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Voto Studios : I can't believe I barely came across this. I'm gonna go back and binge them all now. GREAT STUFF!!

Craig Rock : Jack is a Legend here for stopping to take photos with the fans! No hesitation! Love it!!

UptempoMusicLessons : "A grapefruit the size of a tumour." WTF lol?!

Don Hall : Matt Damon is not even near Jack Black coolness.

Family Freedom : What an awesome and authentic interview!!👌 Jack Black is a LEGEND! I would highly recommend The House With A Clock In Its Walls. Big Thanks Kevin Nealon! Subbed 🙂

Rafinha Bastos : Best show on the web. It’s the only show in which you can see lungs working. I love it. Great!!! 🙌🙌🙌

mike oran : I had the the pleasure of having Jack at my restaurant when he was visiting his dad in Washington. He was the nicest celebrity I have ever met. He walked around and said hello and let anyone take pictures with him even back in the kitchen with the cooks .he truly loved it. God bless you Jack. Michael, Campo Marina Osoyoos BC

TakeTheRedOne1st : Jack Black is so freaking awesome. I love how sweet he is to the fans, he has such a kind heart. I hope Kevin has him come back again 😊

You Can't Handle The Truth! : why is jack walking on his knees?

David Gouin : Kevin loved you in "Weeds"

Joe Bova : Burrito Supreme !!!! In a cutlass supreme !!!! Supremeeeee mmmmyeahhhhhh !!!!! Hahahhahah

Duderama 67 : Kevin's humour is so dry he needs chapstick.

Angela Bright ASMR : BEST EYEBROWS EVER JACK 👍🏻👍🏻😊😊😊😊

ROB TRAMONTE : "The center of attench"

Wilburgur : this is actually kinda cool keep em comin kevin ♥

Samantha Gardner : Jack black is sexy as hell....I don't care

HumGuitar : School of Rock was great, but I'm slowly thinking that Nacho Libre was better.

Pure Mids : That was really cool of Jack.

Benny46drift : Always been a fan of Jack, he's seems like such a decent bloke

Phire : Hey Kevin, you might consider trying out a Samsung 360 camera. That way we all can look around at the scenery of the hike, also you won't have to worry about getting both yourself and your guest in frame.

Jeff Rickerson : jack black is my spirit animal

micglobal : I like to think that Jack would have agreed to your hike even if he didn't have a movie about to premier. Don't cave (pun intended) Kevin, keep it real. That's why your audience comes here. Thank you.

Steamboat Production : First Time I Saw Jack Black Was In X-FILES! haha

David Mohr : This is such a great way to interview and you guys are awesome :-)

Gabriel Traveler : Looking forward to seeing Jack's new movie "Peter Pan's House & the Special Clock in the Wall".

ROB TRAMONTE : Why tf wasn't Jack Black ever on Saturday Night Live?

Carrie Rueden : The Holiday❤️

butt plug : his wearing a burtal legends t -shirt woo!

HardwareDuel : love these guys!

David Corbit : Jack just seems like a really cool guy, I would love to hang out with him.

Betsy Barnicle : I went on a date to the movies with someone who looked like Jack Black, and we saw "Kong". Part way through the movie I had to say something about the similarity. He said "naw, don't see it," which was odd...cause he really looked like Jack Black.

Andres & Rosa Ministers for Christ : I thought you said you were hiking with Jack Black not Tattoo the plane the plane😛

Suz Phillips : I would have actually recognized you first, Kevin!! Big SNL fan!!

Daniel Cropp : Apparently, nobody knows who Kevin Nealon is.

Jake Miller : Get David Spade on a hike. Love the show, dude.

Donnie Moder : Jack Black, so talented. Thank you.

Levi M : You two on YouTube are a riot...

YolkyPalky : Take Norm Macdonald!

Robert story : It wasn’t until 13:58 that I realized it was Kevin Nealon when he took his sunglasses off

Danny Leira : This is such an interesting interview format

Steven Delaney : “Kevin, wait up!”

Not giving a fuck : “Nacho libra” -_____-

Stephanie Schwartz : I've heard Jack Black is one of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood and you can tell he cares about his fans. Especially when the first guy was like "i'll go fast" and he told him to take his time. What a sweetheart.

J Cooper7 : I would have been more star struck seeing Kevin. Kevin and Norm Macdonald would be an awesome encounter

Brian H : I just stumbled across this and I'm glad I did. Keep up the good work Kevin! it's a cool idea.

Janah : Poor guy has to talk when he tries to walk and breathe at the same time..... thats just one price of fame , feel sorry for the guy.

John Doe : kevin nealon the man! also. yeah jack black is cool too.

BKXC : "Batman Cave" haha! Keep em coming Kevin!

Ride Alongside : He's got Peter Pan in his secret sauce and you don't find that in a Bat Tunnel.  Kevin, you sir are humerus like a a skeleton's upper arm. :D

HazElMojoyoyo : Jack Black is the typical "Best bro ever". They should make a mould of him and make copies or clone him. XD There is not enough Jack Blacks in the world.