There are many misconceptions in the comments. Please watch this video so you know why I feel like I have some authority to speak on this matter. Its about my life in Shaolin Temple: ►►

Spliced : This was entertaining to watch :D

Diamond Fletcher : Now we need a real serial killer reacting to Dead by Daylight.

The Moe Hawk : So the motion capture actor was not felxible enough hahahahaahahhaahhahaha

3than R33dy : Finally YouTube recommends me a channel that's worth subscribing to.

Ghosttea : Ubisoft... Hire this guy dammit

Gregory Fox : I'd never thought that I see a real Shaolin monk playing vigeo game.. Wow, that is really exiting to watch) you're awesome, man!)

The Obelisk : I imagine none of them use their bare hands because the developers probably thought it would look silly to have someone just punching out a fully armored knight.

Portable Toaster : All we need now is for a real police officer to react to Lawbringer.

Mr. Man : Does anyone think they taught him edits in the shaolin temple Its nice editing

xViviid : “If you do that, you’re also going to get hit by a stick.” Lmfao

johnny : you should do the same with movies. like the matrix kung fu fight scene. its actually really interesting

Sage Riecke : Now all we need is a real Sumo react to Shugoki and watch him cry in disappointment like the rest of us.

A T : I clicked expecting a snobby guy complaining about accuracy but your personality is actually really fun. And I learned a lot

Alex Laureyns : Ancient Chinese culture is just unbelievably cool and flashy, I'm just glad they clearly put in some time and effort to implementing them even if it's not perfect. Also this was a really dope channel to find while I was just looking to check up on this game. Subbed for sure.

Ubayd : You got them Shaolin master editing skills

Gingy : This video is actually sick and there also is a sweep for shaolin you have to press square right after the kick but it is with the staff and not legs.

Phoenix Pilot : He should’ve watched the executions too!

Taher Bertolini Rodrigues : If i gained a penny for every time someone made a video about martial arts fighting in midia being unrealistic/exaggerated I'd be a millionare

RageOfLeoEX : This was sent to Ubisoft already, right? This is very good input they need.

Don Pedros : 1:40 me too bro. which explains why im watching this

Tyboo : This was so cool to see ^^

Juney Boii : Bruh When He Said “Ooh” at 3:13 I Started Rollin😂

Spicy Ramen : I know the body actor isn't flexible but he sure as hell did a better job than I could have. I'm quite impressed because I have never seen it.

DeraxTM : I Can't find the song in the link, PLEASE HELP ME

Sik Pan Shee : A shaolin disciple uses "Jesus" lol shouldn't it be "amitabha" (just kidding)

terrorcop101 : Okay, my understanding of traditional Shaolin monks is that they were usually pacifists, only fighting when defending themselves or when the emperor had need of their services as black operatives (sort of like Chinese ninjas).  Considering that point, how often would a monk have been seen on the actual battlefield?  If they ever did appear in such a setting, would they be focused on making their moves as cool, perfect, and complex as possible or sticking to simple basics with just enough perfection and complexity to ensure their own survival?  Correct me if I am wrong; honestly my Chinese history is sadly lacking and I really want to know.  Still, when it comes to actual life or death combat, I'm pretty sure that every soldier and warrior in history would tell you to get it done quickly, do enough to win, and stay alive long enough to tell the tale.

Laci Juhos : Now we need an actual ninja play shinobi.

IncAlien : i like how your somewhat amused and disappointed by this

Ömer Can Yilmaz : Can you react to Marching Fire Executions ? Haha

Lucas the crybaby : Now we need a real viking react to raider

ewa 82 : Should've seen the executions

Scooby Snacks : I noticed that you become very serios when you talk about shaolin. It shows that you have respect and it means so much to you. I REALLY liked it. Dude, make more videos, because you making me do something too. Your live story really inspider me. And that podcast with Caesar helped me so much in my work. Just do your thing man. Cheers from your Russian fans.

Baris Cankaya : Why do you do stupid stuff with your foot in weird positions and spin the staff while you can just hit the guy faster and more effective with the same angle without that BS?

Максим Корнилов : 1:31 My google assistant worked

Killogic : When you’re in a poo poo your back must be up straight.. I told the doctors, they were wrong about the crouching making it easier

iPerSeus McZeus : Next : the real spider man reacts to the movies :3 !

Splaze001 : i like when he do the poo poo stans

Jesse Jimenez : You didn't see the executions!

Sarn : This is a bad ass review, really enjoy a true artist of the specific techniques judging games on how accurate they are. Great video!

Samurai : Ubisoft needs to get *hit with a stick*

TEE MAC : I'd really like to see you analyze kilik from soul caliber

RealSupaHotFireVEVO : I thought it was Filthy Frank at first.

M.A.J. : Jess no limit tobat?

Stealthylion : You missed a lot of the Shaolin moves but other than that great vid

Iced_Up : *hits Ubisoft with a stick*

Logic Is a Race : Doesn’t shaolin (for honor) have a sweep ability?

Syzygy : Stil coming back everyday and trying to find out the Background Music(Songname) Q.Q :(

DjTabby : If you do a certain combo with shaolin, he does a sweeping move

Mark Rangel : If anyone came here from a YouTube recommendation (like me), do hear out his game reviews. I've been losing it over every one since I discovered his channel. He's crazy good at editing, a solid 5/7.