Opening Ceremony Blog Exclusive - Spike Jonze Presents: Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma

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The other day, I was lucky enough to be at an event to bring the arts back into schools and got to see an amazing collaboration between Yo-Yo Ma and a young dancer in LA, Lil Buck. Someone who knows Yo-Yo Ma had seen Lil Buck on YouTube and put them together. The dancing is Lil Buck's own creation and unlike anything I've seen. Hope you enjoy. --Spike Jonze,

Comments from Youtube

Barry Holdsworth : Amazing balance. This guy must have a very strong core . Stunning. Thank for sharing this art.

Elaine Waller-Rose : Yo-Yo-Ma's new documentary, "The Music of Strangers" brought me here. He and Lil' Buck perform this at the end. Buck is phenomenal and Mr. Ma is one of the best musicians (of any genre) and a man with great heart and soul. The doc is about his putting together the Silk Road Ensemble and the amazing musicians in it. Must be seen.

indysk8r32 : Probably still one of my favorite things to ever grace the Internet. True beauty.

Tiyon Tran Duy : So good to see different sorts of music and dance mixed like that with respect and real love... J'ADORE !!! Kisses from Paris, France <3

sebastian licht : That was a brilliant way to blend culture, art, and music.

Aaron Cobb : To this day this is one of the most haunting, elegant, beautiful pieces of emotionally-connected art I have ever seen.

Elaine Marie : Bravo! What a surprise... I love the juxtaposition of the performing arts here, especially with such stellar artists. Kind of like street ballet.

ALLISON TURNER : Amazing --- and strong, strong ankles for those turns en pointe!

Latarius Ross : There can be beauty in the world even when total opposites collide. This brought tears to my eyes.

Richard Deschenes : A Mastery of movement seldom seen accompanied by a magnificent Cellist ... Absolutely spectacular!

ciali : this just restored my hope in humanity, thank you. (was also delightfully creeped out at the end <3)

Chris : Respect

Arthur Oliveira : É olhando pra uma apresentação dessas que eu vejo o quanto a arte pode emocionar e salvar a alma dos homens! Foi sublime.

Sidi Moussa TRAORE : Sensationnel. Parfait

angelo narra tudo : uaaau

HaZi_Styled : Saw this in music class today!

Katerina Emmanouilidou : Thank for sharing this art.

KKP20111 : Wow...! Beautiful and incredible! This guy dance so amazing!!!

Prince Hal : Any performance art taken to the highest level takes commitment and dedication -- and while jookin may generally not be considered "high art" -- what Lil Buck has done with his version of jookin is the highest form of dance.  What he has been able to command his body to do through years of practice are as beautiful and awe-inspiring as Baryshnikov.  I think Baryshnikov would agree.  Check out Rag and Bone's new ad film featuring Lil Buck and Baryshnikov.  It's on youtube.

Derek Williams : Is Ma playing an improvised piece is this an excerpt from a larger work?

Artful Sol : Fantastic  natural blessed talent LilBuck is the BEST DANCER in o our TIMES!!!

Peach B Blackwell : Thank you, Spike.

Anthony Marshall : This is street ballet...This is wild, beautiful blend.

Killerbrick : Interpretive dance... It was like watching ballet.

Camille Bouchard : Drôle et Fantastique à la fois.

nayahri : I am so blown away by this. Simply incredible.

sebastian licht : THAT WAS AMAZING!

Maria Serrano Martinez : maravilloso e impresionante!

J C : Classical music brings out the best of any form of motion. Why? because it all comes down from the heart. Always play from your heart.

Dexter Cheng 鄭志鵬 : thumbs up if yahoo brought you here.

cathy Lu : That dancing dood is so flexible and he can dance reallllllllllllly well

Ron Bernstein : amazing

Pllugy : *c drol*

Luci Fur . R . Nation : beautiful

Leon Moore : Man! And I thought MJ had some moves. But all of you who don't know MJ didn't create the Moonwalk but he was about the smoothest.

Michele Bidault : YO-yo MA et Lil buck un instant de grace. Love you

Sara Altuna : Extraordinary performance by both unlimitedly talented artists. I find Lil Buck's dance hypnotizing, and Yo-Yo Ma, as the flawless master that he always is, manages to perform Saint-Saëns "Swan" (From "Carnaval des animaux") without looking once at his left hand, which knows every note's perfect position on the cello strings. Trully remarkable, this is. Thank you so much for uploading it.

Beth Greenwald : Saw Lil Buck on Saturday night outdoors at Damrosch Park, and he is everything and more.

John Heussenstamm : Lil Buck! Wow! We'll never know what's coming next in the arts but when something special comes it blows your mind like it's impossible. This is crazy-good. Love these two together. Of course Lil Buck could animate any kind of music with his ultra modern creative dancing. Wow wow wow!!!!

TheBritomart : Jaw dropping

Elena Casin : Maravillosa fusion¡¡¡ Arte arte arte¡¡¡¡¡

M World : hes got skills madonna always picks the best !

Andy Hurley : FUN FACT,,,YO YO MA's great grandfather was a notorious Triad Dragon Head in 1930s Shanghai, China,,,,

David Feng : yo-yo dope

Jacqueline Soulchick : this just made me tear up...damn Lil Buck! I'd like to see him get his own company of dancers and train them to dance like this..stunning!

Stephanie : I was introduced to Yo Yo Ma after once of his concerts and he is a kind, humble and generous person who radiates warmth.  Love him and his music!!

Savona Bailey-McClain : Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Sidi Moussa TRAORE : Sensationnel. Parfait

jacques prevert : 379 dislike. Who dare. This planet is not enough for YoYo Ma art.