Halloween - “The Face of Evil” Exclusive Featurette

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Dylan Minihan : I honestly can’t wait for this film

Syuna : Michael Myers>Jason

Dennis Cleary : I already ordered my tickets for Saturday

JohnSmith1882 : The mask is so important to the fan base, so kudos to these guys for getting it right. I wish others had cared more about these details when making some of the previous sequels. It would've improved some of them.

Ben Wasserman : Because nothing is scarier than the face of a pale William Shatner

A 12 Year Old : Literally the greatest horror movie monster in all of cinema. Total icon

vishal mellark : Michael Myers>thanos !

Mike Litirous : DANNY MCBRIDE CO-WROTE AND PRODUCED?!?!? 😳 Im shocked lmao

Rana Allan : Ordered my tickets already for this Saturday!! Can't wait!!

Will Kallao : Saw this movie last Friday at a special screening at UNCSA. This isn't just the best sequel, it is on par with the original. Terrifying, well shot, amazingly acted and well placed allusions to the first film. So incredible!

Eli Bbli : Spongebob is the most scarey tv show how much time can he work in the kursty krab

Daniel Miskei : I've waited so long for a proper sequel. Obsession doesn't properly convey my feelings for the original '78 film. It's a masterpiece as a horror film but should be used as an example for students of film. Execution and passion prevail over huge budgets anyday. Long live The Shape!

Lapis Eye : Can't wait to pirate this movie all over the internet.

Phil Ippolito : I'm seeing it tomorrow!!! Wooo!!!!

JuanScum381 : The Thing is my Favorite Carpenter Film

TheSparkyWriter : Poor Bill Shatner. His face has terrified millions.

awesomejf03 : Michael Myers vs Jason -vs Thanos-

Jamessm88 : My favorites Halloween movies 1.Halloween (1978) 2. Halloween II 3.Halloween h20 4. Halloween 4 5. Halloween - The curse of Michael Myers

Richard Leigh : I can’t wait to see it!!! Saturday date night she will be terrified watching it with me 😂

AJ Anims : Bruh I wanna learn how to make a Myers mask 😭

t r.r : I really love this franchise

Мариша Шальц : Смотря на прошлые ремейки легендарных хорроров: -Хоть бы не говнище, хоть бы не говнище!

DexterTheMachine : too bad no danielle harris boo!!!

junky9 : wasn't the mask a William Shatner mask

Ronny Schmidt : Dead By Daylight™

Adam Ledgeway : Hurry up and come out i need my most favorite horror movie character back the og him selfe Michele myers😈🗡

Jamessm88 : Michael Myers or Jason or Leatherface or Chucky or Freddy Krueger?

Simon Willis : We all know that mask is a Captain Kirk mask The more you know

Edward Dem Powa : I hope he will kill Jamie

Michael Dadourian : Thursday night!!

Jude Δ : *sᴄᴀʀʏ ᴀғ*


Jorge Manzo : Ya quiero verla!!! 😮

The Diamond King Is Rich : Really well put together review. But I do think a rating system and a summary would make it even better.

Pack Pistol Pali _ : William Shatner mask btw

SecretlyATato : I wanna see it but I'm twelve :(

SylentEulogy : Ordered my tickets already for Thursday!!!

Microfoot : Only 2 days left.

EightiesMusiqLover : Halloween 1 & 2 of the original series showcased the best most creepiest looking masks.

Omar Renteria : OHHHHHH i cant wait to see it!!!!

Bobby lachance jr : Got my ticket for this Thursday! so Excited

EightiesMusiqLover : Got mines for Friday! Automatic leather recliner seats and all! Did anyone order the shrimp, steak and lobster?

Bartek Wohlert : Watching this Friday I can’t be more excitrd

Super Soul Fried Disco : Looking forward to watching it on Thursday

Rainbow Dash : Captian kurt mask is the original mask

Life is Amazing : I swear they can make movies about this for centuries!

Marcelo Vinícius Lopes Silvestre : Dee face of Kirk

Ryan Blackston : I'm go sleep that on Saturday

I Am Groot : 0:45 William Shatner has not aged well

Derick Mcfail : Anyone know if you can buy it on demand already?