Jack Black and the price of fame!

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In the premiere episode of 'Hiking With Kevin', Season 2, comedian/actor/musician Jack Black hikes with Kevin Nealon as they search for the elusive Bat Cave in the Hollywood Hills. Jack chats about Tenacious D, the price of fame and lack of privacy, his technique on how to repel fans, Queen's influence, his eyebrow technique, his disgusting gall bladder, his new movie, The House With The Clock In It's Walls, ...plus more.


MAK : That guy kinda looks like Jablinksi.

Craig Rock : Jack is a Legend here for stopping to take photos with the fans! No hesitation! Love it!!

James Relinski : Best Jack Black role... Tropic Thunder all the way.

mike oran : I had the the pleasure of having Jack at my restaurant when he was visiting his dad in Washington. He was the nicest celebrity I have ever met. He walked around and said hello and let anyone take pictures with him even back in the kitchen with the cooks .he truly loved it. God bless you Jack. Michael, Campo Marina Osoyoos BC

Dimitri Destritov : Matt Damon is not even near Jack Black coolness.

Fixed Axle Vision : Came for Jack Black subscribed for Kevin Nealon.

Unfocused Water : 3:18 Girl: how are you? Jack Black: Good I’m famous LUUUUUUUL

Richard Spruill : Just found this, May, 2019. Well done.

Duderama 67 : Kevin's humour is so dry he needs chapstick.

TakeTheRedOne1st : Jack Black is so freaking awesome. I love how sweet he is to the fans, he has such a kind heart. I hope Kevin has him come back again 😊

Big Rob Energy : "The center of attench"

somedudewithyoutube420 : "I'm starting to think there is no bat cave" 0.5 seconds later "What's your go to laxative"

Frankie McGill : This doesn’t just happen because jack black is famous, it happens because he is beloved 💖✌️

Aaron Blount : This is great. Greatest accidental find I've ever stumbled across.... Thank you Youtube Algorithm! LOL

Steven Delaney : “Kevin, wait up!”

Sean Keating : Tropic Thunder. I need my jelly beans!

Voto Studios : I can't believe I barely came across this. I'm gonna go back and binge them all now. GREAT STUFF!!

Alphonse Capone : "There's a little Peter Pan in my secret sauce". 🤣

Coverage Awareness Studio : If you're going to be famous and well-liked you have to be faithful to your fans... Jack Black is very faithful to his fan base and does whatever he wants, to the good, and that is why everyone loves him.

dude754321 : They are both legends in my book

Alphonse Capone : @6:20 That closeup 'working the eyebrows' moment had me choking with laughter🤣

UptempoMusicLessons : "A grapefruit the size of a tumour." WTF lol?!


David Mohr : This is such a great way to interview and you guys are awesome :-)

Suz Phillips : I would have actually recognized you first, Kevin!! Big SNL fan!!

scottc9100 : Discovered this via David Dobrik. Brilliant!

Steamboat Production : First Time I Saw Jack Black Was In X-FILES! haha

Pure Mids : That was really cool of Jack.

Joe Bova : Burrito Supreme !!!! In a cutlass supreme !!!! Supremeeeee mmmmyeahhhhhh !!!!! Hahahhahah

Phire : Hey Kevin, you might consider trying out a Samsung 360 camera. That way we all can look around at the scenery of the hike, also you won't have to worry about getting both yourself and your guest in frame.

ChaCha Chubs : It's on my bucket list to hug Mr. Black. I just adored this interview. Great content Kevin.

Whitney Weekes : How am I just finding out Kevin has a channel?? My absolute favorite actor weeds became my favorite show all because of your character.

Milo Macdonald : Hey, I wouldve stopped and asked " whos the guy with Keavin Nealon?" and I love Jack Black but Im old enough to appreciate Kevin ..pretty fukn famous in his own right

Luccilight G : Mr nealon great idea for a show. Unique. Im hooked.

Stephanie Schwartz : I've heard Jack Black is one of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood and you can tell he cares about his fans. Especially when the first guy was like "i'll go fast" and he told him to take his time. What a sweetheart.

Dave B : I liked Jack Black in the movie "Envy". It's a pretty funny one.

Llama Comma : The arc of emotions in this video is beautiful

Jacqui Miller : Damn it! I just found this channel. How long is it going to take me to watch all of them?!

GuruChaz : Love this! It's like finding a nugget of gold in the YouTube quarry.

Tito Felix : "Doesn't hurt to have parents as rocket scientists" lmao

Carrie Rueden : The Holiday❤️

Boom Alek : I'm not sure, but reminds me that Jablinski guy

Hazim Aieryl : What's jablin' jables?

Guy Bowker : "I'm thinking there is no batcave..." "ANYWAYS What is your go to laxative?"

AugustHawk : This popped up on my YT page likely because I'm a hiking nut myself. I was impressed. Kevin has a very soothing voice and a calm, warm demeanor. Jack was just great - very friendly and enjoyable. I'd like to challenge Kevin to expand his "celebrity hiking partners" to some of the YT hiker/ camping celebs - Shug, Wunderlust, Dutch, Maple King, Syntax77, Darwin, even Second Chance Hiker...….. lol. (Shug on this hike would have been a trip!) Well done, Kevin.

Michael Snodgrass : Was that Andre 3000 running past at 11mins. Lol

Patches and Potholes : This is the best! I love Jack black soooo much!👍💖💖💖👍

Terry C : I grew up on SNL and love 💗 Kevin. To the bat cave... dunnna nunnna Bat Man. Jack is very talented. Love the brows. I love the multiple choice questions that he gives Jack. I love this show. Love the bat tunnel.

Nathan Shelby : Ican testify to the gal bladder extraction,..fn,ifh