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Voto Studios : I can't believe I barely came across this. I'm gonna go back and binge them all now. GREAT STUFF!!

893zero : That brutal legend shirt.

James Ball : Okay I always liked Jack Black okay but now I love him. Watching him be nice to fans is dope!

Family Freedom : What an awesome and authentic interview!!👌 Jack Black is a LEGEND! I would highly recommend The House With A Clock In Its Walls. Big Thanks Kevin Nealon! Subbed 🙂

Gabriel Traveler : Looking forward to seeing Jack's new movie "Peter Pan's House & the Special Clock in the Wall".

Phire : Hey Kevin, you might consider trying out a Samsung 360 camera. That way we all can look around at the scenery of the hike, also you won't have to worry about getting both yourself and your guest in frame.

Tommy Callaway : Jack black looks like he's 3 feet tall in this whole interview. I love him though. Tenacious D!!!

Evan Moon : Be kind and rewind. Funny movie that nobody thinks of

BULLY TUBE : This is epic. Love this interview. Going to binge watch all of them now!

You Can't Handle The Truth! : why is jack walking on his knees?

Rafinha Bastos : Best show on the web. It’s the only show in which you can see lungs working. I love it. Great!!! 🙌🙌🙌

GHFear : Geez, The older Jack gets, the more he looks like my father. Nice YouTube channel Kevin. Finally a fun show that's promoting some health and a normal good conversation. You guys are from such a good generation where this isn't such a weird thing. Today, people would only do this if it was in front of their PC with a virtual reality headset. ^^ hehe Have a good Halloween guys.

Anton Nym : Hi, Kevin! Love your stuff on SNL! Good seeing you again. I just stumbled into your channel. I'm liking what I see! Also, and this may seem strange, but kudos for however you are stabilizing the video. Is that handled by your selfie stick or done in post? All good wishes!

Nail Career Education : You using a stabilizer? And the sound is so good! What equipment are you using for this awesome interview?

Ed Lerner : Jack Black and Emilia Clarke need an eyebrow competition.

Wilburgur : this is actually kinda cool keep em comin kevin ♥

butt plug : his wearing a burtal legends t -shirt woo!

Sire DragonChester : Love Jack Black, but dude. You can stop for him lol. And <3 Kungfu Panda :) but good video and funny hah.

Henry Matthews : My Lord you bought a camera that has image stabilization and possibly a gimble. Good on ya!👍

tigergreene : The House With A Clock In Its Walls... brilliant. The sequels will be The Refrigerator With A Hummus On Its Shelf, and The Backpack With A Snickers In Its Pocket.

Canadians In Cars Getting Cocky : I thought the interruptions were hilarious! Especially the one where Jables replied "Good, I'm Famous!"

Jake Miller : Get David Spade on a hike. Love the show, dude.

Anton Nym : This is fun! Hi to Jack, too! I feel like I know him. School of Rock RULES!!! P.S. I have subscribed. I'm in!! P.S. I had my gallbladder out, too. I thought I was having a heart attack. I felt SO much better after the operation than before. I felt fine. Never had any problems. I think we shouldn't be born with a gallbladder. THEN the dude used staples to close me up! If you get a chance, ask for sutures, because staples feel like pieces of metal sticking in you. (IKR). -- All good wishes!

RacinGIRL911 : *_JACK!_* There really is no reason on this earth for you to ever feel insecure or like an “outsider”! You are truly loved and admired by SO many! Why? Because you are so down to earth, and cool! I live in a small town in the Midwest, and I can totally see you with your kids and wife sitting in the bleachers with us on a Friday night, watching our infamous football 🏈 team kick some ass! LOL!!! {I can’t say the same for most of your fellow entertainers in Hollyweird”. 🤩} {And, that, my friends, is what I would tell Jack Black if I truly thought he read these comments. And, although I admire his parents for their choice of careers, I am SO grateful that Jack _didn’t_ listen to them when he made _his_ choice!! LOL!!!😁}

Alleph da Costa : I thought that was dee snider.

YolkyPalky : Take Norm Macdonald!

On 2Wheels : School of Rock is my favorite Jack Black film...

Mike Iervolino : Loved this, thank you for this capture!

micglobal : I like to think that Jack would have agreed to your hike even if he didn't have a movie about to premier. Don't cave (pun intended) Kevin, keep it real. That's why your audience comes here. Thank you.

toffee gamer : I rember jack in a series of Xfiles and his role in cable guy and enemy of the state will smith.

Stephanie Schwartz : I've heard Jack Black is one of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood and you can tell he cares about his fans. Especially when the first guy was like "i'll go fast" and he told him to take his time. What a sweetheart.

Neil Johnson : What a great concept for a series - and Kevin a is a natural host. Superb viewing. Will be encouraging all my mates to get on this great show!

Jason FireBlade_FPV : I didn't know Kevin had a channel, subbed !!

Usuario 621 : awesome video

low flying pigeon : School of rock is awesome 😀

BKXC : "Batman Cave" haha! Keep em coming Kevin!

Russell Up : thats cool

Elijah Klock : Seemed kinda weird Kevin not stopping for Jack Black for those 3 short interactions Lol. Almost like he's a bit jealous or something

RetrO GameBeard : Awesome !

coldwaterslack : Actors nowadays have to talk shit about Trump to stay employed in Hollywood. That's the price of fame...

Bear Meets World : You said no grilling, but you still repeatedly asked Jack questions. What's the deal?

John Dinsky : Queen

Copperhead Fishing : This is an amazing concept. This series needs to be picked up by a big network! And good for you guys willing to stop for fans. It’s tough on you but you make someone’s YEAR and a story for their life. 🙌 and side note F Gallbladders! Mine tried to kill me too.

NICE LOVE LIFE : Born Thomas Jacob Black August 28, 1969 (age 49) love jack black and Tenacious D i make music my self ...."Nacho Libre" #1

David Gouin : Kevin loved you in "Weeds"

Joe Morrow : Jack Black,,,not sure what people see in him,,,sorry Jack

Levi M : You too on YouTube are a riot...


LookitszTral : Why wouldnt you wait for him to talk to fans? That is so rude! I love the interview but wow that was just really killed the video up front

Steve Brady : Have Norm Macdonald on.