Watching a Movie... In a Movie

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Comments from Youtube

Sam : “Could you guys keep it down back there please” had me dying

BLEEM : This is genius.

*internal screaming* : I wish I was your friend, you'd be so fun to hang with

Weggie Kid : Original af LOL

Just Chilling : Next video: "Putting grenades in peoples pockets"

The Don : *c'mon mann*

Presso Rajbhandari : u guys got!!!movie in a movie...damn nice

weetum : 2:30 just use flex seal to patch it.

Pluto : : Grow down dude.

mushlove : Seek first to understood before being understand

The Lord of Hogwarts : Love you Ross, and I care :D

Reuben White : Hate to say it but Ross>Danny

Inflarius : 5:58 very impresaaaaivve

Angel S555 : Wth

Sophie Hurren : I was actually so scared for you when that man chased you up the ladder lmao

trg1408 : Pure Comedy is what you are!

lalsaksjdhfggggs : Movie part was fcked up

Jax Teller : i could watch kole all day, more buzzard ross!!

Aaon : React channels in a nutshell

Craylo white : 1:00 SNITCH

J Slater : have a you ever puked and pooped in the shower at the same time!!????

Grace Bors : i'm new here and confused is his name charles or ross

YaBoi Rey : You should watch this video in a cinema... then it will be watching a movie in a movie in a movie Then watch THAT in a cinema and keep going 😂

Oskar Jozwiak : I love this dude, could u pls invite me to Florida and hang out with me for some days.. Im actually in Germany and I need some nice beach vibes

Lightning Death6 : Put hot dogs in in peoples pockets

кσσкιєѕ ™ : You must have some HUGE balls

Cosmo the Human : luv your're'r vids bru

The Boundless : BAD PARKING PRANKS?????

BreadedCocaCola : Your videos are so great, you deserve a lot more recognition. Keep up the great content

Googolparsec : For a moment I thought the ending said "#STFU".

America Is#1 : LMAO can you guys keep it down back there

Sofia Hansell : I love ur vids Ross! u and Danny are the only youtubers with original content

Parvodocabelo : Seek first to understood before being understand; Dont forget to wash your tongue. #RossFam

Phrygian Dominant : Great vid Charles! Btw, showing us where you did your earlier vids is interesting - so keep 'em coming dude!

Madison Lavadour : Averted my existential anxiety and depression for a whole 10 minutes. I really needed this today. Thanks so much ily!!

Doc Dewrill : "are youf amous?" literaly can lvie from people watching him goofing arround "" classy man.

BenShrum : Raspberry tea almost killed me and this video

Dragon Heart : Dumb and dumber , sounded like the movie you were watching in the movies

wintor : you should seriously consider IRL live streaming

Chili Life : I was with my friends and we found and H-E-B shopping cart and took it to the mall and asked people what isle the milk is in and their reactions were hilarious!😂

Pinky Cat : *sneaking movies into people's pockets*

Captain Z : What are you doing? “Watching a movie” hahahah brilliant

Millie Mei : This is like that episode of Family Guy 😂 genius

Jeffrey Bostwick : "I would've said 74 c'mon!" 😂😂

Colby Racine : You "driving through a storm" is exactly what driving in Florida during a storm is like

cris solis : Youre the best. The editing is always on point!!!!!!

Conner Belt : Bud Light guy had me dying 😂 "Whatcha gonna do? WHATCHA GONNA DO?!"

Astro : am glad i found your channel <3

Kinksutin : That translated Rémi Gaillard shirt tho 👌