Honest Trailers - Doctor Who (Modern)

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Screen Junkies : But which Doctor, is YOUR Doctor? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

glowworm2 : Scary Poppins is so wonderfully spot on for Missy.

Lee Bee : Wow! The RESEARCH behind this video is mind-blowing! Sure, it's one thing to be able to do a funny trailer voice and upload wise-cracking videos, but the sheer level of research here - the density of trivia and fan commentary in this video is phenomenal!

Alana Perry : "David Tennant: The unquestioned master of staring sadly into the middle distance"

maxtv543's Google Channel : “Maybe it’d break less if he didn’t keep exploding inside of it?” Best line i’ve heard all day.

Rhys Millington : The doctors greatest rival... Chriiiiissstmas

hunterkiller1440 : You just compared internet commenters with Daleks. Daleks' only emotion is hate. That's pretty accurate.

Sam : That on scene of Donna losing her memory is still one of the biggest heartbreaking things of Tennant's era

G Crievous : A huge round of applause for grabbing all those tiny snippets of footage from hours upon hours of seasons.

Katie Kate : David Tennant is my doctor.

Ye Yeet : I have a special place in my heart for Christopher. He was cold and calculated and honest.

THEMrFill : Says "every British actor" with Kylie Minogue in the top row... Screen Junkies doesn't believe in Australia :-P

CharlesDourdy : I just can't believe that the Daleks keep coming back over and over again. Doctor Who does this Mass Genocide and kills every Dalek, more come back. He does another Genocide and completely removes them from Time.... Poop! we found 3 more, aaaaaand they're dead now.... no wait here's some more behind the cupboard. Zomg I just found a small band of Daleks in a time loop underneath my bathtub. Pesky things, how on earth?

Daniel Phnut : Quaint English villages? London?? I'm afraid the budget didn't even stretch to those fancy-pants locations. Most of nuWho was filmed in Wales (pretty much all of one episode about 400 yards from the house where I grew up), and Cardiff substituted for London. You've just been WELSHSPLAINED

Cunt ! : Anyone remember Sarah janes adventures

Elsa Labouret : It's a silly, silly show. It's ridiculous. But as all good scifi is, it's also very human. Watch it.

MegaAnubisxD : Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in.

Ryan Rooney : *It can be anywhere in the universe but is usually in London*

Kimkkl : Unpopular opinion, my fave doctors are 11 and 12 and fave companion is clara Also I think doctor being a female is pretty cool

gohanmoreno7 : Christopher Eccleston is my Doctor ❤

Jamie Windsor : I can't stop laughing at the Rory/Kenny from South Park comparison.

Lumibear : Never mind the Doctor, what about poor Bill, she was the first companion since Sarah Jane who took the script so seriously we felt every word of it, and she was basically responsible for rescuing the final series, and they shot her through the bloody chest! Wth were they thinking!?

Kristian Orellana : PORQUE DOCTOR QUE?!

hadz001 : Eccleston was best one for me. Also honest trailer guy, have you not seen midnight? Not much cgi and one of the best episodes!

Slater Gaming 271 : Actually being called the doctor isn’t a paradox doctor is probably a time lord word name like the master and as he went through history the name doctor became known as a healer

Sarah W. Fox : This was just awesome. As a Doctor Who fan myself this was just awesome.

Maisie Weston : When people stopped doctor who because she became a woman :)))))) Funnily enough, she’s exactly the same doctor we’ve seen throughout the past 60 years - she has her own quirks like every single actor that has played and interpreted the doctor, but she is the doctor no matter what,

Kristen Harris : i can’t be the only one who can’t watch david tennant cry without getting teary 😪

Gloridel Hidalgo : This was hilarious. I even learned of a few actors that were in either GOT or Harry Potter that I had not caught on! Tennant will always be my Doctor.

Mika Williams : he a sad boi, that david

Rex Lloyd : 10 minutes of pure Doctor who joyfulness Thank you very much

sarahs_stoned : this made me wanna rewatch all the david tennant series

David Kerkenes : killed it with the David Tennant description.

Gogeta : Forget to show missy saying doctor who

twilightx : Old series: Tom Baker New series: Matt Smith & David Tennant (I can't decide, I love them both so much in different ways. They are my doctors)

Leah Lendzioszek : David Tennant!

LORDUnLuCkY13 : "Even though the word Doctor was created to describe him" Er no. River is saying that Humanity got the word Doctor from The Doctor being a "healer and wise man".

Tattier Verbose456 : Look, I think we can all agree that the Scots are the best doctors. (Watches Jodie Whittaker) never mind. Scots and Jodie Whittaker.

Meghan : I lost it at “The Doctor’s greatest rival..... CHRISTMAS!!”

boy in a white room : Jodie Whittaker, matt smith and David Tennant😍

Bryce McKenzie : The Commenters are Daleks confirmed.

Anjayl : I was on the fence, as I am with every new doctor, but I must admit, I loved Jodie's performance from the get go; She is already a very good Doctor in my opinion.

Santos Chavez : I think the *best* episodes (in the modern show) came from the David Tennant and Matt Smith eras. They also had the best companions. Their episodes had some pretty good overarching storylines too. Idk much about Peter Capaldi era because I lost interest in the show shortly after he came in. I just found it harder to connect with him, I guess.

michca2112 : Eccleston and Tenant are tied for me. Loved all the reboots though as they are so British, goofy and fun.

PikaLink91 : I would watch the show for the cute girl companions, but that would only depress me, besides, pornhub is free.

Mr Flibble : As a massive doctor who fan this was fantastic! "The master of staring sadly into the middle distance", "chriiiistmas" and "the appearance of the repeated meme" had me in stitches

Mathieu Leader : 9th doctor

Thoryan : 8:46 You missed Barty Crouch from Harry Potter.

Conor Withers : David Tenant was and will always be the best Doctor who of the modern series.

Jacob Redfield : I absolutely loved Doctor Who and love what it should be/ it's spirit, but it completely died for me when Clara left but Moffat stayed. and then left. and put much worse show-runners and directors in his place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯