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Voto Studios : I can't believe I barely came across this. I'm gonna go back and binge them all now. GREAT STUFF!!

UptempoMusicLessons : "A grapefruit the size of a tumour." WTF lol?!

Craig Rock : Jack is a Legend here for stopping to take photos with the fans! No hesitation! Love it!!

Gabriel Traveler : Looking forward to seeing Jack's new movie "Peter Pan's House & the Special Clock in the Wall".

893zero : That brutal legend shirt.

Rafinha Bastos : Best show on the web. It’s the only show in which you can see lungs working. I love it. Great!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Nail Career Education : You using a stabilizer? And the sound is so good! What equipment are you using for this awesome interview?

Myleen Lujan : "am I even in frame..?" 😁

David Gouin : Kevin loved you in "Weeds"

You Can't Handle The Truth! : why is jack walking on his knees?

Family Freedom : What an awesome and authentic interview!!👌 Jack Black is a LEGEND! I would highly recommend The House With A Clock In Its Walls. Big Thanks Kevin Nealon! Subbed 🙂

Steamboat Production : First Time I Saw Jack Black Was In X-FILES! haha

Joe Bova : Burrito Supreme !!!! In a cutlass supreme !!!! Supremeeeee mmmmyeahhhhhh !!!!! Hahahhahah

Duderama 67 : Kevin's humour is so dry he needs chapstick.

Dimitri Raskolov : Matt Damon is not even near Jack Black coolness.

tigergreene : The House With A Clock In Its Walls... brilliant. The sequels will be The Refrigerator With A Hummus On Its Shelf, and The Backpack With A Snickers In Its Pocket.

Neil Johnson : What a great concept for a series - and Kevin a is a natural host. Superb viewing. Will be encouraging all my mates to get on this great show!

Suz Phillips : I would have actually recognized you first, Kevin!! Big SNL fan!!

Wilburgur : this is actually kinda cool keep em comin kevin ♥

Robert story : It wasn’t until 13:58 that I realized it was Kevin Nealon when he took his sunglasses off

On 2Wheels : School of Rock is my favorite Jack Black film...

Elijah Klock : Seemed kinda weird Kevin not stopping for Jack Black for those 3 short interactions Lol. Almost like he's a bit jealous or something

Andres a servant of Christ : I thought you said you were hiking with Jack Black not Tattoo the plane the plane😛

Phire : Hey Kevin, you might consider trying out a Samsung 360 camera. That way we all can look around at the scenery of the hike, also you won't have to worry about getting both yourself and your guest in frame.

micglobal : I like to think that Jack would have agreed to your hike even if he didn't have a movie about to premier. Don't cave (pun intended) Kevin, keep it real. That's why your audience comes here. Thank you.

coldwaterslack : Actors nowadays have to talk shit about Trump to stay employed in Hollywood. That's the price of fame...

butt plug : his wearing a burtal legends t -shirt woo!

David Mohr : This is such a great way to interview and you guys are awesome :-)

HumGuitar : School of Rock was great, but I'm slowly thinking that Nacho Libre was better.

Quantum Squatch : Kevin... YOU Rock!!! both of you do ! I really didn't know who you were until i looked you up, it was Jack that made me click on the link! Kidding!! Seriously you are a genius ! Huge fan of yours!

John Doe : kevin nealon the man! also. yeah jack black is cool too.

Jake Miller : Get David Spade on a hike. Love the show, dude.

Stephanie Schwartz : I've heard Jack Black is one of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood and you can tell he cares about his fans. Especially when the first guy was like "i'll go fast" and he told him to take his time. What a sweetheart.

Danny Leira : This is such an interesting interview format

TakeTheRedOne1st : Jack Black is so freaking awesome. I love how sweet he is to the fans, he has such a kind heart. I hope Kevin has him come back again 😊

Swan of Nutella : Kevin, if I ever ran into you, I'd ignore your a-list guest and hound you all about filming Roxanne and Nelson.

josh hennigan : i fucking love kevin nealon best character in weeds

Canadians In Cars Getting Cocky : I thought the interruptions were hilarious! Especially the one where Jables replied "Good, I'm Famous!"

RoosterStone : ... fear not!!! I (there are billions of us) that recognize & remember you perfectly fine, Kevin! Jack Black rocks and is a giant in his own right but I'm sure many of us would walk up and shake both of your guy's hands with equal enthusiasm.

Luca Vincent : noelopan

Jeff Rickerson : jack black is my spirit animal

J Cooper7 : I would have been more star struck seeing Kevin. Kevin and Norm Macdonald would be an awesome encounter

BKXC : "Batman Cave" haha! Keep em coming Kevin!

Luca Vincent : go see jacks new movie: 'the the the hall the walls with the house and there's some clocks it in or something like that'

low flying pigeon : School of rock is awesome 😀

edward6000 : Jack Black is just like Adam Buxton

Levi M : You two on YouTube are a riot...

Bea Chermeat : JACK BLACK SEEMs like such a cool dude

toffee gamer : I rember jack in a series of Xfiles and his role in cable guy and enemy of the state will smith.

Gavin Morris : Kevin and Will Arnett sound very, very similar.